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The fight is not over yet - Woodland Trust

Breakthrough in fight to protect ancient woodland

It’s great news – the Government’s Housing White Paper has conceded that ancient woods and veteran trees need better protection. But the fight’s not over yet – we must keep pushing to ensure this becomes official policy. Our blog explains what needs to be done.

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A new horizon for Tring

Thanks to amazing support, we have secured almost £430,000 towards our target to buy farmland to extend Tring Park. We are still fundraising for the shortfall – please help us put the final piece in place at Tring Park.

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Vote now or it will be Eurovision all over again!

After being crowned England’s Tree of the Year, the Sycamore Gap needs your votes to be in with a chance of winning the European Tree of the Year contest.

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When does winter end? How will we know?

It may seem as if it’s going on forever but winter will end – honest! Our blog explains what to look for.

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Join the fight against tree disease

Plant our Targeting Tree Disease pack of trees to renew your landscape, please restore existing woodland and hedgerows and regenerate countryside that is threatened by disease.

£60 for 45 trees – part funded by Woodland Trust


Parks News


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Dear Hamish,

Last week was an important one for those of us interested in the UK’s parks and green spaces.

On Saturday the long-awaited report from the Parliamentary Communities and Local Government Committee’s Public parks inquiry was published, setting out a series of recommendations for government and calling for clear leadership of the sector.

Fields in Trust Chief Executive Helen Griffiths was interviewed on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, BBC Breakfast TV and Sky News to respond to the report and champion our parks and playing fields. The report came just days after the publication of the Housing White Paper which could open the door to increased housing development on recreational land. We will be monitoring these policy developments over the forthcoming months and publishing our own research findings.

The CLG Committee’s report recommends recognising the wider value of parks to contribute to the health and wellbeing of communities; our new research report focussed on Centenary Park, Rugby illustrates, in microcosm, the value that access to green space provides for communities across the UK.

Also this month, our ezine highlights some funding opportunities that may be available for green space community projects and shares information about the Great British Spring Clean, a campaign we are supporting.

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Helen Griffiths appears on BBC Breakfast
Parliamentary Inquiry reveal our parks are at a “tipping point”

Over the last few months the Communities and Local Government Committee has been reviewing the future of Public Parks, examining the impact of reduced local authority budgets on our open spaces and considering their future. The Inquiry report warns that parks face a period of decline from their current tipping point with potentially severe consequences unless their vital contribution to areas such as public health, community integration and climate change mitigation is recognised.

Fields in Trust Chief Executive Helen Griffiths appeared on radio and TV to respond to the report and champion our parks and recreation spaces.

Centenary Park in Newbold
Centenary Park, Rugby – A Case Study

The creation of a new public park on derelict land in Newbold, Rugby has resulted in local residents feeling healthier, happier and becoming more active.

The findings in a newly published research report focussed on Centenary Park, Rugby illustrates, in microcosm, the recommendations of the CLG Parliamentary report and demonstrates the value that access to green space provides for communities across the UK.

Our case study of this newly opened park shows the positive impact on the local community that has resulted from having local access to open space.

Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Play front cover
New Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Play

Our new Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Play has been published in versions which take account of the devolved planning administrations in Scotland and in Wales, including a Welsh language version. These new benchmark guidelines for the design of spaces for outdoor sport and play and will provide a crucial tool for local planning authorities, developers, planners, urban designers and landscape architects in the design of outdoor sport, play and informal open space.

Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Play front cover
Since the 1930s the Six Acre Standard has provided valuable information to planners and designers creating and maintaining sports and play infrastructure.

These new, updated versions are available as free to use interactive PDFs on the Fields in Trust website.

The Great British Spring Clean logo
The Great British Spring Clean

Fields in Trust is supporting the Great British Spring Clean, a UK-wide campaign with one simple ambition – to bring together like-minded people from all walks of life to clear up the litter that blights our towns, villages, countryside and coastline.

The campaign aims to get half a million people to get outdoors, get active and help clear up the rubbish that lies around us, over the weekend of 3-5 March 2017. By bringing people together organisers hope to create new community bonds and inspire volunteers to take further action to improve their neighbourhoods. Community groups, Friends of Parks, schools, charities, sports clubs, and Housing Associations are all invited to sign up and take part.

