Tom Brake’s campaign for train delay compensation…

I am pleased that Transport for London recently announced that it’s working with the Department for Transport to take joint control of London’s suburban rail network. This is something I have been calling for since 1998.

However, this still means we will have to wait until 2021 to see a real change in service. Why should commuters have to pay in both time and money for Southern and Thameslink´s incompetence?

That’s why I am calling on the Government to give commuters a fairer “delay repay” compensation scheme.

My proposed change would cut the threshold for delay compensation in half, with 50% compensation on offer for delays of 15-29 minutes and 100% compensation for journeys delayed by 30 minutes or more.

Add your name to the campaign here.

It just doesn’t make sense that commuters in Carshalton and Wallington only get some compensation after a 30 minute delay for a journey which often should take just 40 minutes.

Your sincerely,

Tom Brake MP

PS: Join my campaign for fairer compensation here.

Cllr. Jill Whitehead takes part in Emergency Planning Exercise

This photo is taken of Cllr. Jill Whitehead and colleagues from last week’s emergency planning exercise at Sutton Life Centre where the exercise focused on a hypothetical emergency outside Carshalton railway station. All the emergency services were working together e.g. the Council, police, fire service, ambulance service, red cross, and others.

The Life Centre doubled as a centre for the “walking wounded” in the exercise, and a total of 75 volunteers took part acting out roles of those affected by the emergency. The exercise had been planned for some time but was very relevant in the current situation, with the recent Paris events uppermost in many people’s minds. 

Cllr. Jill Whitehead and others at the emergency training event

Cllr. Jill Whitehead and others at the emergency training event

Carshalton Station – Accessibility improvements for more London area stations after funding boost

Accessibility improvements for more stations after funding boost

Extra Access for All funding will make 26 additional stations accessible to all

Twenty-six rail stations in England, Scotland and Wales will receive a share of £60 million funding to improve access for passengers, Transport Minister Baroness Kramer announced on Tuesday 16 December 2014. Accessible, step-free access will be provided at each of the stations after the Government announced additional funding earlier this month to extend the Access for All programme. Each of the stations will get an accessible route into the station and between each platform, such as via lifts.

Baroness Kramer said: “Making the rail network accessible to all is a vital part of our plans to build a stronger economy and a fairer society. These improvements will make a real difference to passengers – from those with limited mobility, to people with heavy luggage or parents with prams. This is great news.”

The government announced in its National Infrastructure Plan earlier this month that it will increase the funding for Access for All by £60 million. The successful stations were nominated by the rail industry last year and selected for funding according to passenger numbers, the needs of the local area, and proximity to facilities such as hospitals or schools for disabled children.

Detailed costing and design work for each station will now be drawn up by Network Rail, with all of the projects due to be completed by 2019.By the end of 2019, more than £520 million will have been invested in delivering step-free routes at more than 215 stations across the country, while a further 1,100 stations will have benefited from smaller-scale improvements. The rail industry is also required to make access improvements whenever they carry out infrastructure works at stations.

The list of London/SE stations approved for funding is:

London and the South East: Brondesbury; Teddington; Crawley; Palmers Green; Coulsdon South; Shortlands; Plumstead; Selhurst; Carshalton; Canterbury East; Bexley; Ewell West; Alexandra Palace.

Cllr. Jill Whitehead takes up Littering Issues in North Street and Papermill Close, Carshalton…

One of two of the New Road Name Plates for Papermill Close

Cllr. Jill Whitehead reported the following matters to the council officers as raised by residents recently. She has asked officers if they could be dealt with soon.

1) A resident of Palmerston Road has complained that someone at or near the business/office block on North Street Carshalton, next to Tyrell Court and adjacent Station Approach, has allegedly been leaving bags of litter out next to the litter bin on the corner with the Carshalton Station Approach every day, and that these look unsightly. Jill says that she saw these bags and there were two or three of them that appeared to have been dumped. Could they be removed and the business (or whoever has dumped them) be asked to place litter in the appropriate place?

