St Philomena’s School – Car Boot Fairs 2017

The following information about St Philomena’s School’s Car Boot Fairs in blue Italic text has been gleaned from the St Philomena’s School Web Site and we thought local particularly affected residents might wish to know….the first car boot fair date this year is Sunday 19th March 2017…..

Car Boot Sale


Cars – £10
Vans – £15

Pedestrians – Entry £1.00 all day
Please note pedestrians are not permitted before 7.00am.

All proceeds go to St Philomena’s School

Gates open for sellers at 6.00am (please use the main gates at the junction of Shorts Road and Alma Road)

Please note:

  • No prebooking required
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult
  • No dogs allowed except Guide Dogs
  • No refreshments to be sold by stall holders

St Philomena’s will not accept any responsibility for damages or loss to any vehicles or persons whilst on school grounds.

Please note that some areas of the grounds are not suitable for mobility scooters or for those that need assistance as the surface can be uneven. There is a vehicle access ramp from the car park field which may be hazardous for mobility scooters.

Toilet facilities are available on site. Please note these are unisex toilets with a female attendant. These toilets are for the use of car Boot Sale visitors and sellers only.

For all other enquiries please call: 07891 717787

Trading Standards

We have been advised by Trading Standards that they are implenting random checks on all Car Boot Sales in the local area. This is to ensure that traders who operate within the London Borough of Sutton keep within the law. For all buyers and sellers proposing to attend a St Philomena’s Car Boot Sale please click on the link below for the local authority guidance. Please ensure, if you are selling goods, that they comply with legislation.
Trading Standards Car Boot Sales Regulations

Electrical goods

SPA (St. Philomena’s Association) and St. Philomena’s School, take no responsibility for electrical items at car boot sales and recommend you do not sell or purchase these goods.

Gates open for sellers at 6.30am (please use the main gates at the junction of Shorts Road and Alma Road)

  • No prebooking required
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult
  • No dogs allowed except Guide Dogs
  • No refreshments to be sold by stall holders


Parking is available on site for £2.00 per vehicle. We would recommend, whenever possible, to park on site to keep the roads surrounding the boot sale as free flowing as possible.

Vendors and buyers at St Philomena’s bootsales are reminded of the need to be considerate of our neighbours. Parking restrictions will be actively enforced by VINCI Park who have been contracted by Sutton Council to deal with illegal parking. Blocking driveways will result in parking tickets being issued or vehicles being towed. Local residents are advised to call the parking enforcement team direct on 020 8661 0096 to report illegal parking.  The following link provides further information.

London Borough of Sutton Parking Enforcement Contractor

Please ensure you do not park your car on the Red Routes near the school, such as the one on Pound Street (no stopping any day 7am to 7pm). Red Routes are in place to ensure buses can travel without impediment. Transport for London (TFL) have Enforcement Officers checking on these routes during our Car Boot Sale and if you park on one you will be fined.

Vacating the Site

All vendors are to vacate the school by 2.00pm. If a vendor remains on site after 2pm a charge of £10 will be issued. If the vendor refuses to pay the charge they will be refused entry to future boot sales.

Car Boot Sales Dates
Academic Year September 2016 –  July 2017
1. 11th September 2016
2. 9th October 2016
3. 6th November 2016
4. 19th March 2017
5. 23rd April 2017
6. 21st May 2017
7. 9th July 2017

New Street Name Plates

Following requests from Alan, Jill and Hamish, new street name plate signs (in some cases replacements of ones that have mysteriously disappeared!) have recently been installed by Sutton Council in a number of locations in Carshalton Central ward:-

1) Alma Road, junction with Shorts Road.

2) Pound Street, at the Windsor Castle junction.

3) Rossdale, at the junction with Westmead Road.

4) Ruskin Road, at the junction with The Park.

St Philomena’s School expansion

stphilomenaslogo_1A planning application has been submitted for the expansion of St Philomena’s school (C2015/71900) to provide an additional one- form entry of 30 pupils totalling 200 extra pupils over seven years. As there are currently 1303 pupils this will take the overall total to 1503 pupils.