Community group
Focus on Funding

As well as legally protecting sites for play, sport and recreation, Fields in Trust is also keen to see these facilities supported and improved. It can be difficult to secure funding for improvement projects; to help identify sources we have upgraded our advice note detailing a wide variety of external funding sources available for parks and playing fields, which is available on the Fields in Trust website.

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Fields in Trust
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News in from the Woodland Trust which may be of interest to Carshalton Central residents

Cllr. Hamish Pollock recently received this news bulletin from the Woodlands Trust which may be of interest to Carshalton Central residents and others!

The Woodlands Trust’s work with The Climate Coalition

Woodland Trust staff, volunteers and supporters joined The Climate Coalition’s Speak Up lobby at Westminster (Photo: M Larsen-Daw/WTML)

The Woodland Trust is a member of The Climate Coalition, a group of over a hundred organisations working together to call on government to commit to action on climate change. They are dedicated to limiting the impact of climate change on the people, places and life we love at home in the UK and around the world. It’s a positive movement to highlight just how much we all care about the challenges we and future generations face.

Climate change impacts woods and trees

The trees that line our streets and gardens. The hedges that adorn our countryside. The woods where we walk. They provide and purify our air, clean and encourage water storage, give our wildlife homes, lock up carbon and make our landscapes green and beautiful. Simply by being around them we feel happier and healthier. Ancient woodland invokes a sense of wonder whilst hosting centuries-old ecosystems that cannot exist anywhere else. But the biggest long term threat to these benefits, and the trees, woods and wildlife themselves, is that posed by climate change.

It can exacerbate the likelihood of pests and disease, result in loss of synchrony in the workings of ecosystems’ and species’ competitive advantages, it may cause habitat fragmentation and changes in species’ ranges and it will mean our natural world is less able to adapt in its battle for survival. Ancient woodland, as a habitat made up of unique delicate ecosystems, is particularly vulnerable. They are irreplaceable special places that can never be compensated for once they are gone.

The Trust is working to address climate change and its impacts. We aim to increase resilience of natural ecosystems within urban and rural areas to climate change. We promote the role of trees and woods in mitigating the impacts. We raise awareness of the issues and encourage personal action, such as planting trees. As an organisation we continue to reduce the Trust’s own impact on the environment.

Find out more about we are doing in our position statement on climate change

Latest news

In February, green hearts will be worn far and wide across the UK to ‘show the love’ for the special places and cherished memories that could be lost to climate change this Valentine’s Day. From football clubs to rock bands everyone is getting involved. Here at the Woodland Trust we know that some of our special places and most cherished memories involve the beauty and adventure provided by trees, woodland and their wildlife, so for them we will be showing the love.

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Heart, woods and trees

Don’t lose what you love climate change just because no one knew you cared. Show that you care about special places like ancient woods and wise old trees for The Climate Coalition’s Show The Love nationwide event.

Create a green heart to wear, share or show. Whether its crochet, card or a drawing we’d love to see your creations, share them on social media with #ShowTheLove and #TreeCharter. Get some inspiration and print-outs to use from the For the Love Of website.

Do you have a story or cherished memory of a tree? Could it be threatened by climate change? You can share your own story by writing it on a green heart and hanging it on a tree. Why not go one further? Tell us your story online by the end of February and help build a Charter for Trees, Woods and People.

Update on Sutton Council’s Parks, Cemeteries and Grounds Maintenance

150803 carsh parkThe following is a statement the councillors have recently received from Mary Morrissey, Strategic Director of Environment, Housing and Regeneration at Sutton Council.

“I am pleased to report that the contract with idverde to provide parks, cemeteries and grounds maintenance services on behalf of Merton and Sutton Councils has now been signed. idverde will formally take on responsibility for delivering these services from Wednesday 1 February 2017.  Over the last few months, the Council (through the South London Waste Partnership) has been fine tuning the details of the new contract with idverdeidverde has been meeting with Friends of Parks Groups in the borough to help identify priorities and reassure Friends Groups that they can continue to play a key role in their parks going forward.  idverde is an award-winning horticultural specialist with 100 years of experience under its belt. I have no doubt that they will continue to provide a very high quality of service for local residents at a reduced cost to the council.” 


New Sutton waste service will see weekly food collection and more recycling

Sutton Council has approved plans to outsource waste collection and street cleaning services from next year that will see borough households have a new weekly food waste collection service and almost double the amount of recycling capacity.

