Carshalton High Street Closure by All Saints’ Church on Sunday, 19th February 2017 between The Square and North Street

News just in regarding a road closure in less than a month’s time.
Dear Councillors…
Our Arborculturalist Team need to attend to the trees in the bank outside All Saints’ Church. (It is a safety issue, not aesthetics).
To do this the road will need to be closed.
This will take place on Sunday, 19th February, from 08:00 to 16:00 hours.
The High Street will be closed from The Square to North Street (road and footpath).
Parking will be suspended in Church Hill.
The diversion route will be via Ruskin Road, Carshalton Park Road and Beynon Road.
To maintain traffic flow, all parking will be suspended on both sides of the diversion route for its entire length.
I have already contacted The Scouts, Ruskin Methodist, and Canon The Rev. Dr. John Thewlis at All Saints, as this is bound to have an impact on them.
As ever, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Martin French
Streetworks and Network Manager
London Borough of Sutton and Royal Borough of Kingston
24, Denmark Road
Surrey SM5 2JG
020 8770 6426 (General Streetworks enquiries only)
07736 338346

27A Wallace Crescent – Planning Permission for 9 Houses Granted

The planning application for nine new houses on the site of the existing garages/motor workshops at 27A Wallace Crescent, Carshalton was granted planning permission, with several planning conditions, at the Council’s planning committee, last Wednesday, 6th August 2014.

The application in summary was for 3 pairs of semi-detached 4-bedroom houses and a terrace of 3 4-bedroom houses. All the houses will be 2-storey with roof accommodation, front velux style windows and rear dormer windows. They all will have parking, with 18 spaces being provided within the site boundary. The site is “sandwiched” between the rear of houses in Wallace Crescent (between nos. 17 and 29 inclusive) and Carshalton Park Road (nos. 20-46 inclusive) and adjacent to Doral Way off Carshalton Park Road with sole access from Wallace Crescent.

For more details, please go on line at: and type in under the planning application number: C2014/69627.

27A Wallace Crescent, Carshalton – Planning News…

Sutton Council’s planning department has received a planning application for:-

Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a residential development comprising nine 4 – bedroomed two storey houses with roof accommodation together with car parking, secure cycle facilities, refuse storage areas, provision of access road and associated landscaping.

The site is located in a long thin parcel of land between Wallace Crescent (odd numbers) and Carshalton Park Road (low even numbers).

Planning Application Number:  C2014/69627.

Consultation Period Ends:  Tuesday, 8th July 2014.

If you wish to view the plans or make comments on them, or lodge an objection, you can visit Sutton Council’s Development Control section at the Environment and Neighbourhoods Dept. at 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton SM5 2JG, tel. 020 8770 5070, or go on line at: and type in under the planning application number: C2014/69627.

More and More Housing…

A lot of new housing and special care/residential developments have been completed in Carshalton Central ward in recent years:-

1) Coleridge Avenue, Poets’ Estate (4 detached houses) replacing one 1920s detached house.

2) Carter House/Denny House/Jennings House, 229-245 Carshalton Road/1B and 1c Shorts Road, Carshalton (44 flats) on site of a former terrace of 9 shops with flats above.

3) Nicole Lodge, 2 Carshalton Park Road (on the site of former Texaco Garage) (12 flats in a new “conservation-area-sympathetic” neo-Georgian block, plus 2 flats at no. 33 Pound Street).

4) Doric House, Carshalton Grove (11 flats).

5) Hillside, 163 Carshalton Road (3 new roof top flats above a 1970s block of flats).

6) Lakin Close/2-4A Rotherfield Road (6 new houses in the close, 3 new houses in Rotherfield Road replacing 4 inter-war detached houses/bungalow).

7) The Park/Corbould Close (conversions/alterations of former 1920s Carshalton War Memorial Hospital) (13 houses). In the Carshalton Park Conservation Area.

8) Ashcombe Court, The Park (10 new flats replacing former nurses’ care home).

9) Corbould Close (8 new residential care flats in grounds of Carshalton War Memorial Hospital).

10) Cedar Close off Salisbury Road (9 new mews style houses replacing former special health care bungalows/houses).

And there’s more to come:-

1) Cowper Avenue/Byron Avenue/Kingsley Avenue/Westmead Road (74 bed care home and some 2 storey houses on former Westmead House site). Now under construction.

2) Former Trolleybus Depot site, Westmead Road. Redevelopment/construction work still to start.

