Parks and Open Spaces

Sutton’s parks and open spaces offer some 1,500 acres of picturesque and tranquil oases in this busy London suburb. Find out more about parks, playgrounds & park activities here…

The Parks Service manages and maintains two cemeteries, one burial ground, five closed churchyards and 36 allotments. We also manage 66,000 council owned trees and various woodlands, including 22,000 street trees.

Carshalton Place canal's waterfall

Carshalton Place canal’s waterfall earlier this year!

The Safer Parks Teams, as part of the Safer Sutton Partnership, provide mobile security in the parks. Their aim is to help prevent crime, reduce vandalism and fear of crime, reduce litter, dog fouling and graffiti. Telephone Number 020 8721 2268.

Carshalton’s Parks

We have of course a lot of green space within the Carshalton Central neighbourhood…The Grove Park, Carshalton Park, Carshalton Place Canal, The Wrythe Recreation Ground and The Warren Park, plus Benhill Recreation Ground right on our western borders, plus Erskine Village Green on Erskine Road and so on.

There are 420 hectares of green space and more than 80 parks and open spaces in the borough as a whole.

Looking South towards Ruskin Road

Carshalton Place Canal Looking South towards Ruskin Road

Sutton is one of the greenest boroughs in London. There are SIX Green Flag parks (including The Grove Park in Carshalton) and Sutton has achieved a number of awards including the Silver Gilt award in 2013 for its overall entry in the competition for the fifth year running; a Silver Gilt award for Sutton Manor Park (near the police station); a Gold Award for Oaks Park and 1st place for the Floral Display award in the London in Bloom Awards.

We also have 75,000 trees in the borough’s streets, parks and other council properties and in addition there are many hectares of woodlands.

Not at all bad for a “small” London borough!

Carshalton on the water….

Hamish, Jill and Alan have been taking up your concerns about flooding issues. The historic canals in Carshalton Park, Carshalton Place and The Grove Park in Carshalton Village have filled up for the first time in many years. These are tributaries of the River Wandle which rises in Carshalton Park and some other areas. In recent years the water has been underground, but the recent heavy rainfall has led to the waterways filling up again, and they have been flowing in Carshalton Park and Grove Park, and in the canals which link these two parks. Those living close to the canals have said they are worried about overflows and possible flooding of properties, if the wet weather continues.

Carshalton Place canal's waterfall

Carshalton Place canal’s waterfall

In recent weeks, the Council has been working with its partners Thames Water, The Environment  Agency and Transport for London (who are responsible for the A232 Carshalton High Street) to put measures in place to prevent flooding occurring and to reduce the level of water in the canals. As part of this work, a blockage in the sewer under the A232 has been removed and this has also been dredged of silt. Obstacles such as litter and leaves have been removed from the canals, and from drains and sluices in Westcroft Road, Carshalton Place and the “Hog Pit” (the very deep excavation) in Carshalton Park. A divert has also been cut into the Westcroft Canal so that it can drain into a ditch in the Grove Park, with the waters flowing into the canal on the Westcroft Centre side of the Grove Park. As a result water is now flowing freely and water levels have started to reduce.

If you have any concerns please see Sutton Council’s Winter Information Centre website  or contact the Environment Agency Floodline on 0845 988 1188 or see their website for local water level information.

More in a future FOCUS and watch out for updates on our web site:

Streetcare: Pot holes and yellow and white lines, road name plate report


Cllr. Jill Whitehead has reported some pot holes due to the wet weather and has asked council officers if they could be attended to please?

 1) A very deep and large pothole in the road at the bottom of Colston Avenue close to the West Street roundabout and railway bridge.

 2) Two deep potholes in Shorts Road close to the alleyway between St Mary’s Infants School and St Philomena’s School.

Additionally, some yellow and white road linings have faded including in Carshalton Place, Carshalton at its junction with Talbot Road. Could this be repainted please?

Cllr. Hamish Pollock has asked the council’s highways officers to reinstate the missing street name plate in Pound Street at the “Windsor Castle” junction that used to be fixed to the high brick wall around St. Philomena’s School.