The plans to outsource services have been developed by the four boroughs in the South London Waste Partnership – Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton.

The maintenance of parks, cemeteries and ground maintenance in Sutton and Merton will be under another contractor.

On 1 August 2016, Sutton Council endorsed:

  • Veolia as the recommended preferred bidder for a contract to provide a waste collection, street cleaning and winter gritting service across the four boroughs. Subject to approval from the other boroughs, the new service will start in Sutton in April 2017.
  • The Landscape Group as the recommended preferred bidder for a contract to provide maintenance of parks, cemeteries and ground maintenance services to Sutton and Merton. Subject to approval from the other boroughs, the new service will begin in February 2017.

Sutton Council’s Environment and Neighbourhood Committee approved the preferred bidders at a meeting on 27 June 2016.

Sutton Council has agreed to the shared service approach with its neighbours due to the unprecedented Government cuts to the council’s budget, along with the opportunities to increase recycling rates. Currently Sutton has to save £31m from its annual budget due to Government cuts. The council’s annual budget is £148.4m.

The new contracts will enable Sutton Council to save £10.3m over the first eight years. It is estimated that Sutton’s recycling rate will increase from 37 per cent (2014/15) to 42 per cent by the end of the first year of the contract.

What it will mean for Sutton

Once the appointment of the approved contractors has been approved by all four boroughs, the process will enter a fine-tuning stage. Subject to this, the new services are likely to include:

Contract One (Veolia) – refuse, recycling, street cleaning and winter gritting

The changes will include:

  • A new weekly food waste collection. Food waste currently accounts for 40 per cent of residual waste in Sutton. This will mean less waste to go to landfill, which is good for the environment.
  • Increasing the amount of monthly recycling capacity per household from 480 litres to 810 litres. This includes a new smaller food waste bin collected weekly and an alternate-weekly collection of other recycling, with paper and card collected one week and tins, plastic and glass the next. The existing green recycling wheelie bin will be used to store paper and card, and a new recycling box will be provided for plastics, tin and glass bottles.
  • Residual waste (brown wheelie bin) will be collected fortnightly rather than weekly. At present around 40 per cent of brown-bin waste is food waste, so the additional recycling capacity will mean residents will be able to reduce significantly the amount of waste in their brown bins.
  • Garden waste collections for paying residents will be extended from nine months a year to all year round. This will be collected in the same green and brown wheelie bin.
  • Street cleaning operations will be extended to 10pm from the current 6.30am start.

Contract Two (The Landscape Group) – maintenance of parks, cemeteries and ground maintenance

The Landscape Group will be responsible for the maintenance of parks, cemeteries and ground maintenance. Sutton Council will continue to own and manage borough parks and open spaces, while:

  • Local Committees will continue to make decisions about replacing or adding equipment to parks, such as play and gym equipment and benches.
  • Friends of Parks will continue to be involved, and will also monitor the standard of maintenance of our parks, alongside the council.

Cllr Jill Whitehead, Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee at Sutton Council, said:

“We are trying our best to manage the unprecedented Government cuts to our budgets, while also maintaining excellent services for our residents. The partnership with our neighbouring boroughs is an innovative approach to enable us to do that through weekly food collections and more opportunities to recycle. The new services will mean Sutton saves more than £10m by 2025, as well as increasing our recycling rate from 37 per cent (2014/15) to 42 per cent by the end of the first year. We will do this by almost doubling the amount of recycling available to households in Sutton, including the new weekly food waste collection, which will help us go towards meeting the One Planet Sutton targets.”


  • Veolia is a UK leader in environmental solutions and The Landscape Group is a multi-award-winning horticultural, landscaping and grounds maintenance specialist.
  • The contracts would be for an initial eight years. If, after eight years, the contracts are performing well, there are options to extend them for two further periods each of eight years by mutual consent.
  • The procurement objectives are to reduce spend, increase income opportunities, and maintain high-quality services and customer satisfaction through environmentally-sustainable, carbon-effect, innovative solutions.
  • One Planet Sutton is a vision for the borough where people lead happy, healthy lives with a fair share of the Earth’s resources. Sutton Council has committed to becoming a One Planet Borough by 2025. The council is working in partnership with a wide range of local voluntary and community groups to deliver this vision under the themes of cutting carbon emissions, cutting waste, valuing our natural environment, supporting healthy communities and supporting the local economy. Find out more about the One Planet Sutton initiative here.
  • The South London Waste Partnership was formed in 2003 and has a proven record of providing cost-effective waste management services through the procurement of waste disposal, recycling and Household Refuse and Recycling Centre contracts.