In 2015/16, the first year after expansion, the number of year 7 (first year) pupils will rise from 204 to 234 pupils. The school has undertaken that all the expansion will come from Sutton Borough children. The expansion will consist of eight new classrooms in a two storey building.

At present 60% of pupils come from outside the Sutton boundaries. The 2012 School Travel Plan shows that 27% of pupils were driven or drove to school, or shared cars or “parked and strode”.  A total of 41% caught the bus, 18% used rail and 15% walked or cycled. The 2013/14 school travel survey showed a slight increase in bus users at 44%.

However, no new car parking or vehicular access arrangements form part of the application. But a parking study has been conducted by the school in the Poets Estate area  – bounded by Shorts Rd/Alma Rd, Colston Avenue and stretching along Westmead Rd from Westmead Corner to Browning Avenue and Highfield Rd. This shows an existing capacity of 84% of parking spaces when max capacity is defined as 85%.

Many residents report parents parking across their drives and on double yellow lines, especially in Shorts Rd/Alma Road, and in the area around Westmead Corner. Jill and Alan recently met the Head Teacher to discuss options. They asked that the school stagger opening and closing times, encourage more pupils to use public transport or walk/cycle, older children in particular. They asked for proactive enactment of the School’s travel plan and greater enforcement of parental behaviour at school start and finish times.

To comment on the school plans please visit Sutton Council’s online planning register at: or visit the Planning Dept, 24 Denmark Rd, Carshalton SM5 2JG Tel 020 8770 5070 or email  by 17th July 2015.

Alma Road & Shorts Road: Parking Enforcement

A letter is in from Sutton Council following complaints that Jill, Alan and Hamish took up on residents behalf about the alleged lack of parking enforcment in Alam Road and Shorts Road.

Thank you for raising your concerns about parking enforcement in Alma and Shorts Road. We contract parking enforcement to NSL who have a Civil Enforcement Officer (Parking Warden) covering this area as well as the CCTV Vehicle. We have asked NSL to prioritise visits to these roads to ensure effective enforcement of the regulations. We have asked them to provide a weekly summary of enforcement in the area so we can monitor the compliance and hopefully see an improvement. I’m grateful for you bringing the issue to our attention.

Yours sincerely

Ian Kershaw, Head of Planning and Performance, Safer Sutton Partnership Service

A232 Carshalton Road Roadworks Night-Time Diversions 9pm-5.30am from Monday 22nd July 2013


Transport for London who are accountable to the Greater London Assembly and The London Mayor (not Sutton Council) have applied a ROAD WORKS traffic order on the A232 Red Route for a road diversion for night time working in our part of Carshalton between King’s Lane and Alma Road with effect from Monday, 22nd July 2013. Traffic will be diverted as per the message below. 

The plans we’ve been sent can be viewed by clicking on the three links below.

1054134-TM-100-001  1054134-TM-100-002 1054134-TM-100-003 


Made                                                        5th July 2013

Coming into force                                   22nd July 2013

Transport for London in exercise of the powers conferred by section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984a, and of all other enabling powers, hereby makes the following Order:-

1.      This Order may be cited as The A217 and A232 GLA Roads (St Dunstan’s Hill and Carshalton Road, London Borough of Sutton) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic and Stopping) Order 2013, and shall come into force on the 22nd July 2013.

2.      This Order is made because Transport for London is satisfied that traffic in the London Borough of Sutton should be prohibited from making certain movements and stopping on or near  A217 St Dunstan’s Hill and A232 Carshalton Road because works are being executed.

3.      Between 22nd July 2013 and 12th December 2013 every night from 9:00 PM to 5:30 AM or when those works have been completed, whichever is the sooner, subject to the provisions of article 4 below, no person shall cause or permit any vehicle to:

(1)        proceed on A217 St Dunstan’s Hill and Oldfields Road between their junctions with High Street and Sutton Common Road. Local access only will be maintained;

(2)        enter or exit A217 St Dunstan’s Hill at its junction with Lumley Road, Alma Crescent, Church Hill Road, Alberta Avenue;

(3)        stop on A217 St Dunstan’s Hill between its junctions with Alma Crescent and Lumley Road;

(4)        enter or exit A232 Carshalton Road at its junction with Ringstead Road, Weihurst Gardens, King’s Lane, Alma Road, Oxford Road, Harrow Road, Highfield Road. Local access will be maintained;

(5)        enter, exit or proceed on A232 Carshalton Road between its junctions with Highfield Road and Alma Road. Local access will be maintained;

(6)        stop on A232 Carshalton Road between its junctions with Alma Road and King’s Lane

4.      (1) The provisions of article 3 above shall apply only during such times and to such extent as may from time to time be indicated by traffic signs.

