Update on the Carshalton Buildings

Jill, Chris, Hamish and Focus Editor Jake Short are pleased to provide the latest news and facts on the Carshalton buildings, situated in and around Carshalton High Street, Grove Park and Carshalton Ponds. There has been a lot of misinformation in circulation recently and we wanted to set the record straight. This area is part of the Carshalton Conservation Area and it has added protection in Sutton’s Local Plan, which has just been approved by the Government’s Planning Inspector. As such, any Planning Applications have to follow the requirements for Conservation Areas which ensure protection is given to local heritage.

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Charles Cryer Theatre:
We have been marketing the Charles Cryer and there has been a lot of interest for a variety of different uses. The restaurant area is now available which makes it more attractive. We will shortly be inviting bids and asking these to be returned by early May. We have agreed that the Council will not subsidise the Charles Cryer, but we would encourage any cultural or community use which is viable and sustainable into the future. We are determined to ensure that the Charles Cryer remains a vital part of the Carshalton scene.

The Lodge:
Contrary to information you may have read elsewhere, The Lodge has not been sold. It has been leased to local charity Ecolocal so that it can stay in the Community and be used by the community. After widescale consultation with local residents,  this was their preferred option. The present Conservative government approved the leasing of such buildings (known as Community Asset Transfer) so that community groups can take over heritage buildings at less than market value in order to keep them in the community. This solution has ensured the protection of this lovely 19th century building  for the future. Ecolocal has started work on conversion and improvements, and they are making The Lodge into an ecological centre of excellence which will be open to all for community and educational use in about a year’s time.

More information is available on Ecolocal’s website: http://www.ecolocal.org.uk/project-detail.php?id=124 and at http://www.ecolocal.org.uk/files/FAQ%20The%20Lodge.pdf

The Old Rectory:
Plans have been drawn up for the conversion of The Old Rectory to mixed commercial and residential use. When the building was leased to Sutton Living, the Council pledged to maintain its historic features for future generations to enjoy. Heritage England recently carried out a new inspection of the building. All the listed features will be preserved as key parts of the building when the conversion takes place.

Pinks Gym planning application:
Residents are keen to know what is happening with the old Pinks Gym site at 9-11a Carshalton High Street, since the last planning application in late 2017 was turned down by the Council. In December 2015, an earlier and smaller scale planning permission was granted for conversion of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors into flats, and permitted development was given (a government scheme where developers do not need to apply for planning permission) in January 2017 for a further two flats on the ground floor at the rear of the building (see application numbers C2015/72992 and C2016/76066). We are keeping a careful watch on the site to prevent any possible breach of planning approvals.

The Fox and Hounds Public House:
A local Carshalton employer has bought the Fox and Hounds Public House to be the headquarters of his thriving local business. He is currently in discussion with the council’s planners as any new development has to be in keeping with the Conservation Area and protect local heritage. We are awaiting a planning application for the site over the next few months.”

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