Carshalton & Clockhouse Committee Tuesday 16th June 2015 at Hillcrest Halls, Clockhouse

The meeting starts at 7.30pm Tuesday 16 June 2015

The venue is: Hillcrest Halls, 42 Fryston Avenue, Coulsdon CR5 2PT


Come and Discuss:

Pelican Crossing at West Street

Robins Way concerns

Dr Bike

Christmas lights

Area improvements

Neighbourhood Grants

Public question time

Other local issues

Carshalton Athletic Football Club

Carshalton_AthleticCouncillors Jill Whitehead, Alan Salter and Hamish Pollock previously reported that Sutton Council’s Planning Committee unanimously threw out Carshalton Athletic Football Club’s two major planning applications on 22nd January 2014. These applications were for (1) the increased use of the floodlights; and (2) the replacement of the turf pitch with a “3G” plastic pitch.

The Football Club appealed against the Council’s decision. The appeal was heard by the Planning Inspectorate based in Bristol, an unelected Government agency with no local connections. The Council had no right to oppose this appeal under planning law.

The Planning Inspectorate visited the site on 26th January 2015, and made a decision on 5th February 2015. They allowed CAFC’s appeal overturning Sutton’s Council’s decision. The Planning Inspectorate granted CAFC planning permission for:- 1) the use of six floodlights under application C2008/59870/FUL; and 2) the replacement of the natural turf pitch with an artificial pitch (3G) at the War Memorial Sports Ground, Colston Avenue, under application C2013/68433/FUL.

However, the Planning Inspectorate imposed several planning conditions including:- 1) That the artificial pitch will not lead to an increase in flood risk either within the site or elsewhere; 2) To install approved drainage arrangements before the pitch is used; 3) A limitation in hours of use from 9am to 9.15pm on weekdays or Saturdays (except weekday fixtures when it may be used until 11pm) and until 8pm on Sundays; 4) The site shall only be used as a community facility and it shall NOT be operated as a commercial 5 a side football centre.

We understand that CAFC will be applying to the Sports Foundation, another government agency, for funds to install the artificial 3G pitch.

Carshalton High School for Girls: Planning Application

Cllr. Hamish Pollock says:  “Carshalton High School for Girls (CHSG) has submitted a planning application to the Council for a new two-storey Sports Hall (C2014/70052), to be built adjacent to the boundary with Carshalton Athletic Football Club (CAFC), close to the path from Colston Avenue to CAFC.  Details can be found at on the Sutton Planning Register at

Please note: If you wish to make comments they should be submitted by 18th September 2014.”  

Cllr. Alan Salter says: “Councillors and residents met with the Head Teacher of CHSG about six months ago, and asked for residents’ concerns to be taken into account in regard to the size and use of the new building – we were advised of plans to use it at evenings and weekends – and in regard to additional traffic and parking due to increased usage of the school facilities. Although we understand the size of the hall has been reduced in size, it is still a substantial structure, and the planning application has not provided for any additional parking at the school for extra visitors.”

Cllr. Jill Whitehead says:  “Residents have commented to us as your local Lib Dem councillors that traffic and parking (on double yellow lines) in Colston Avenue over the summer holidays for sports events at the Girls School were unacceptable, and these were compounded by similar events at CAFC at the same time. Any new planning application would need to provide:- a) a Travel Plan to encourage children to come by foot/bicycle/public transport, and b) deal with the very bad traffic gridlock and associated noise and nuisance experienced by residents over the summer.”  

chsg-logo-printMore in a future FOCUS and watch out for updates on our web site.

Poets Estate – 10 Big Actions by the FOCUS Team

Some things we’ve done for you in the Poets’ Estate:-

1) Benhill Rec. We installed new play facilities, planted lavender beds and removed the old skateboard ramp.

2) Westmead Road/Carshalton Grove. We asked the Council to investigate and prevent future floods in this area.

3) Colston Avenue/Coleridge Avenue/Court Drive. We installed new yellow lines to reduce commuter parking.

4) Free Grit. We installed new grit bins in many locations in the Poets’ Estate/Westmead area of the Carshalton Central ward, including at the junction of Sutton Grove/Waterloo Road.

5) Street Trees. We have got planted 81 street trees in Carshalton Central ward many of them in the Poets’ Estate.

6) Mead Crescent. Road was resurfaced.

7) Shirley Avenue. Road and pavements were resurfaced.

8) Westmead Allotments. Better secure fencing installed.

9) Shorts Road/West Street Footpath. We asked the council to clear dog mess and asked police to monitor the area.

10) Wrythe Rec. We installed new play facilities in the rec. We asked that the railings are refurbished and work is underway.

