Poets Estate – 10 Big Actions by the FOCUS Team

Some things we’ve done for you in the Poets’ Estate:-

1) Benhill Rec. We installed new play facilities, planted lavender beds and removed the old skateboard ramp.

2) Westmead Road/Carshalton Grove. We asked the Council to investigate and prevent future floods in this area.

3) Colston Avenue/Coleridge Avenue/Court Drive. We installed new yellow lines to reduce commuter parking.

4) Free Grit. We installed new grit bins in many locations in the Poets’ Estate/Westmead area of the Carshalton Central ward, including at the junction of Sutton Grove/Waterloo Road.

5) Street Trees. We have got planted 81 street trees in Carshalton Central ward many of them in the Poets’ Estate.

6) Mead Crescent. Road was resurfaced.

7) Shirley Avenue. Road and pavements were resurfaced.

8) Westmead Allotments. Better secure fencing installed.

9) Shorts Road/West Street Footpath. We asked the council to clear dog mess and asked police to monitor the area.

10) Wrythe Rec. We installed new play facilities in the rec. We asked that the railings are refurbished and work is underway.

And….We have also kept residents informed and supported residents in the various planning applications affecting our area. Examples are the Carshalton Athletic Football Club’s applications for 3G plastic surface for the football pitch and extended hours of lighting both of which were unanimously refused by Sutton Council’s planning / development control committee.

Flooding in Westmead Road and Carshalton Grove, Sutton – Thames Water Reports back…‏

A update message was received by Jill, Alan and Hamish from Thames Water today following the widespread flooding concerns in recent weeks…. as reported on this web site

Dear all

I just wanted to provide you with a quick update on the works in this area. The recent work undertaken before Christmas was to remove a blockage in the sewer which was successfully completed. The work to remove the tree roots is still to take place and I have chased this up with our contractors. I will let you know when I have some further information on when this will be.

Kind regards

Clare Collard

Local & Regional Government Liaison Manager Thames Water Utilities Ltd, Clearwater Court, Floor 2 East, Vastern Road, Reading, RG1 8DB E: clare.collard@thameswater.co.uk M: 07747644164

Carshalton Grove/Westmead Road flooding issues

Cllr. Jill Whitehead says:

“Residents in Carshalton Grove have told us about the serious problems they are experiencing with flooding of their homes whenever it rains.”

We have been advised that the Thames Water main sewer has a blockage in the area of 64 to 70 Westmead Road, which is causing water to back up into Carshalton Grove. This also caused the mains pipes water burst in April 2012.  Your councillors have asked Thames Water to take remedial  action to stop this happening again, as clearly previous attempts had not succeeded in stopping the bursts. Please let us know if your property is flooding, and we will pass this information onto Thames Water for investigation.

Streetcare Survey

Local Cllrs. Jill Whitehead and Hamish Pollock undertook a street care survey of some roads on Friday morning, 28th June 2013 and we have reported the following matters:-

Cllr. Jill Whitehead at the Kings Lane south bridge where the pavement was widened by Sutton Council recently

Cllr. Jill Whitehead at the Kings Lane south bridge where the pavement was widened by Sutton Council recently

1) Waterloo Road, Sutton:  Yellow lines very worn at junction with Sutton Grove and white parking bay lines very worn outside 20-22 Waterloo Road.
2) Junction of Waterloo Road and Sutton Grove: the white lines and Give Way signs painted on road are very worn.
3) Kings Lane bridge (north) asked that the council clear weeds on the east side near Weihurst Gardens junction.
4) Kings Lane bridge (south) to clear weeds and renew double yellow lines worn on both sides approaching bridge from the Warren Park side.
5) Kings Lane southbound lane heading towards the south bridge a “SLOW” sign is required on road. We observed speeding cars at this point.
6) Next to no. 19 Kings Lane by the alleyway entrance the “No cycling” sign is very worn away and the supporting pole is very rusted away – could this be replaced?
7) Hawthorn Road: Lots of weeds in the gutter outside no. 24.
8) Harrow Road: we noted lots of excessive basal growth to street trees outside numbers 54/56 and 58/60, and also outside 62/64. We asked the council to please try to keep hollyhocks at the latter location!
9) The junction of Harrow Road on the west side junction with Carshalton Road. Could the area by the advert sign be tidied- TfL responsibility perhaps? Lots of long grass and weeds which are very unsightly!
10) Ringstead Road: Please could the broken kerb be mended by the street tree near to 14 Ringstead Road, north of the junction with Croft Road.
 11) Outside no. 75 Westmead Road lots of weeds noted on pavement outside the QVS depot/yard entrance.
12) Harold Road: The hedge by the pavement on the west side of road leading to Benhill Recreation Ground needs clipping back to the chain link fence line.  

