Sutton residents encouraged to ‘Bin it for Good’ and support local charities


From left, Cllr Chris Williams, Ian the streetcleaner and Cllr Jill Whitehead at the charity litter bin in Carshalton High Street

Sutton Council is encouraging residents to play their part in keeping borough streets cleaner – and local charities and good causes will benefit by their doing do.

The council is taking part in an anti-littering project that was launched this week in four areas across England. It has joined forces with the environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy and The Wrigley Company in a bid to keep the streets of Sutton cleaner.

Carshalton High Street and Westmead Road are taking part in the three-month project, where litter bins will be transformed into charity collection pots, featuring a different charity each month. The three charities are The National Autistic Society (Sutton branch), Sutton ShopMobility and St Raphael’s Hospice.

The more litter that goes into the bins and the less on the ground, the more money the featured charity of the month will receive from an allocated budget.

Cllr Jill Whitehead, Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee at Sutton Council, said:

“We are excited to be taking part in the Bin it for Good project in Carshalton High Street and Westmead Road. Sutton spends over £3m a year on keeping our streets, parks and open spaces free from litter. At a time when our budgets are being severely cut, any savings can make a big difference and save taxpayers money. We can’t keep cleaning up after those who litter and the only way to really tackle this is to alter the habits of people who drop litter without thinking. The Bin it for Good project supports Sutton Council’s One Planet goals to work to improve the quality of our local areas.”

A three-month pilot scheme in Rayleigh, Essex in 2014 saw a reduction of over 42 per cent in the amount of litter. At the same time, three local charities received more than £1,300 in donations and the project was also nominated for two Local Government Chronicle Awards.

In 2015, Bin it for Good was successfully extended to a further five locations to test the initiative in different locations. The project was well received by all partners and by the public, achieving on average a 30 per cent decrease in litter where it was successful, with Prudhoe town centre in Northumberland seeing a 52 per cent reduction in litter.

Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy, said:

“Bin if for Good is a win-win for communities. It cuts the amount of litter on the ground at the same time as supporting local charities. We are delighted to be working with Sutton Council as part of this rollout and look forward to seeing some more fantastic results.”

Sutton Council is working to reduce littering in partnership with borough residents of all ages, as well as local businesses. So far, 110 Sutton businesses have signed the #CleanStreetsSutton pledge to reduce the amount of litter around their shopfronts and business premises.

Local people have also been involved in sharing their litter loathes to encourage residents and visitors to take pride in the borough, helping to create an attractive and environmentally sustainable place to work, live, and play.

Mark Andrews, General Manager of Wrigley UK, said:

“After more than a decade of experience in supporting programmes to tackle litter it is clear to us that the challenge will only be solved through behaviour change, education and encouraging responsible disposal. Bin it for Good shows the huge potential in harnessing people’s support for local charities to change behaviour on litter and it is exciting to work with Keep Britain Tidy to refine the scheme so it can be used more widely. This is one of a series of new and deepened programmes that we are undertaking this autumn to help make a substantial difference on this issue.”


Planning Aid for London Charity

Dear Planning Committee Members


The charity Planning Aid for London has, for over 40 years, been providing support to individuals, community groups and other community organisations that cannot afford to pay for planning consultants.  Planning Aid for London can assist with:

1.         Understanding and interacting with the planning system
2.         Taking part in preparing policy plans
3.         Making community plans
4.         Commenting on planning applications
5.         Giving advice on planning appeals
6.         Gaining confidence for planning committee and public inquiry appearances
7.         Training planning committee members is aspects of the planning system.

The increase in charges for planning advice and the reduction of duty officer services makes reaching the hard-to-reach ever more pressing.   The Planning Aid for London advice-line, 0300 77 29 808, provides independent professional assistance.

The dedicated volunteers at Planning Aid for London are here to help you:
0300 77 29 808

Circulating this email to your colleagues and to officers would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

The Trustees
Planning Aid for London

Volunteers thanked for contributing to Sutton’s community life

More than 50,000 people in Sutton undertake some voluntary work each year and more young people than ever in the borough are turning to volunteering to give back to the community while learning the skills and gaining the practical experience they need to help secure a job.

