Free Grit

Please see the poster below about the free grit on offer to Sutton residents and businesses. Winter is one of the most dangerous times for older people as ice and snow make the ground slippery – if you live near a vulnerable person please enquire as to whether they need grit and if possible make the collection for them.

Kind regards,

Councillor Ruth Dombey
Leader of Sutton Council

PS. You can find more about Sutton Council’s free grit service here:

Severe Weather and Seasonal Advice

Severe Weather and Seasonal Advice.

Including cold weather advice, grit information and transport updates.

Winter Information Centre

About Winter Information Centre

We have opened a Winter Information Centre to support you through the winter.  Click on the links below for advice about weather related disruption and guidance on staying warm and well and looking out for vulnerable people.

You can report problems with fallen trees, flooding, road obstructions, potholes and blocked drains 24 hours a day by calling 0208 770 5000.

For non emergency issues please use our online Report It service.

Flooding Advice

Find out about any flood risk in the area


Check whether a School is open or closed. The system is live and updated by the schools themselves.

Travel advice

Find out about buses, trains, tubes and traffic reports.

Preparations for severe weather

There are over 400km of roads in the borough, and more than double that amount of footpaths. Keeping them clear of ice and snow is a demanding task.

Your questions answered about grit

Where we grit, why we grit and how you can do your bit to help us.


Find out the 5 day and emergency weather forecasts for Sutton.

Rough sleeping on the streets – help and support

If you have seen someone who you think may be rough sleeping then please contact the outreach service.

Winter weather guidance for individuals

Advice on how to stay safe

Sutton warm room scheme

A FREE scheme to keep you warm and healthy at home this winter