Turning Over An Old Leaf – Streetcare issues

Cllr. Hamish Pollock reports: I have taken up with council officers some recent residents’ complaints about street cleaning in the north west part of the Carshalton Central neighbourhood.

A Soggy and Leafy Time of Year

Following the recent and seemingly never-ending bout of very bad wet weather, I have received complaints about a lot of leaves on Colston Avenue (south side pavement going towards Westmead Road, which has been a regular problem) and also Westmead Corner and Westmead Road itself, the problem has been exacerbated by the rain which seems to pool on the very uneven surface of the pavements around Westmead Corner.    On Ringstead Road, in places outside some of the flats, the leaves are now turning into a mulch and the gutters are thick with leaves well onto the road itself.  Most of the dead leaves are blocking the drains and preventing the rain water from draining away; this is a problem year-round by the way. We hope that in future the Council’s street cleaners will try to keep the drains clear which causes all the pooling of water.  The corner of Ringstead Road and Carshalton Road right up to the corner of Carshalton Grove has a similar problem, and also in the other direction up to bus stop.

Carshalton Central New Housing & Building Review

Despite the on-going recessionary times that we are seemingly in, there is still quite a lot of building work going on at the moment, in and around Carshalton Central ward in particular we have:-

1) “Carter House”, 229-245 Carshalton Road, Carshalton. 44 new flats and a children’s nursery, at the junction with Shorts Road.

2) 2-4A Rotherfield Road and Lakin Close, Carshalton. 9 new houses.

3) Wentworth Hall, 80 Ruskin Road, Carshalton. Alterations and extensions to the existing community building for the Muslim Cultural Welfare Association, Sutton.

4) All Saints’ School, Rotherfield Road, Carshalton. Alterations and major extensions to the existing primary school building.

5) Westcroft Leisure Centre and New Carshalton Library, Westcroft Road, next to The Grove Park, Carshalton. Rebuilding.

Recently-completed housing/flats developments include:-

1) “Nicola House”, 2 Carshalton Park Road, Carshalton. Main block of 11 flats plus 2 conversion flats at no. 35 Pound Street. By the junction with Pound Street (the former Texaco Garage site).  This attractive block of flats overlooks the Margaret’s Pool area by the south side of the Heritage Centre and Ecology Centre buildings that form such an attractive part of the Carshalton Village Conservation Area.

2) “Hillside”, Carshalton Road, Sutton. 3 penthouse/roof-top flats on top of the existing early 1970s-style block of 18 flats.

New Penthouse Flats, Hillside, Carshalton Road

3) “Doric House”, Carshalton Grove, Sutton. 11 new flats.

4) Site of 40 Coleridge Avenue, Sutton. 4 new houses.

5) Also heavily refurbished/ restored in recent months are the two flats at 15 The Square, Carshalton.

6) Corbould Close, off The Park. 8 new flats.

Carshalton Grove Development

Doric House, Carshalton Grove

The flats at the bottom of Carshalton Grove have recently been completed after a rather delayed start of the building works. In summer 2006, the three local councillors and the Lib Dem FOCUS team worked with local residents and addressed their concerns about the planning application and the impact of the development on the surrounding area at the time, impact on parking and overlooking being obvious concerns.

Street Care: New Road Sign, Carshalton Grove

We had asked the Council a few months’ ago to replace the very worn-out old street name plate sign at Carshalton Grove by the junction with Dunbar Court flats and here it is!  Some bollards have been replaced by the main road works in Carshalton Road that were funded by Transport for London recently which are designed to improve road safety at the many and various road junctions particularly along the “high” section of the road.

A New Sign for Carshalton Grove