Carshalton gets into the picture!

Cllr. Jill Whitehead reports:

Three photos of Sutton’s parks have been chosen as the winners in the Council’s Snap Happy competition. Some of the winning photos have been taken by residents of Carshalton, children attending Carshalton schools or by those who took their photos in Carshalton’s parks. Over 400 people took part in the competition this year. The winner of the 11 and under competition was Stirling Scott who lives in Carshalton and attends the Harris Junior Academy, Camden Road, Carshalton. He snapped a coot in Beddington Park lake. The runner up in this category attends All Saints Primary School, Rotherfield Road in Carshalton and he snapped some park trees. The winner of the 12 to 17 years group was Ciara Harrison-Gadsby who attends Greenshaw School. She took a photo entitled “Made for Walking” of children playing on Sutton Green (or more specifically their boots!). Finally, the winner of the adult prize was 25 year old Laura Doherty who took a photograph of the mill wheel in The Grove Park. All the winning photos were chosen for their originality, skill and choice of subject.

Copies of all the submitted photos can be found at


Local School News and School Crossings Latest

Camden Junior School, Carshalton

Camden Junior School, Carshalton

Local school governor and Cllr. Jill Whitehead reports:

“Transport for London (TFL) have started work on the new crossing in Stanley Park Road in south Carshalton

 ready for the opening of the new Bandon Hill – Woodfield Primary School, on the site of the old Stanley Park High school. This new four form entry school (150 pupils per year) will be running alongside the existing Stanley Park Infants School, and is being opened to accommodate the large increase in the birth rate locally. 14 pupils from the Carshalton Central neighbourhood/ward will be joining the reception year at the new Woodfield campus and 16 at the existing nearby Stanley Park Infants in September. TFL have given this crossing priority due to the large numbers of pupils at these two primary schools.”

Cllr. Alan Salter says:

“When this work is complete, TFL will be installing a new crossing in Ruskin Road in late September to cater for the expansion of All Saints Primary School in Rotherfield Road. (now a two form entry school, 60 in each year).  16 pupils from Carshalton Central will be joining the reception class at All Saints school in September which for the first time is opening its doors to a small percentage of non C. of E. pupils who live locally (15% or about nine per reception year).”

Later on in the year, a crossing will be installed in Woodmansterne Road to cover the expansion of Barrow Hedges School in south Carshalton, now a three form entry school (90 in each year). 15 pupils from Carshalton Central will be joining the reception year at this school in September.

Consultation is currently taking place on traffic calming needed in the area of this crossing, and this will be discussed at the next Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee on Tuesday, 10th September chaired by Cllr. Hamish Pollock.  The local committee is held at Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road from 7.30pm

More reception pupils in Carshalton Central will be going to Victor Seymour School (29 pupils) than any other school, but concern has been expressed  by parents where they should continue their education now that Harris has been appointed as the sponsoring Academy for Camden Junior School rather than the preferred Greenshaw School.

Alan, Jill and Hamish as your ward councillors joined parents in fighting this decision.

Camden Junior School: Decision

Thank you to everyone who supported the Keep Camden Local and Go for Greenshaw campaign.  Despite all the support and the efforts of those involved in the campaign Lord Nash (Education Minister) chose the Harris Federation to be Camden’s sponsor. 

Most parents and local people still believe Greenshaw would be the best sponsor for Camden.  Greenshaw presented a detailed plan to the Department for Education, the consultation overwhelmingly supported Greenshaw.  The campaign also had the support of Headteachers, residents, other stakeholders, our MPs and very many Sutton Councillors.

Camden Junior School, Carshalton

Camden Junior School, Carshalton

Hundreds of letters were sent to Lord Nash and he received a 1300 signature petition. 

The campaign team will be reviewing the outcome, looking at campaigning next steps and will keep you informed. 

In the meantime, you can follow the news on the local website, twitter @keepcamdenlocal or Like Go for Greenshaw on Facebook.

Keep Camden School Locally run

Your Carshalton Central councillors Alan, Jill and Hamish are fighting alongside parents to help Camden school stay in local hands as this popular school is under threat from a take-over by an outside organisation.

Update 10th July 2013: With the welcome help and support of some concerned parents, we have delivered around 1000 special Camden School FOCUS leaflets to local households about this issue as of Wednesday, 10th July 2013. We hope to deliver to more local residences in coming days…you can see the leaflet by clicking on the relevant heading on the right hand panel of this web site, or by clicking here:-

Camden School Special FOCUS July 2013   Update 13th July 2013: Nearly 1500 leaflets delivered to local residents!

Campaigners joining forces with councillors

Cllr. Jill Whitehead says: “Many local parents send their children to Camden School in West Street, Carshalton. The government plans to turn this school into a sponsored academy and will shortly decide if the sponsor should be locally based Greenshaw School or a national commercial group called the Harris Federation which has no links to the Borough. We believe in local schools for local people, run by locally accountable bodies.” 

Cllr. Alan Salter, a Governor of Camden school, adds: “I believe fervently that Camden Junior School should be sponsored by Greenshaw – an excellent nearby school here in Sutton. It has the experience and capacity to help Camden improve and provide the quality of education our community needs. Only Greenshaw would keep Camden as part of the local education community. I urge local residents to fill in the Keep Camden Local Petition (from Camden School or see  to let the government know how we feel.

Cllr. Hamish Pollock added: “We are aware of Camden parents’ concern over the threat of Harris being the sponsor when it has no Sutton connections or local record. Do please join the Keep Camden Local campaign, sign the petition and the letter NOW. For more information contact:”  



Local Carshalton School: Camden Junior School name now under threat…

An important message is in from the campaigners about the future of this local school.