Please let us know if you see something that needs mending or replacing on the “street scene”.  Thanks!

The Hog Pit Pond starts to fill up…. Jill and Hamish inspect Carshalton Waterways

Some photos taken today 9th February 2014 by Hamish of the historic Hog Pit Pond, Carshalton Park, Ruskin Road.

Yesterday some operatives were observed by Hamish and Jill clearing debris from the grilles at the northern end of the Hog Pit pond to ease water flow.  The water table is obviously rising rapidly after the two very wet months of weather. 

Jill and Hamish undertook a tour of the waterways of Carshalton yesterday 8th February 2014 from The Grove Park/Papermill Close area southwards to Carshalton Park via Carshalton High Street and the (normally-dry) canal in Carshalton Place (again operatives from Thames Water were observed dredging and clearing debris in the large drain “outlet” at the junction of Carshalton Place and the side of the new barbers in the High Street) at about 12.30pm yesterday.


Carshalton Place Canal & Carshalton-wide Flooding Concerns

Photos taken today by Hamish of the highwater mark being achieved at Carshalton Place. The recent heavy rainfall’s water is thankfully flowing through the canal steadily.

Carshalton Place Canal in the February sunshine

Carshalton Place Canal in the February sunshine

At Carshalton Place the water level has risen slightly in the upper section, but cannot rise much further because it can easily escape over the weir into the lower section.

The lower section water level has risen again but only up to the level of the round, raised outflow by the High Street and it is taking all the water as it should.  This should be sufficient to keep the water within the banks along this section.

The Environment Agency website is the best place for advice if local residents are concerned about the possibility of flooding.  It is residents’ responsibility to protect their own property, and if they think they are at risk of flooding, they should be preparing for the possibility by buying sand bags from building merchants, B&Q etc.  The Council has no duty to provide sandbags and has not done so since before 2010. 

The Council’s Parks Supervisor will be checking the water course again to make sure all the pipes are flowing freely. In case of a flooding emergency local residents can call the Sutton Council out of hours number 0208 770 5000 and the Emergency Planning Officer on duty can then coordinate a response.

Carshalton Place canal's waterfall

Carshalton Place canal’s waterfall

Carshalton Place Canal

Carshalton Village and its surroundings can be truly beautiful at any time of year, even on a very soggy November morning….

Two pictures were taken by Cllr. Hamish Pollock on Sunday morning, 4th November of Carshalton Place Canal from the ornate bridge at Talbot Road.  It was actually, momentarily, sunny!

Carshalton Place Canal looking towards Ruskin Road

The wet weather has certainly left its mark.

Carshalton Place Canal looking towards the High Street

All Saints’ C of E School Extension: Planning Approval Granted

Jill and Hamish attended the all-party Council’s Development Control Committee meeting held at the Civic Offices in Sutton on Wednesday, 22nd February.

All Saints' School Carshalton

The planning application to extend the school on Rotherfield Road by the junction with Talbot Road to provide much needed additional accommodation was granted planning permission. The decision was made unanimously by all councillors of both parties for an extension to provide additional classrooms and alterations to the car park and play areas. To make room for these changes the planning approval includes the demolition of the now-empty caretaker’s house to the north of the school. The Rev. John Thewlis, Rector of All Saints’ Church, Carshalton, and chairman of the School Governors, addressed the committee in strong support of the application.  Jill is a school governor.

It was felt by the whole committee that the approved scheme would not adversely affect the amenities of adjoining residential premises or result in a detrimental impact on highway safety or on-street parking in the vicinity such that a reason for refusal could be sustained on those grounds.  There were a small number of local residents present at the meeting, one of whom spoke in strong opposition to the application.

The planning application details are as follows:  no. C2011/65284/3FR   Detailed description: Erection of a two storey extension to provide additional classrooms and associated accommodation, provision of three canopies, a single storey plant room, new boiler flue , extension to play area including new steps and retaining wall together with play area, enlargement of car park to provide a total of 23 spaces with new gates and vehicular access and car park works to include the demolition of existing dwelling within site boundaries.