Rhubarb & Bramley Opens in Beacon Grove/Carshalton High Street & Costa Coffee Shop

New Greengrocers & Fruiterers Opens iN Carshalton High Street

New Greengrocers & Fruiterers Opens in Carshalton High Street

Beacon Grove: Costa Coffee's Proposed New Premises

Rhubarb and Bramley, the new Greengrocers & Fruiterers opened recently in Carshalton High Street.  This is a very welcome development and Alan, Jill and Hamish wish the owners well with their enterprise.

Costa Coffee’s two planning applications for the site of the two empty shops to the left of the new greengrocers have yet to be determined by Sutton Council.  The empty shops were formerly occupied by Johnsons the dry cleaners and the Country Harvest (greengrocers).

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For updates you can click on the council’s own web site:

www.sutton.gov.uk and review the planning applications register. The two relevant planning applications numbers 67056 and 67100 are as listed in our web posting.

Local ward councillors Alan, Jill and Hamish will do our best to ensure that local residents’ views are taken into account should this planning application come to the Council’s development control committee – it meets every fortnight or so for a decision.  The “trigger” for planning officers to place the application on the list of those applications coming to the committee is usually about 10 letters or more of objection. We are not sure how many letters of objection there have been, but Alan, Jill and Hamish have seen several dozen to date.

Planning Applications for Costa Coffee, Beacon Grove, High Street

Sutton Council have received a pair of planning applications from Costa Coffee for the conversion of the former Johnson Dry Cleaners and the former Greengrocers into new Costa Coffee shop at Units A and B 31-33 High Street, Carshalton SM5 3AX.

The following are Sutton Council’s Planning application nos :-

a) C2013/67056/FUL for the use of ground floor of premises as a coffee shop (Mixed A1/A3 use) and provision of an outdoor seating area at front.

b) C2013/67100/ADV is for the display of an internally illuminated fascia letter sign, an internally illuminated double sided projecting sign, a non-illuminated double window poster panel sign and a retractable awning sign.

residents may wish to inspect and comment upon the plans by clicking on the links below:-