At the start of National Volunteer Week (1-12 June) Sutton Council is thanking the thousands of volunteers who give of their time freely to work for the hundreds of organisations including schools and charities in the borough.

These include volunteers for Sutton Council’s Friends of Parks and the borough’s ALPS (Advice Link in Partnership with Sutton) service – both of which need more volunteers. The council also supports its staff to volunteer by offering two days of volunteering work a year in the borough.

Cllr Ruth Dombey, Leader of Sutton Council, said:

“National Volunteer Week is a great opportunity to thank the 50,000 people who volunteer in Sutton at least once each year and who have contributed to our community in a voluntary capacity during the past 12 months.

“We are proud to live in a borough where so many people of all ages are community-minded. Volunteers help the council to continue to provide necessary services and contribute a tremendous amount to local charities and the wider community by offering their time and talents for the greater good.”

Sutton Council part-funds Volunteer Centre Sutton (VCS), which gives advice, training and support, and places volunteers with charities across the borough.

Chris Parker, Chief Executive Officer of VCS, said:

“I’m inspired by the 50,000 people who volunteer in Sutton each year. They are a shining example of how we can all make a big difference to our community every day from improving the environment we live in, spending time with those who may otherwise be lonely and contributing to a range of other essential services and support.

“Thank you to each and every person who give so generously of their time and talents. We believe volunteering is the answer to many of our society’s biggest challenges, so here at Volunteer Centre Sutton we’ve invested in a new website and ‘Volunteer Connect’ system, designed to Inspire Community and make it even easier for local people to connect to local volunteering opportunities.”

VCS statistics show that more young people aged 18 to 25 are becoming volunteers in the Sutton borough and make up around one-third of new volunteers. The charity estimates that volunteers in Sutton give the equivalent of £7m in time each year.

Friends of Parks

The Friends of Parks groups are always looking to recruit more volunteers. Hundreds of people already regularly help with the care and upkeep of the borough’s 80 parks, which cover 438 hectares – about 8.5 per cent of the borough.  There are all sorts of small tasks that volunteers can do to help keep the parks in great condition.

In Sutton there are more than a dozen Friends of the Parks groups of varying sizes of between five and 100 people. Some Friends of Parks volunteers are very active, whether organising litter picking, cleaning up the river, painting signs and doing all kinds of practical things to help care for their local park.

When people volunteer they are recommended to join an existing Friends of Parks group. We also welcome volunteers setting up firneds groups ofr parks without established groups.  Volunteers can get together with neighbours and friends and perhaps their ward councillors.  The Parks Service will be happy to provide advice and a draft constitution for groups.

To volunteer and join one of the Friends of Parks groups or to start a new group, contact Mark Dalzell, Head of Parks, Biodiversity and Street Cleansing at Sutton Council, on 020 8770 5070020 8770 5070 or email

ALPS service

The ALPS (Advice Link in Partnership with Sutton) service is seeking more volunteers to assist with its Information and Advice services. Roles available include adviser, gateway assessor, information assistant, driver, befriender and admin assistant. In-house training is provided for all roles.

Steve Triner, SBCABx Chief Executive said:

“Between Sutton CAB, Age UK Sutton, Sutton Carers Centre and the borough’s Library service we have around 100 volunteers. But we are looking for more people to assist us with this ground-breaking borough service.

“We would welcome more volunteers from all sections of our community to assist us with the running of this exciting venture.”

The service is funded by Sutton Council and the Big Lottery’s Reaching Communities Fund. It is led by Sutton Citizens Advice Bureaux (SBCABx) and supported by organisations from the Sutton Together consortium including Age UK Sutton and Sutton Carers Centre, with the borough’s Library Service a key partner.

Recycling News

Don’t throw it out – pass it on
There are so many ways that people can re-use old clothes, furniture, and household items – and just because you don’t want it any more doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.
Sutton Council is helping residents find ways they can re-use household items to benefit the environment & reduce costs. This will help the borough achieve its One Planet Sutton aims of becoming a greener, more sustainable area.

