Carshalton Road/Cambridge Road Junction: Road Works Information

News just in from Transport for London…

Dear Stakeholder

A232 Carshalton Road junction with Cambridge Road

I would like to let you know that we have appointed EM Highways (EM) to carry out repair works to the drainage system on A232 Carshalton Road junction with Cambridge Road.

Why are we doing this work?

Work on the A232 Carshalton Road junction with Cambridge Road  is part of the Road Modernisation Plan, the biggest investment for a generation consisting of hundreds of projects to transform junctions, bridges, tunnels and pedestrian areas. Working with London’s boroughs it will make our roads safer and more reliable.

The work is aimed at alleviating flooding problems within this area.

Where and when will the work take place?

These works will take place on two consecutive nights outside house numbers 334-336 Carshalton Road, and will start on Thursday 28 May and Friday 29 May 2015.

In agreement with the London Borough of Sutton, the working hours will be from 21:00 to 04:00 on both 28 and 29 May or until the work is completed.

What we would like you to know

During the works, we will put in some traffic management measures such as three way temporary signals, to ensure the safety of road users using the road junction.

We will make every effort to ensure that noisy operations are completed before midnight but we should explain that vehicle reversing warning beepers are essential safety devices to protect those working nearby. Access for emergency services will be maintained at all times during the works.

Keeping London moving

We have worked closely with LoHAC and the London Borough of Sutton, to reduce the impact of these works on road users, local residents and businesses as far as possible. I hope you will appreciate that a certain level of disruption is inevitable, and I apologise in advance for any inconvenience that may be caused as a result of these essential works.

Should you require further information or an update during the delivery of these works, please contact our Customer Services team on 0343 222 1234 or via the web at

Kind Regards

Mario Constantinou

Consultation Team

Transport for London

Mobile Phone Mast by the BP Garage, at the Carshalton Road/Cambridge Road junction

Message just in from Bobbie Unwin, Mono Consultants Ltd about a mobile phone mast at the junction of Carshalton Road and Cambridge Road, Carshalton…let Bobbie know your views….


For the attention of the Ward Councillor for Carshalton Central, London Borough of Sutton Council

Dear Councillors,

Telefónica UK Limited, commonly known as O2, has entered into an agreement with Vodafone Limited, pursuant to which the two companies plan to jointly operate and manage a single network grid across the UK. These arrangements will be overseen by Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Ltd (CTIL) which is a joint venture company owned by Telefónica UK Limited and Vodafone Limited. This agreement allows both organisations to pool their basic network infrastructure, while running two, independent, nationwide networks. It will maximise opportunities to consolidate the number of base stations and significantly reduce the environmental impact of network development.

Telefónica  and Vodafone are in the process of progressing a suitable site in the above locality to meet their 4G rollout requirements. The purpose of this email is to consult with you and seek your views on our proposal before any planning submission is made. We understand that you are not always able to provide site specific comments, however, Telefónica and Vodafone are committed to consultation with communities on our mobile telecommunications proposals and as such would encourage you to respond.

As part of Telefónica’s and Vodafone’s continued network improvement program the operators seek to upgrade existing base stations wherever possible that will accommodate provision for both operators with 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. In this regard please find attached a copy of the draft planning drawings, in which your comments would be welcomed.

Where available the Local Planning Authority mast register and our records of other potential sites have already been reviewed, the policies in the Development Plan have been taken into account and the planning history of the site has been examined.

Mobiles can only work with a network of base stations in place where people want to use their mobile phones or other wireless devices. Without base stations, the mobile phones and other devices we rely on simply won’t work.

All Telefónica and Vodafone installations are designed to be fully compliant with the public exposure guidelines established by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). These guidelines have the support of UK Government, the European Union and they also have the formal backing of the World Health Organisation. A certificate of ICNIRP compliance will be included within the planning submission.

In order to give you time to send your comments or request further information, we commit to allow at least 14 days before an application is submitted to the Local Planning Authority. This 14 day period starts from the date of this email.

We would also be grateful if you could please advise of any local stakeholders or groups that might like to make comments.  We look forward to receiving any comments you may have on the proposal.

Kind Regards,

Bobbie Unwin | Technical Administrator | Mono Consultants Ltd

Steam Packet House. 76 Cross Street, Manchester M2 4JG 

Potholes Reported by Cllr. Jill Whitehead

Cllr. Jill Whitehead has recently reported a large number of pot holes in and around the Carshalton Central neighbourhood including:-

1) The length of Gordon Road in the approach to Carshalton Beeches railway station.

2) In the centre of Cambridge Road (off Carshalton Road) where there are some wide white hashed markings.

3) By tree in Milton Avenue close to junction with Shirley Avenue (on the part of Milton Avenue that is between Shirley Avenue and Brookfield Avenue), and potholes at all four corners of Milton and Shirley Avenues junction.

4) Outside no 46 Milton Avenue close to the pavement and outside nos 52 and 54 Milton Avenue (ditto), (on the part of Milton Avenue that is between Shirley Avenue and Brookfield Avenue).

5) By tree in Milton Avenue, in middle of road close to green triangle and the junction with Byron Gardens (on the part of Milton Avenue that is between Brookfield Avenue and Erskine Road – this part of the road is in poor condition generally).

6) Benhill Recreation Ground: Large potholes in the park path alongside the children’s playground on the Harold Road side.

7) Potholes in Byron Avenue close to the junction with Westmead Road, and at the junction of Byron Avenue with Byron Avenue East.

8) Potholes in Kingsley Avenue at junction with Byron Avenue East.

9) Pothole near drain outside no 9 Kingsley Avenue.

10) Potholes at junction of Cowper Avenue and Byron Avenue East.

11) Potholes at junction of Kingsley Avenue and Shirley Avenue.

We hope that these can be attended to before too long.

Gold letter box now red again!

The Post Office in their infinite wisdom have repainted Carshalton Road’s gold letter box red again…! 

This is because apparently the Post Office are now going to be honouring Cheam the town of abode, and not Carshalton, the birthplace of the Olympic athlete Joanna Rowsell… the box in Carshalton Road is on the north side between Alma Road and Shorts Road and it’s nearly opposite the busy junction with Cambridge Road.

Carshalton Road's briefly-golden letter box returns to red!