2) A resident of Grove Mill Place has complained about the regular fly tipping taking place at the Papermill Close entrance to Grove Park. Could this be removed and the perpetrator caught?

“Carshalton. This is Carshalton”…..Carshalton Station One-Way System – Southern Railways say “No Change”

Local Councillors Jill Whitehead, Alan Salter and Hamish Pollock have recently received a copy of a message from Southern Railways regarding the newly-created one-way system at Carshalton Railway Station running from North Street to West Street. 

Carshalton Station's One Way System

Carshalton Station’s One Way System

Our keener readers may recall previous reports on this web site that some local residents and councillors were concerned that the one-way system ran parallel with that of the parallel Camden Road leading to extra-long journeys around this part of Carshalton if you are travelling from the roads on the West Street side.

I just wanted to confirm the ongoing plan for the Carshalton (Station) access road. 

 Following the concerns raised about the direction of the access road we agreed to conduct a survey of car users at the station.  We put survey sheets on car windscreens and they were available in the ticket office window and at the gateline.  We had posters up at the station advertising the survey.  From the returned surveys there was a slight majority in favour of keeping the direction of flow the same as it is now.  We therefore plan to do this but we will also be improving the signage to show that cyclist can access the station in either direction and improving the lining to make the one way system clearer – two items that were also raised. 

The station team will confirm this via posters at the station.  Are you able to let the relevant people in the council know?


Yvonne Leslie, Southern Railways

Good Travel News for Carshalton: Wimbledon Loop to continue unchanged despite major rail overhaul.

Cllrs Jill Whitehead and Colin Hall outside Sutton Station

Cllrs Jill Whitehead and Colin Hall outside Sutton Station

The government has safeguarded the future of a popular south London rail service ahead of a major overhaul of the network, Rail Minister Simon Burns announced yesterday. 

This follows a recent and concerted campaign in the Sutton area led by local MPs including Tom Brake, and leading local councillors including Cllr. Colin Hall, deputy leader of Sutton Council and Cllr. Jill Whitehead, chairwoman of the council’s Environment & Neighbourhoods Committee and others.

Passengers travelling to central London on the Wimbledon Loop had faced the prospect of having to change trains at Blackfriars Station from 2018 under proposals put forward under the Thameslink Programme.

However, after extensive consultation with stakeholders and local rail users, the Department for Transport has worked closely with Network Rail to make sure the route continues to operate as part of Thameslink’s core services.

Rail Minister Simon Burns said:

The Wimbledon Loop provides a vital service for thousands of Londoners every day, and we have worked hard to safeguard its future after listening to the concerns of local people and stakeholders.

The Thameslink Programme is having a huge impact on improving rail services across London and beyond, but the department was always concerned that the initial proposals for this route were not quite right.

I am therefore extremely pleased that Network Rail have relooked at the plans and am confident this decision will provide benefits to rail users for years to come.

Currently, 4 trains run every hour from Wimbledon Loop stations serving Merton, Morden, Sutton, Carshalton, Mitcham, Streatham and Tulse Hill, through to St Pancras International and beyond.

Under the new proposals 8 Thameslink trains will run per hour via Elephant and Castle, including the 4 Wimbledon Loop trains, 2 from Sevenoaks via Bromley South and Catford, and 2 (peak only) from Maidstone East via Bromley South.

  • The Thameslink Programme is a £6 billion project in south-east England to upgrade and expand the Thameslink rail network to provide new and longer trains between a wider range of stations to the north and south of London without requiring passengers to change trains in London. Work includes platform lengthening, station remodelling, new railway infrastructure and additional rolling stock.
  • Blackfriars Station has recently been rebuilt to the cost of £600 million as part of the programme with the ‘bay’ platforms (for the use of trains terminating from the south) being moved from the east side to the west side of the station.
  • At peak times, from December 2018, 16 trains per hour will approach Blackfriars from the London Bridge direction, and 8 trains per hour from the Elephant and Castle direction. They will then proceed through the Thameslink core towards central London.
  • More than 16,000 journeys are made on Wimbledon Loop services each weekday.
  • The DFT franchise consultation, the purpose of which was to inform the specification for the new Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern franchise, ran from 31 May to 14 September 2012. It received a total of 3,500 responses with 2,200 in favour of retaining the route.
  • The consultation document is available on the website.
  • A map of the route is available.