Cllr Jill Whitehead, Chair of the Environments & Neighbourhoods Committee, said:
It’s too easy to assume that the only thing to do with our old clothes, furniture and household items is throw them out when they’ve outlived their use to us. But too often we don’t think about whether we can pass them on rather than dispose of them. There are so many ways to save money and help the environment by avoiding needless waste – encouraging people to re-use items is one of our top priorities.”

There are five main reasons to re-use household items rather than dispose of them:
Saving money: Buying second hand is cheaper than buying new – and if you can sell on older unwanted items yourself that’s extra money for the household budget.
Help other people: Donating items for re-use helps other members of the community – give someone else the chance to love the things you don’t need any more.
Help climate change by saving energy: By re-using items we help reduce the amount of energy used to produce and supply products.
Help ourselves by conserving the planet’s resources: Every time new things are made, raw materials are used. Some of these materials will run out at some point and mining, quarrying and logging for them creates air and water pollution around the world. We play a part in reducing this when we choose to re-use rather than buy new.
Reduce waste: Re-using things means we send less of Sutton’s waste to landfill sites. Doesn’t it make sense to not bury things in the ground when somebody else in Sutton or elsewhere could still be using them?
One way to pass on unwanted goods is by using sites such as Freecycle, eBay, or Gumtree, where you can arrange to sell or even gift items rather than dispose of them. Placing an advert in a local classified paper is also a great way of finding people who may want the items you don’t need any more.
Not all items will have a resale value. But that doesn’t mean these items should be disposed of either. There are many charitable organisations who will accept and even collect donations of older clothes or furniture items as well as old CDs, DVDs and books. It’s also possible to donate old computer equipment to some organisations.

Learning some basic maintenance and mending techniques can help you make clothes last longer – it could even be the chance to learn new skills as SCOLA have classes in upholstery, sewing, and jewellery repair. Additionally, many local dry-cleaners will offer repair services at reasonable prices to help keep your clothes looking good for longer.

One Planet Sutton is a vision for Sutton where people lead happy, healthy lives with a fair share of the Earth’s resources. Sutton Council has committed to becoming a One Planet Borough by 2025. The council is working in partnership with a wide range of local voluntary and community groups to deliver this vision under the themes of cutting carbon emissions, cutting waste, valuing our natural environment, supporting healthy communities and supporting the local economy. You can find out more about the One Planet Sutton initiative here.

Visit the Sutton Council website here for more in-depth tips about reusing and recycling clothes, furniture and other household goods. There are also information about local organisation and charities which will accept donations and details of how to get in touch with them.

The British Heart Foundation and Emmaus Homeless Foundation will arrange collection of larger, bulky items in Wallington and Sutton.

Sutton’s Mayor Sadiq celebrates official launch of Sutton as a Social Enterprise Place

Sutton's Mayor Muhammad Sadiq

Sutton’s Mayor Muhammad Sadiq

Sutton has become the second London borough recognised by Social Enterprise UK as a Social Enterprise Place – one of only fourteen boroughs or town areas nationwide to gain that honour.

Sutton Council, Successful Sutton and Sutton Social Enterprise worked together to bid for recognition from Social Enterprise UK and received confirmation that they had been successful in July 2015.
Social enterprises – valuable organisations which work to tackle social problems and improve people’s life chances or the environment – bring many benefits to their communities which include providing services, investment and support for local people. Social Enterprise Places are areas where social enterprise activity is thriving. These involve local councils, businesses, charities, consumers and budding social entrepreneurs working together to grow their social enterprise communities.
Sutton’s status as a Social Enterprise Place was confirmed with an official launch event attended by local dignitaries in Sutton town centre on Monday 24 August.

Cllr Simon Wales, Sutton Council’s Deputy Leader and social enterprise champion, said:
“The lively social enterprise activity in our borough again shows what a wonderful place Sutton is to live and work. I am delighted that Sutton has received this formal recognition, which will go towards ensuring social enterprises will continue to get the support they need and deserve to thrive now and in the future.”