And….We have also kept residents informed and supported residents in the various planning applications affecting our area. Examples are the Carshalton Athletic Football Club’s applications for 3G plastic surface for the football pitch and extended hours of lighting both of which were unanimously refused by Sutton Council’s planning / development control committee.

Carshalton Girls School New Block Gets Go-Ahead

Cllr. Hamish Pollock reports: “Planning permission was granted last Wednesday (19th March 2014) when I attended and voted at the Council’s Development Control Committee for the new two storey block at Carshalton High School for Girls. The block will be built close to the boundary with the Carshalton Athletic Football Club. The block would be substantial – about 40 x 24 metres in size, and about 11 metres in height and will house the new school canteen, plus classrooms and dance and drama studios. It will be mostly painted render in appearance.”


He adds: “The existing canteen buildings will be demolished in the south-east corner of the school grounds near the West Street and Colston Avenue junction… The committee agreed with the planning officers’ recommendations that the scheme would not have a detrimental impact on the surrounding area. A resident from Colston Avenue in favour of the development addressed the committee. Councillors present were however concerned over the proposed loss of a group of some existing hornbeam trees near the west boundary, but they were reassured that their replacement by 15 new hornbeam trees about 4 to 4.5 metres high would help to substantially mitigate this loss”.

Carshalton Athletic Planning Applications

The Council’s Development Control Committee will be meeting on Wednesday 22nd January 2014 to discuss the latest pair of important planning applications submitted by the Carshalton Athletic Football Club (which is a tenant) to Sutton Council (which is also the landlord as well as the planning authority). 

This pair of applications will have most potential effect on those residents living in Colston Avenue and the so-called Poets’ Estate area such as Coleridge Avenue, Court Drive, Shirley Avenue, Mead Cresecent and Brookfield Avenue.

Local councillors Jill, Hamish and Alan aim to attend and wish to ensure that the councillors on the committee are kept fully informed of residents’ views about the two interlinked planning applications no. C2013/68432/FUL (increased use of floodlights) and C2013/68433/FUL (new artificial pitch in lieu of grass pitch).

Residents may wish to attend the meeting which is held in public in Meeting Room 1 of the Civic Offices, St. Nicholas Way, Sutton SM1 1EA. The meeting starts at 7.30pm and this item is Agenda Item 2, so it should be heard shortly after 7.30pm.

Details can be viewed online by clicking on:-


Carshalton Athletic Football Club Planning Applications: An explanation of what is happening and what will be happening

As we have previously notified residents, there are two current planning applications:-

1) a new “3G” pitch (no. C2013/68433) and

2) for use of flood lighting for training on Monday to Saturdays up to 21.15 hours and on Sundays up to 18.00 hours, except for weekday games and cup matches up to 22.30 and 23.00 hours (no. C2013/68432), thus changing the current planning conditions for hours of use

Cllr. Jill Whitehead says:

“The planning applications for the proposed 3G pitch and related flood lighting matters will be heard by the Development Control Committee of the Council, probably in January. 

Councillors such as myself, Cllr. Alan Salter and Hamish Pollock can represent their local residents at the DCC, if residents so wish. 

Local concerned residents may also wish to speak at DCC yourself (4 minutes are usually allowed for each speaker at the discretion of the committee chair), by letting the Mr. Peter Snow, the committee manager (E-mail: know when the date of the relevant DCC meeting is announced. Proposed speakers will need to say which body they are representing. The Chair of the Development Control Committee will decide which groups can speak. 

The statutory public consultation for this planning application is currently taking place (6th to 27th December) according to national planning rules, and if residents have objections they can send them into the Council’s Planning Department at Denmark Road or via the Council’s website. 

It is important to note that only planning matters can be considered by the DCC – these include e.g. those things to do with traffic, parking, hours of use, noise, floodlighting, flooding, nature conservation, trees. It is up to the DCC to decide if it wishes to approve, defer (postpone) to another meeting or to reject the planning application.

As the Council abides by national planning rules set by central government, the DCC cannot consider non-planning related matters such as the value of a property, personal views about a planning applicant, or commercial considerations.

As it is the members of the Development Control Committee who will make the decision, residents will need to make their  views known to them at the DCC meeting when it is called, but you can only discuss planning matters. Officers can advise you further.”

Cllr. Alan Salter says:

“We’ve been told that 3 site notices were displayed and letters hand delivered to 338 neighbouring properties on 5th December 2013. Planning officers have however visited the yesterday afternoon and have noted that the notice displayed on the Colston Avenue entrance is no longer there. The other two notices at the entrance to the recreation ground in Brookfield Avenue and Wrythe Lane are still in place.