Parker Close as completed April 2014

Cedar Close as completed April 2014

The Park – White Lining being Smartened Up

The contractors have been smartening up our white lines in some roads in Carshalton Central.

Here is an example of the work being undertaken in the sunshine (!) by RJ Dance today Sunday, 16th February at about 10am (photo taken by Hamish).  They are at the junction of The Park with Ruskin Road/Carshalton Park Road. As has been reported previously on this web site and in our FOCUS newsletters, the Lib Dem controlled council are investing in the Environmental Improvements Programme throughout the borough this year to “smarten up” the local street scene.


Carshalton Central’s Street Tree Planting Schedule 2013

Cllr. Hamish Pollock who is a tree enthusiast asked the council’s tree expert for a list of the newly planted street trees recently and here it is. Sorry that it is such a long list but it demonstrates the council’s commitment over recent decades to improving our all-important street scene in Carshalton Central ward and indeed through the borough of Sutton.

Sutton is great place to live and work

Sutton is a great place to live and work

Ashcombe Road, Carshalton 17 Prunus Sunset Boulevard
Browning Avenue, Sutton 1 Prunus Amanogawa
Browning Avenue, Sutton 13 Prunus Virginiana Canada Red
Browning Avenue, Sutton 42/44 Prunus Amanogawa
Byron Gardens, Sutton 12 Prunus Amanogawa
Byron Gardens, Sutton 3 Prunus Tai Haku
Court Drive, Sutton 20 Malus Trilobata
Croft Road, Sutton GDN 1 Acer Campestre
Florian Avenue, Sutton 07-09 Acer Campestre
Florian Avenue, Sutton 30 Crataegus Monogyna
Florian Avenue, Sutton 43 Acer Campestre Streetwise
Harrow Road, Carshalton 83/85 Prunus Amanogawa
Harrow Road, Carshalton Opp 49(Island) Prunus Sunset Boulevard
Harrow Road, Carshalton s/o 57 Wales Avenue Prunus Unidentified Species
Mead Crescent, Sutton 14 Prunus Unidentified Species
Meadow Road, Sutton 06-08 Prunus Amanogawa
Meadow Road, Sutton 23 Prunus Amanogawa
Milton Avenue, Sutton 27 Prunus Amanogawa
Milton Avenue, Sutton S/O 137 Westmead Road Prunus Amanogawa
Orchard Way 26 Acer Campestre Streetwise
Orchard Way, Sutton 1 Malus Trilobata
Orchard Way, Sutton 30 Crataegus Monogyna
Park Close, Carshalton Opp 13 (Adj fence) Acer Pseudoplatanus
Shirley Avenue, Sutton 14 Prunus Sunset Boulevard
Shirley Avenue, Sutton 71 Prunus Amanogawa
Westmead Corner, Carshalton OS Babyland (Paved Area) Acer Campestre Streetwise
Westmead Road, Sutton 164 Crataegus Monogyna

Blakehall Road

O/S 7-9

Sorbus Aria ‘Majestica’

Byron Gardens


Amalanchii Lamarkii ‘Robin Hill’

Coleridge Avenue


Acer Campestre ‘ Streetwise’

Meadow Road


Crataegus Laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’

Court Drive


Acer Campestre ‘ Streetwise’

Laburnum Avenue

O/S 18

Laburnum X Watereri


O/S 9

Prunus Royal Burgundy

Carshalton Park Rd


Tilia Tormentosa ‘Chelsea Sentenel’ Agreed By Two Properties

Woodstock Road


Sorbus Aucuparia

Woodstock Road


Crataegus Laevigata ‘Pauls Scarlet’


opp 2  -side of 1

Amalanchii Lamarkii ‘Robin Hill’

Laburnum Ave


Laburnum X Watereri

Laburnum Ave


Laburnum X Watereri


s/o 18 Carshalton Place  (nr 15 Brookside)

Laburnum X Watereri ‘Vossi’

Salisbury Road

O/S 31/33

Prunus Royal Burgundy

Brookfield Avenue

O/S 9

Sorbus Aucuparia

Parker Close Planning Application rejected by Sutton Council…

Sutton-20131110-00764Further to our web site posting of 9th November 2013, Cllr. Alan Salter says:”We are pleased to report that the recent planning application for houses and flats on the site of the care home in Parker Close off Salisbury Road has been rejected by Sutton Council, following objections by your three Lib Dem local ward councillors and very many local residents”.  The site backs on to some even-numbered properties in Blakehall Road, some odd-numbered houses in Carshalton Park Road.