The name of Camden Junior School goes back to the 1870s. The Carshalton Schools Board opened its first junior school – for girls – on the Camden Road site in December 1874, and it was known as Camden Road School from March 1875. A second school, for boys, was opened alongside it in January 1878 and an infants school in June 1883. 

But this heritage and link to the history of Carshalton is under threat. The Department for Education (DfE) has decided that Camden should become a sponsored academy and their preferred sponsor is the Harris Federation. Local school Greenshaw has put itself forward as an alternative sponsor, with the support of Camden’s governing body, many of its parents and other local stakeholders.

The Harris Federation say that if they become the sponsors of Camden Junior School they will change its name. Greenshaw have said that if they were its sponsor, Camden would keep its name. There is no good reason to change the established name of the school – and every reason to retain the name Camden that has served the school and community well for so many years.

Find out more about the issues and how you can support Greenshaw and help prevent the Harris Federation from trashing 138 years of local history:

Mike Cooper
Chair of Governors
Greenshaw High School
Grennell Road
Sutton SM1 3DY
Camden Junior School, Carshalton

Camden Junior School, Carshalton

Camden Junior School, Carshalton – Parents fight plans to turn the school into Harris Academy

Cllr. Jill Whitehead reports: “Parents are fighting plans for a primary school in special measures to become a Harris academy. Camden Junior School, in Carshalton, has been told by the Department for Education it must become an academy – with the preferred sponsor being the Harris Federation.”

However, Sutton Council, the Carshalton & Wallington MP Tom Brake, and multiple parents are backing local Greenshaw High School, also an academy, as the preferred sponsor for Camden. A consultation is currently taking place on the proposals to become an academy. The Harris Federation is a charity with a record of improving struggling schools in London however campaigners are concerned it would be damaging to the school.

camdenWhen Camden Juniors was put in to special measures the headteacher of Victor Seymour Infants School, Helen Matt, took over Camden. After seeing the improvements she has brought in many parents want her to continue and fear that if the Harris Federation took over she would be lost.  The Harris Federation has already advertised for a new headteacher at the school, closing applications for the £65,000-£100,000 job on May 10, in order to make sure they have a headteacher in time if they are chosen as the sponsor.

The advert says that if the school does not become a Harris Academy the successful candidate will still be employed by the school. Former Carshalton Central ward councillor Mike Cooper the current chair of governors at Greenshaw, said: “Greenshaw can provide the support that Camden needs and keep the school in local hands. We urge Camden parents and all other interested people to tell the Department for Education that they are opposed to the proposal from the Harris Federation and that their preference is that Greenshaw should be the sponsor of Camden Juniors.”

Sir Robin Bosher, who leads primary education for the Harris Federation, said: “We agreed to the Department for Education’s request that we become their preferred sponsor of Camden because we believe we can provide it with the support needed for teaching, pastoral care and the school as a whole to become good and then outstanding. We know that staff at Camden Junior School have worked hard under challenging circumstances, and we look forward to supporting them if the school becomes a Harris Academy.”

Please see the twitter link:


Local Primary Schools News – Cllr. Jill Whitehead reports…

Local Cllr. Jill Whitehead, a governor at All Saints’ School, Rotherfield Road, Carshalton says:- 
“There is currently a big increase in the birth rate in Sutton, especially in the area along the A232 between Sutton, Carshalton and Wallington. This is being reflected in the demand for school places, and figures obtained by your councillors show that in the school years 2012/13 and 2013/14 (just released) reception school places for rising fives have been offered to Carshalton Central children mostly at the following schools (significant numbers included only):
 School                                     2013/14                    2012/13
All Saints C of E, Carshalton        16                               19
Bandon Hill Woodfield                   14                                  0   (new school on old Stanley Park High School site)
Barrow Hedges School                   15                                12
St Mary’s RC Infants                      20                               24
Stanley Park Infants                      16                               10
Victor Seymour                              29                                24
Other schools                                   30                                28

“Carshalton. This is Carshalton”…..Carshalton Station One-Way System – Southern Railways say “No Change”

Local Councillors Jill Whitehead, Alan Salter and Hamish Pollock have recently received a copy of a message from Southern Railways regarding the newly-created one-way system at Carshalton Railway Station running from North Street to West Street. 

Carshalton Station's One Way System

Carshalton Station’s One Way System

Our keener readers may recall previous reports on this web site that some local residents and councillors were concerned that the one-way system ran parallel with that of the parallel Camden Road leading to extra-long journeys around this part of Carshalton if you are travelling from the roads on the West Street side.

I just wanted to confirm the ongoing plan for the Carshalton (Station) access road. 

 Following the concerns raised about the direction of the access road we agreed to conduct a survey of car users at the station.  We put survey sheets on car windscreens and they were available in the ticket office window and at the gateline.  We had posters up at the station advertising the survey.  From the returned surveys there was a slight majority in favour of keeping the direction of flow the same as it is now.  We therefore plan to do this but we will also be improving the signage to show that cyclist can access the station in either direction and improving the lining to make the one way system clearer – two items that were also raised. 

The station team will confirm this via posters at the station.  Are you able to let the relevant people in the council know?


Yvonne Leslie, Southern Railways

Rather Absurd One-way System at Carshalton Station

Network Rail did not notify the local council of this newly installed and rather absurd one-way system (going North Street to West Street only) and although they are not required to do so, it would have been courteous of them to have consulted with the Council over the proposed changes.  It runs parallel with the long-standing one-way (North Street to West Street) in Camden Road

The Council officers that the three ward councillors for Carshalton Central have spoken to have asked the Traffic Manager to speak to the relevant officer at Network Rail and request that we should be consulted on any future proposals that will affect Sutton’s road network. 

More in a future posting!