Help us to cut tax for working people

In tough times, the Liberal Democrats believe you should keep more of the money that you earn.

That’s why the Liberal Democrats have long called for the tax-free threshold raised to £10,000 – giving you a tax cut when you need it most. Liberal Democrat plans would save working people £700 a year –that’s an extra £60 in your wages every month. And more than 3.5million older and low-paid people will be freed from paying any income tax altogether.  This is a plan we put on the front page of our General Election manifesto and it went into the Coalition Agreement.

We have already started putting this in to practice.  In April last year, millions of ordinary working people were given a £200 annual tax cut and since last April 800,000 low paid people no longer pay any income tax at all.  But we believe our tax cuts need to happen faster and go further.  And we want your help in making it happen. Ahead of the Budget next month, Nick Clegg and Liberal Democrats in the government will be pushing to speed up our tax plans.  Please join this campaign and sign the petition which is on the Number 10 website here.
Liberal Democrats want tax cuts for working people, not the rich.  Please help us to make that happen.

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