Sutton’s 2011 Census

In December, the government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) released further statistics on the ethnicity, religion, health, housing tenure, qualifications and immigrations status as part of the 2011 Census. The data has also been issued to each council. For Sutton the statistics reveal that there has been a shift in housing tenure, as although 68 per cent of residents are homeowners, 14.2 per cent are privately renting, which is a 6.2 per cent increase since 2001. We also know that Sutton’s population is 78.6 per cent ‘white’ a 12.8 per cent decrease since 2001. The remaining 21.4 per cent is made up of; 11.6 per cent ‘Asian/Asian British’, 4.8 per cent ‘Black/Black British’ and 3.7 per cent ‘Mixed’. In terms of religion 58.4 per cent of Sutton’s population is Christian which is a 21.1 per cent decrease since 2001.