The scheme included alterations to existing elevations involving formation of three gable roofs and erection of a part one, part two storey two-bedroomed self contained dwelling with raised terrace area, all with associated car parking and refuse and cycle storage. You can refer to details of the application by visiting the council’s web site at using the reference C2013/67895/FUL.

Parker Close off Salisbury Road: Major Planning Application

Cllr. Alan Salter reports: “Sutton Council has recently received a major planning application no. C2013/67895/FUL for the change of use and conversion/alteration of the existing care home in Parker Close off Salisbury Road into six flats/houses plus a new two storey house on the site”.

Sutton-20131110-00764Cllr. Jill Whitehead (pictured) adds: “The site is located between the back gardens of properties in Salisbury Road (even numbers), Blakehall Road (evens) and Carshalton Park Road (odds).”

The proposal is to divide the former care home into one 4-bedroomed, one 3-bedroomed with raised terrace area and four 2-bedroomed self contained dwellings.

The scheme includes alterations to existing elevations involving formation of three gable roofs and erection of a part one, part two storey two-bedroomed self contained dwelling with raised terrace area, all with associated car parking and refuse and cycle storage. You can refer to details of the application and comment upon the application by visiting the council’s web site at using the reference C2013/67895/FUL.

Cllr. Hamish Pollock says: “Your three local councillors have recently met with some concerned residents in the vicinity of the site to listen to their concerns. We will ensure that local residents’ views are made known to the council’s Development Control Committee when the time comes for the application to be decided upon by the committee”. 

The date for the meeting of the committee is to be advised soon and residents in the immediate vicinity of the site should be notified by the Council’s planning department. 

Parker Close, Salisbury Road – Planning Application

Cllr. Alan Salter says: “A planning application no: C2013/67895/FUL has recently been received by Sutton Council for Oakhurst,  1 Parker Close, off Salisbury Road Carshalton SM5 3HF.”

The  Proposal is for… “A change of use of care home into one 4 bedroomed, one 3 bedroomed with raised terrace area and four 2 bedroomed self contained dwellings, alterations to existing elevations involving formation of three gable roofs and erection of a part one, part two storey two bedroomed self contained dwelling with raised terrace area, all with associated car parking and refuse and cycle storage.” 

Local residents who may be affected will be those living in Salisbury Road, Carshalton Park Road and Blakehall Road.  If/when these proposals come to the Council’s Development Control Committee, your local councillors will ensure that local residents’ views are taken into account when the application comes up for decision.

You can see the details by clicking on:-


Accidents in Carshalton

Recently there have been two serious accidents in Carshalton Village, one by the western end of the Pond Railings and an equally disturbing one at the junction of Carshalton Park Road with Beynon Road.

Cllr. Jill Whitehead reports: “Transport for London have told our Lib Dem GLA member Caroline Pidgeon, that the scheme to replace the railings was to address the issue that the old posts and rails were in a poor state of repair and, when hit by vehicles, were causing significant damage to the listed wall surrounding the ponds and were frequently requiring costly and lengthy repairs. The new posts are designed to shear at the base upon major vehicle impact, thereby minimising the damage to the wall.  They are not designed to restrain vehicles from entering the ponds except as a visual deterrent or under very minor impact.  The new system allows our contractors to replace any damaged sections promptly and with less disruption to traffic in the area. Following the recent incident at the western pond, the posts and rails are due to be replaced in the next few days”.

Cllr. Hamish Pollock has asked council highways officers to look again urgently into the accident “black spot” at the junction of Carshalton Park Road and Beynon Road. A few days’ ago a major traffic accident took place causing serious damage to a number of cars and the property(ies) near the junction. It appears that there was no serious injury to drivers, passengers or passers-by, thank goodness.

One local resident of Carshalton Park Road who raised their concerns said: “Steps were taken some years ago to slow the speed of traffic entering Carshalton Park Road (from the main road section to the minor road section) through (the) installation of additional bollards and a narrowing of the entrance. However, some cars continue to travel too quickly either into (the minor road section of) Carshalton Park Road or around the corner towards The Parade. In the last year another neighbour in Carshalton Park Road had their front wall destroyed by a car travelling in the other direction towards the Beynon Road junction. Within the last few years another wall was destroyed on the corner of Beynon and Salisbury Roads”.

More in a future posting…