(2)        The provisions specified in article 3 above shall not apply in respect of:

(i)        any vehicle being used for the purposes of those works;

(ii)      any vehicle on any occasion when it is being used for fire brigade, ambulance or police purposes if the observance of those provisions would hinder the use of the vehicle;

(iii)    anything done with the permission or at the direction of a police constable in uniform or a person authorised by Transport for London.

5.      At such times as the traffic prohibitions are in force alternative routes will be indicated by traffic signs.

Dated this 5th day of July 2013

Mark Beasley

Head of Planned Interventions

Transport for London

Carter House, 229-245 Carshalton Road – Update

Cllr. Jill Whitehead reports: “Residents of Alma Road and Shorts Road have now complained to Tom Brake MP about the problems of the addtional on-street parking allegedly by residents of Carter House, 229-245 Carshalton Road in their road. Alma Road and Shorts Road both have very little parking available as most houses do not have garages, and they are badly plagued by parents and sixth formers at St Philomena’s School parking in their road, also school car boot sales at weekends. Residents of both Alma Road and Shorts Road opposed the new development for this very reason”. Jill has asked council officers: “Do we have any news from Metropolitan Housing Society about how they intend to sort this out?”
Carter House flats as viewed from the north in Shorts Road

Carter House flats as viewed from the north in Shorts Road

Carter House, 229-245 Carshalton Road – Further Update

A photo taken of the so-called “Carter House”, 229-245 Carshalton Road, Carshalton on Monday, 20th August 2012 with most of the tarpaulin removed. The full huge scale of the four-storey building at the corner with Shorts Road is now even more apparent.  It does not fit in fit with Carshalton’s typically 2-storey houses. 

The three Carshalton Central Lib Dem ward councillors Jill Whitehead, Alan Salter and Hamish Pollock fought alongside many local residents against the planning application for this oversized development but alas it was granted planning approval.   The case for a refusal of permission was undermined to some extent by the present of the 72 inter-war flats at Wynash Gardens diagonally opposite the site which are of course three-storeys.

Carter House revealed!

Gold letter box now red again!

The Post Office in their infinite wisdom have repainted Carshalton Road’s gold letter box red again…! 

This is because apparently the Post Office are now going to be honouring Cheam the town of abode, and not Carshalton, the birthplace of the Olympic athlete Joanna Rowsell… the box in Carshalton Road is on the north side between Alma Road and Shorts Road and it’s nearly opposite the busy junction with Cambridge Road.

Carshalton Road's briefly-golden letter box returns to red!

Carter House 229-245 Carshalton Road Update

Hamish took some photos of the large flats’ development on Friday, 10th August 2012 of Carter House, 229-245 Carshalton Road. 

This site is on the north side of the road between Alma Road and Shorts Road at the so-called “gateway to Carshalton” and is embellished with the Olympic Gold Letter Box!

Carter House Advert

Here is a general view of Carter House from the south side of Carshalton Road.

Carter House revealed!

Carshalton Road’s “Olympic” Golden Letter Box

Here is a picture of the Carshalton Road letter box newly-repainted gold by the Post Office to celebrate the success in the 2012 Olympics of a Carshalton-born competitor.   

Joanna Rowsell, who was born in Carshalton, is now a Cheam resident, and she has won a Gold Medal as an Olympic Cyclist. Our heartiest congratulations to Joanna!

Carshalton's Gold Letter Box

At the time of writing with just two days of competition to go the Team GB had attained a total of no less than 25 Gold Medals, an unprecedented achievement for this country in the modern era of the Olympic Games ranking behind the United States and China.

The letter box is located on the north side of the road between Alma Road and Shorts Road and is quite close to Carter House, the new flats development at 229-245 Carshalton Road.

Joanna Rowsell