Sutton Mayor Muhammad Sadiq was present for the event at the Midtown Hub alongside Social Enterprise UK CEO Peter Holbrook and Social Enterprise Sutton Chair Amanda Edge. Also in attendance were a range of Sutton businesses and organisations including Successful Sutton, The Vine Project, Sutton Community Farm, Sutton Voice CIC, Transitions UK, Sutton Sports Village, Sutton College and Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector.
Social Enterprise Sutton was established in 2011 and comprises of a number of local businesses and organisations who seek to identify all social enterprises across Sutton and their support individual needs. The network co-ordinates a steering group which includes the Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector, the London Borough of Sutton, SCOLA and the Sutton Business Chamber.

Amanda Edge, Chair of Social Enterprise Sutton, said:
“This is fantastic achievement for the borough. In developing a Social Enterprise Place here in Sutton we are national pioneers for a sector which is beginning to gain recognition and is poised to take its rightful place as a distinct and recognisable part of the business community. I look forward to taking the initiative and reaching out to social businesses in the borough and welcoming them to Sutton Social Enterprise Place.”

One of the organisations involved in securing Sutton’s bid to become a Social Enterprise Place is Sutton Community Farm. It is a community-owned farm with the purpose of providing access to fresh, sustainable food and advice on healthy eating to Sutton borough residents.

Samuel Smith, Managing Director of Sutton Community Farm, said:
“For us, social enterprise is about doing business with the purpose of creating a more healthy, collaborative and connected community. Social enterprises are not driven solely by profit. We feel that this is more important than ever as our communities face increasing inequality and our planet is under heavy stresses. Social enterprises play a unique and vital role in making the world a better place and therefore we are thrilled that Sutton has been named a Social Enterprise Place.” 

St Raphael’s Hospice, A Request for Help!

Please urge as many people as possible to read this web page/posting and sign the petition:

AN URGENT REQUEST – To all supporters of St Anthony’s Hospital and St Raphael’s Hospice Re:

You may be aware that there is a proposal from the Daughters of the Cross, which is the parent charity of both St Anthony’s Hospital and St Raphael’s Hospice to sell the hospital to a commercial concern, and separate it from St Raphael’s Hospice. St Anthony’s Hospital supplies all the essential admin and support services to the hospice such as  IT, payroll, catering, to name but a few. The combined value of those services is over £1 million a year, for which the hospital  has never charged the hospice (being part of the same charity) If the two are separated, St Raphael’s will need to find an extra £1 million a year, just to pay for those existing services.

The local Member of Parliament for Sutton and Cheam, Mr Paul Burstow, raised the matter in the House of Commons on 16th July.  Because the Daughters of the Cross is a Catholic charity, it needs  approval from the Vatican to dispose of catholic church assets.  If St Anthony’s Hospital is sold commercially, it will also without doubt lose the catholic/Christian ethos that it has had for more than a century, and a sale will put the future of St Raphael’s Hospice into serious jeopardy.   Both Mr Burstow and I have asked the Vatican to block the sale of St Anthony’s Hospital, and support the creation of a new Catholic Charity, to take over the running of St Anthony’s Hospital and St Raphael’s Hospice combined, as at present, so that both may continue long into the future.   Paul Burstow MP has now established a website with links to two on-line petitions, one he is organising, the other which is on the 10 Downing Street Website asking the Prime Minister for support.   The website is  and I would ask you to please visit this, and add your name(s)  to BOTH petitions, and to ask your family, friends and  neighbours to do likewise.

Please feel free to pass this email on to others who you know, and ask for support.   Yours sincerely and thank you.   DR RON MCKERAN Chairman, St Raphael’s Hospice Advisory Committee

Sutton’s Age UK

Are you, or someone you know, tired of looking at the same 4 walls? … and fed up with watching daytime television? Then why not let Age UK Sutton help you to go out and about or meet new friends in a trusted volunteer’s home?

Age UK Sutton has volunteer hosts that will open up their home once a week for people like you. They will provide a home-cooked meal in comfortable surroundings. A friendly place where you can chat and make new friends.

Volunteer Hosts required

Would you like to be a volunteer host? Do you want to make a difference to older people? Are you friendly, can commit to a few hours once a week or fortnight? Average expenses to cover food, contribution to electricity/gas approximately £24 a day.