Sutton’s proposed new waste collection service:

Service Container Collection frequency
Food Waste New bin and kitchen caddy Weekly
Residual Waste Existing brown wheeled bin Fortnightly
Recycling Existing green wheeled bin and new recycling box Alternate weekly (paper and card one week; tins, cans and glass the next)
Garden Waste Existing garden waste bin Fortnightly


Current waste collection services provided by partner boroughs:


Service Container Collection frequency
Food Waste Outside bin and kitchen caddy Weekly
Residual Waste Black wheeled bin Fortnightly
Recycling Blue box and green box Alternate weekly (paper and card one week; tins, cans and glass the next)
Textiles Resident supplied plastic bag Weekly
Garden Waste Black bin with brown lid Fortnightly



Service Container Collection frequency
Food Waste Outside bin and kitchen caddy Weekly
Residual Waste Sacks Weekly
Paper/Card Purple box (comingled) Weekly
Recycling Purple box (comingled) Weekly
Garden Waste Brown bin Fortnightly



Service Container Collection frequency
Food Waste Outside bin and kitchen caddy Weekly
Residual Waste Black wheeled bin Fortnightly
Recycling Wheeled bin with a blue lid, and green box Alternate weekly (paper and card one week; tins, cans and glass the next)
Garden Waste Black bin with brown lid Fortnightly

Friends of The Grove Park – Highlights of the year 2015-2016

The following was received from the chair of the Friends of the Grove Park and is reproduced by his kind permission….

The Grove House Heritage Lottery Fund 2nd stage bid by the Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector (SCVS) who hope to take it on when vacated by the Council. In the Autumn work got underway with local consultations and the appointment of a Bid Project Manager. The final HLF submission is expected in the late Spring. The Friends of the Grove (Park) have been supporting the bid throughout.

Grove Café has reopened. The new tenant Wayne Spiller currently runs his own Coffee & Sandwich Bar Sassis in North Street. The Café has been completely redecorated and has been opened since November.

The Demolition of the Wall in the Drive was opposed at the 2015 AGM, and planning application to carry this out was withdrawn. The tree behind the cracked wall section has been removed, and is hoped the wall can be stabilised and repaired in the cracked area rather than being demolished completely.

Bandstand in the Park. Although a number people had heard about the idea but it was not made public till October, at the Local Ward meeting where the Carshalton Village traders group gave some details and showed a picture of the type of bandstand being considered. Funding would be from a number sources. To date I am not aware of any formal proposal has been submitted to the Council.

Mill Lane Sports field, now forms part of the park after no longer being required by the Harris Academy. The south eastern side of the field forms an ancient boundary with the main park area, formed by the tree line, hedgerow and a ditch once forming a water channel. It is considered an ecologically important boundary forming the habitat for a variety of wildlife. After representation from a number of parks users about the heavy cutting back around this new park area I met with the leader of the council team carrying out the work and confirmed the old boundary line and the undergrowth would be preserved.


Carshalton Central ward councillors back London to be a national park city

On behalf of the three ward councillors for Carshalton Central, Cllr. Jill Whitehead received this recent acknowledgement from the organisers of the campaign to make London a National Park City.

Dear Jill,

That really is fantastic news, thank you so much for your support. I will shortly add your ward to our list and map of declared wards. Please do share this with your networks.
It would be a great help if you were able to encourage other wards in your borough to declare their support too. If you need any help from me with this please do let me know.
You can stay up to date with our progress on the website but I will be sure to contact you again if/when we are close to reaching the 436 wards and mayoral support that we need. All going well we will be having a further consultation in the Autumn which will finalise the details for a National Park City Partnership.
If you have any questions please do email me back.
Many thanks,

Carshalton Park: Clearing up litter etc. before the Environmental Fair

Sutton-20140209-00853Sutton Council have arranged for litter in the Canal area to be cleared recently as requested by your councillors, Jill, Alan and Hamish.