The minimum statutory requirements for planning applications of this nature are either the display of site notices OR letters of notification to neighbouring properties. In this case the Council has undertaken both forms of notification and accordingly has met the minimum statutory requirements. Unfortunately notices are often removed by others and the Council does not have the resources to ensure that they always remain in place, hence this Council also sends letters of notification to neighbours.

Planning officers assure us that the Council will not make a decision prior to 21 days from the notification letters of 5th December, and in practice the Council will accept letters of representation up until the point that it makes a decision. This will be at the 8th January Development Control Committee at the earliest, but given the Christmas break could be later.Councillors and council planning officers are all aware of the strength of feeling of local residents regarding this site, and we are advised that all comments received prior to a decision being made will be taken into account.

There is also the opportunity for residents to attend the Committee and speak should they so wish.”


CAFC: Planning applications

Cllr. Alan Salter says: “Carshalton Athletic Football Club has submitted two planning applications for 1) a new “3G” pitch (no. C2013/68433) and 2) for use of flood lighting for training on Monday to Saturdays up to 21.15 hours and on Sundays up to 18.00 hours, except for weekday games and cup matches up to 22.30 and 23.00 hours (no. C2013/68432), thus changing the current planning conditions for hours of use.”

Alan adds: “This will be heard by the Council’s Development Control Committee (DCC), and will include a statutory consultation of local residents by Sutton Council in the vicinity of the club (21 days from 6th to 27th December). This follows the proposal to vary the lease the Club holds as a tenant of Sutton Council to enable the Club to apply for funds from the Football Club Foundation for the new 3G pitch.

Cllr. Hamish Pollock says: “If planning permission fails, the club cannot apply for these external funds and the lease variation falls. If planning permission is granted by the Development Control Committee but the funding application to the Football Club Foundation fails, then the lease variation also falls and the use of the pitch will be the same as now, with no new 3G surface.”

Hamish adds: The Council has been advised that should the planning application and grant application succeed, CAFC intends to bring training into the football club grounds and away from Wrythe Recreation Ground. It has also indicated that it intends to provide extra parking in the grounds to reduce parking pressure elsewhere, planting of trees to reduce noise, and reduction in light spillage. A Joint Consultative Committee of residents, councillors and the Football Club has been set up to deal with residents’ concerns, which will meet quarterly.

Plans can be viewed at the Council’s offices at 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton SM5 2JG. The Development Control Committee meeting is likely to be held in the New Year.


Carshalton Athletic Planning Application submitted to Sutton Council

The latest planning application for the extended use of flood lights from Carshalton Athletic Football Club off Colston Avenue, Carshalton, is now in at the Council’s planning office, this is no. C2013/68432. You can look this up on the Sutton Council web site: quoting the above number.

The planning application is for the use of floodlighting on Mondays to Saturdays up to 21.15 hours and on Sundays up to 18.00 hours apart from on 50 occasions (weekdays) when the floodlighting to be used up to 22.30 hours and 23.00 hours for cup games. (Variation of conditions 1, 2 and 3 attached to app. no. C2009/60729 which stated the floodlights shall be switched off 30 minutes after the final whistle but no later than 22.30 hours for league games and 23.00 hours for cup games, the use of the floodlights were limited to 120 matches per year and the use of the floodlights were limited to five times per year on Sundays. On these days the lights needed
to be switched off 30 minutes after the final whistle but no later than 18.30 hours).

Jill, Hamish and Alan certainly share many local residents’ concerns and we will do our best to ensure that local residents’ views are known to the council’s Development Control Committee in due course when the matter comes up for a decision. More in a future posting….


Carshalton Athletic Football Club News…

CAFC and the New Residents’ Consultative Committee….

Carshalton_AthleticThe Carshalton Athletic Football Club Residents’ Consultative Committee has been set up by Sutton Council to deal with any areas of local residents’ concern. This group will include four residents chosen from a panel of eight to come from the immediate area of the club (CAFC). Also included will be your local Lib Dem councillors, a representative of Westmead Allotments and four Club representatives.

Cllr. Jill Whitehead says: “The group will meet quarterly and work according to an agreed constitution. It will consider the future plans of CAFC, and the actual operation of current planning conditions such as those to do with floodlights, noise, hours of opening, traffic and parking”.

The Club is likely to submit a planning application soon for a new “3G” pitch which will be heard by the Council’s Development Control Committee. This will include the normal statutory consultation of local residents by the Council (who are also the landlords), as well as the review of current planning conditions. This follows the proposal to vary the lease the Club holds as a tenant of the council to enable the Club to apply for funds from the Football Club Foundation.  More news in a future posting.