If you are interested in either attending or hosting a group,
please telephone 020 8770 4091 or email

Jill, Alan and Hamish help on the FOCUS Bookstall

Cllr. Alan Salter on the FOCUS bookstall  Carshalton Central ward councillors Jill, Alan and Hamish regularly help out serving on the FOCUS second-hand Bookstall in Sutton High Street quite near Waterstones Bookshop (appropriately enough).

The last bookstall was held on Saturday 25th May 2013. The stall sells fiction and non-fiction books, jams, DVDs, CDs, children’s books etc.  Most of the books are very reasonably priced at around 40-50p each, and are in very good condition, so you can get a real bargain!

The next one will be on August Bank Holiday Monday 26th August at the Environmental Fair, Carshalton Park, Ruskin Road, Carshalton. 

There will be stalls next in Sutton High Street on Saturday 19th October 2013 and again on Saturday 17th November 2013

If you have any books going spare please let Hamish know on 020-8647 8202 and he can collect them or please phone Michael Baldwin on 020-8642 1274.

Tom Brake and the “food not fuel” campaign

Tom Brake MP for Carshalton and Wallington joined charity campaigners to call for an end to converting food crops to fuel for our cars.

Food Not Fuel Action Campaign

ActionAid has collected thousands of petition signatures from around the UK on symbolic ‘grains of wheat’, which were combined to create a ‘field’ of wheat outside the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday 14 May.  Tom Brake MP said:

“Biofuels were introduced in good faith as a ‘renewable’ fuel. However, despite the best of intentions, there is increasing evidence that growing reliance on sustainable liquid fuels drives food prices higher.  Growing crops to make fuel instead of food drives up global food prices, hitting those who can least afford it. When 1 in 8 on our planet goes hungry every day, plants should be grown to feed people not fuel cars.”

ActionAid has been campaigning for a ban on food-based biofuels, arguing that their use drives global hunger worldwide. Turning food into fuel reduces the amount available to eat, causing global prices to rise. Policies and targets around the world are encouraging international investors to grab land cheaply in poor countries to create biofuel plantations, meaning people are forced off the land which they rely on for their food, water and livelihoods.

Furthermore, there is growing evidence that certain types of biofuel produce more greenhouse gas emissions than the fossil fuels they were designed to replace. Some scientist warn that biofuels produce more carbon emissions than they save and that increasing their use could actually make the problem of global warming worse.

The call for Food not Fuel is part of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign, a coalition of over 180 organisations, including Action Aid, Oxfam and Christian Aid, calling for the UK and world leaders to act on hunger.

Find out more by clicking here:

Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders Golf Day – 23rd May at The Oaks Golf & Conference Centre, Woodmansterne Road

diamondThe Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders
at The Oaks Golf & Conference Centre
Woodmansterne Road  Carshalton  Surrey SM5 4AN
on Thursday 23 May 2013
There will be two groups with approximately 20 golfers playing the 18 hole course with a first tee off at 9.00 am and 8 golfers playing the 9 hole course teeing off at 11.00 am.
Teams of four will play the 18 hole and individuals the 9 hole.  Please aim to be at the Clubhouse at 8.00 am for coffee and bacon rolls.
Drinks in the Bar from 1.00 pm to 2 pm.  Lunch in the Restaurant at 2.00pm.
Minimum Fees of £40.00 per golfer for the 18 hole and £25.00 for the 9 hole. Donations to The Diamond Centre will be greatly appreciated.
The Diamond Centre Golf Trophy and Prizes will be presented by Donna (the owner of the Oaks Golf & Conference Centre) and Steve Axon, Chairman of The Diamond Centre.
This is a Charity Fun Day and following lunch players are invited to visit The Diamond Centre for a brief tour of our arenas and stables with the opportunity to meet some of our riders and staff.
We wish to thank the Management and Staff of the Oaks Golf and Conference Centre for their continual support of the Diamond Centre over many years.
All communication regarding this event to Steve Axon  on 07771 914697 or
Steve Axon
Chairman of Trustees, The Diamond Centre for Disabled Riders
Woodmansterne Road, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 4DT