We are advised that Carshalton Park is litter picked on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, whilst the play facilities are litter picked daily.  The Council have a spare “Bin It” banner which the council will put up at this end of the park as was suggested by Cllr. Jill Whitehead in the coming days, and a spare litter bin that the Council will install prior to the Environmental Fair on August Bank Holiday Monday, 31st August 2015; hopefully this will help to alleviate the littering in this area. We have received confirmation that the grass in the so-called “Hog Pit” will be cut prior to the Environmental Fair.  Our photo shows the  now-dry Hog Pit when filled with water a few months ago!

Please see our recent website posting about the Environmental Fair.

Carshalton Park’s Newish Multi Gym and the 2015 Environmental Fair, August Bank Holiday Monday, 31st August 2015

007A pic from Cllr. Jill Whitehead of part of the newish multi-gym installed by Sutton Council using the council’s Carshalton & Clockhouse Committee’s public realm budget.

The Friends of Carshalton Park had asked for this equipment to be installed, sited in the area between the tennis courts, the playground and the main entrance path from Ruskin Road.

The 2015 Environmental Fair will be taking place in Carshalton Park on Bank Holiday Monday, 31st August 2015.

Jill, Hamish and Alan will be attending the Environmental Fair on August Bank Holiday. We’re due to be helping on one of the stalls selling lots and lots of good quality secondhand books!

Local booksellers: Cllr. Alan Salter and Jill Whitehead

Local booksellers: Cllr. Alan Salter and Jill Whitehead

Please visit Eco-Local’s web site for details. The following text has been cut-and-pasted from their web page!

Environmental Fair, Carshalton Park – August 31st Bank Holiday Monday 2015 – 10.30am-8pm

Put this date in your diary – come and visit Carshalton Environmental Fair for one of South London’s best days out! Over 150 stalls, children’s activities, local craft, interactive demonstrations, farmers’ market, music and performing arts, lots of tasty food, a bar with real ales and more, information, campaign groups and more…. showcasing local sustainability initiatives. There’s even a FREE bus to get you there! On average around 10,000 people attend. The event is organised by EcoLocal with a team of volunteers.

The Carshalton Environmental Fair is held in Carshalton Park , Ruskin Road, Carshalton, SM5 3DD – follow this link for more map link and bus details etc.

Children under 12 years: FREE
Concessionary & 12-16 years: £3
Adults: £5
Discount family ticket for up to 2 adults and 3 teenagers under 17: £15

Contact details:
Twitter: @envfair
Postal address – The Environmental Fair, Ecolocal, The Old School House, Mill Lane, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 2LY


What’s On

There’s something for everyone at Carshalton Environmental Fair. Lots of children’s activities from facepainting, to craft activities and a pedal powered cycle challenge! Music and entertainment on three different stages to suit different tastes from rock to acoustic folk. Browse through over 150 stalls, craft, local produce. Speakers and info on environmental issues in the Carshalton Community Allotment marquee. Lots of tasty food, a bar and a cafe! Make a day of it! … [Read More…]



Would you like to lend a hand at the Fair? Over 60 volunteers helped run the fair in 2013 – it just wouldn’t happen without people taking part! If you would like to volunteer we’d be delighted to hear from you. … [Read More…]

Main Stage

Main Stage

The Main Stage presents a range of rock, pop and other genre. We aim to show case local and regional talent on this stage which is set in an amazing natural open air amphitheatre in the park. … [Read More…]

Music Cafe

Music Cafe

This stage provides a great atmosphere with folk, country, bluegrass and other acoustic music from around the world. Tea and home made cake is served in the marquee so this is the ideal spot to sit and relax! … [Read More…]


Parks and Open Spaces

Sutton’s parks and open spaces offer some 1,500 acres of picturesque and tranquil oases in this busy London suburb. Find out more about parks, playgrounds & park activities here…

The Parks Service manages and maintains two cemeteries, one burial ground, five closed churchyards and 36 allotments. We also manage 66,000 council owned trees and various woodlands, including 22,000 street trees.

Carshalton Place canal's waterfall

Carshalton Place canal’s waterfall earlier this year!

The Safer Parks Teams, as part of the Safer Sutton Partnership, provide mobile security in the parks. Their aim is to help prevent crime, reduce vandalism and fear of crime, reduce litter, dog fouling and graffiti. Telephone Number 020 8721 2268.