Press enquiries: 020 7944 3108
Out of hours: 020 7944 4292
Public enquiries: 0300 330 3000

A letter has also been received from Tom Brake MP for the constituency of Carshalton and Wallington

Dear friend,
Today the Government has announced that Thameslink trains services from Carshalton will be safeguarded and rail users will not be forced to change trains at Blackfriars.

This will mean that our local area will maintain direct connections with St Pancras International rail station and the new £15bn Crossrail project that will link east and west London.  

This is not only good news for commuters but good news for the future prosperity of Carshalton and Wallington.

Thank you to all of you who supported the campaign to safeguard this vital link with central London and beyond. I think this really demonstrates what we can achieve when we join together for the benefit of our local community.   
Why not share this news with your friends and family on Facebook or via email.

Best wishes,

Tom Brake
Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington

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Shorts Road-West Street Alleyway

Cllr. Jill Whitehead reported to council officers more issues with the autumn leaves, she said: “Could the leaves be swept/collected in St Philomena’s/St Mary’s School alleyway at the Shorts Road entrance please? I walked down this route this morning on my way to Carshalton Station and felt this end of the alleyway was rather dangerous with all the heavy rain and could lead to accidents. As so many young children walk this way to school, this is an added hazard.”

London Mayor hikes up fares and bike hire charges

Last week many people’s attention was being devoted to the US Presidential result the Mayor of London decided to release details of fares rises for 2013, a decision described by Lib Dem GLA member Caroline Pidgeon as an attempt to “bury bad news”. 
Despite being granted a £96 million grant from central Government to keep fares down the overall fare rise is 4.2 per cent, including a 5 pence increase on an Oyster pay as you go bus fare and a 10 pence increase in single Zone 1 pay as you go fare on the tube.  A Zone 1- 6 singe fare will increase by 20 pence during peak times.
In addition to the fare rises the Mayor has also hiked up the costs of using the bike hire scheme.  From January, 24 hour access will increase from £1 to £2 and weekly access from £5 to £10.  Yearly membership is also being doubled increasing from £45 to £90.
Full details of all the fare increases, covering every zone and all forms of transport, can be seen here.

Carshalton Station One-Way System

Jill, Alan and Hamish received the message below from the council’s Highways & Transportation Officers concerning Network Rail’s recently imposed one-way system at Carshalton Railway Station in the apparently brand new postal county of “Greater London” (sic!).  The new one-way route runs between North Street and West Street parallel with the existing one-way route of nearby Camden Road.

Kristian Tucknott, Station Group Manager

Carshalton Railway Station, North Street, Carshalton, Greater London, SM5 2HW


17th September 2012

Re: Carshalton Station One Way System

Dear Passenger,

Recent changes to improve accessibility to the ticket office for all of our passengers have meant changes to the layout of the front of Carshalton Station have been made. This has resulted in a restricted road width. In some areas it is no longer possible for two cars to pass each other and on the grounds of safety a one way system has been introduced. The current one way system sees traffic flow from North Street to West Street. A number of passengers/local residents would like to see this reversed and for traffic to flow in the opposite direction. I would be extremely grateful if you could take a moment of your time to indicate which direction you would like to see the traffic flow.

Please indicate which direction you would like to see traffic flow.

□ From North Street to West Street (current).

□ From West Street to North Street.

Type of ticket for your travel today

□ Daily ticket.

□ Season ticket.

Photocard No (if applicable)……………………………………………………………….

Comments/Suggestions supporting your response.



Please respond by the 15th October 2012. Once all responses have been collated and a decision made as to which way the traffic will flow, appropriate signage will be installed.

Thank you for your time,

Kristian Tucknott

Carshalton Station’s Approach Road from North Street/One-Way System