Top Trading Standards tips to ensure a very merry Christmas

A view of Sutton High Street.

Support your local high street this festive season – but make sure you know your rights as a consumer!

With the winter holidays upon us, Trading Standards have put together some seasonal top tips to help ensure that it will be a truly happy Christmas all round:

1. By law, all goods must be of satisfactory quality, as they were described and fit for their intended purpose.  If not, provided you act quickly, you have the right to your money back or to ask for a replacement or a repair.

2. Remember that it is usually the purchaser of goods – and not the person who receives them as a gift – who has consumer rights if they turn out to be faulty.  However, shops may agree to sign over these rights to the person receiving the gift – ask the shop if they will give a ‘gift receipt’.

3. Check goods to make sure they work properly and are not damaged before you wrap them.  Keep packaging, instructions for use and any other information until you know that everything is all right.

4. Hang on to your receipts.  Traders are entitled to ask for some proof of purchase if you return faulty goods and it can make life a lot easier if you can prove when and where you bought them and how much you paid.

5. Your rights are the same wherever you buy goods – from a high street shop, a market trader, a street trader with a suitcase or from a temporary bargain shop.  However, your chances of returning goods diminish if there’s a possibility that traders may not be around after Christmas.

6. Goods bought in a sale should perform the same as if they were priced normally.  Your rights are the same unless defects are brought to your attention before you buy or should have been obvious if you’d examined the goods.

7. Buy the right size and colour.  If there’s nothing wrong with the item and you simply made a mistake or changed your mind, then you have NO legal rights.  Some retailers do have goodwill policies allowing these returns, so ask before you buy and get them to write the details on the receipt.

8. Consider buying goods costing over £100 with a credit card – you may get extra protection from the card issuer.

9. Don’t make any spur-of-the-moment decisions to buy on credit.  Compare APRs, consider the total cost involved and how long you’ll have to pay – you don’t want to still be paying for this year’s gifts next Christmas.

10. Watch out for fake goods.  Be suspicious of cheap discs and tapes or designer clothes and perfumes.  Your loved one won’t thank you if their gift smells more like Canal No. 5 or if that DVD turns out to be a DUD!

If you need civil advice on how to deal with a complaint or enquiry, please contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06. The Citizens Advice consumer service provides free, confidential and impartial advice on consumer issues.

You can also use the internet to contact the Citizens Advice consumer service. Please visit where a wide range of consumer information and advice is available.

Carshalton Park – Road Traffic Order for November’s Firework Event

Bulbs in Carshalton Park by the Grotto

Spring Bulbs in Carshalton Park by the Grotto

Hamish, Jill and Chris have recently received notice of an order that the council wish to put into effect for managing the traffic on Bonfire night, Saturday 5th November 2016.

Dear Councillor,

The London Borough of Sutton are proposing to make a Traffic Order. 

The principal objective of the Traffic Orders is to improve crowd safety and extend management of traffic flows in additional roads within the vicinity of Carshalton Park on days when particular events are being held (e.g Fireworks).

Copies of the statutory documents can be viewed by visiting our web site under “view our Permanent Traffic Order Consultations” selecting “Notices of Proposals” and then reference “TR1027 Carshalton Park”

If you have any comments on this proposal please make use of the on-line form which is available on the web page mentioned above.

Please note that the closing date for receiving comments will be Thursday 8 September 2016.

Denise Thompson, Technical Officer, Technical Operations Team

Highways and Transport, Kingston & Sutton Shared Environment Service

London Borough of Sutton, Denmark Road, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 2JG

Tel: 020 8770 6452020 8770 6452 | Email



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the London Borough of Sutton proposes to make the Order listed below under sections 6 and 124 of, and Part IV of Schedule 9 to, the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by the Local Government Act 1985, the Road Traffic Act 1991 and the Traffic Management Act 2004.

1. The principal objective of the Order is to improve crowd safety and extend management of traffic flows in additional roads within the vicinity of Carshalton Park on days when particular events are being held (e.g. fireworks).

2. The general effect of The Sutton (Traffic Restriction) (Carshalton Park Area) (No. *) (Amendment No. *) Order 201* will be to add additional roads to the existing prohibition of vehicular traffic; Brookside, Carshalton Place, Rotherfield Road, The Square, Woodstock Road, and extend to the full lengths of Ruskin and Talbot Road.

3. A copy of the proposed Order, of the Council’s Statement of Reasons for proposing to make the Order (and of the Orders that would be revoked or amended by the proposed Order) and a plan showing the locations and the effects of the proposals may be inspected at the Council’s Civic Offices at St. Nicholas Way, Sutton and at the Environment, Housing and Regeneration Offices at 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, a copy of this statutory public notice of proposals and a copy of the plan can be viewed by visiting our web site under “view our Permanent Traffic Order Consultations” under “Notices of Proposals” and “Reference TR1027 Carshalton Park”.

4. If you wish to object to the proposed Order you should send a statement in writing, including the grounds for your objection and quoting the Reference TR1027 Carshalton Park to Caroline McGlynn, Highways and Transport, Sutton and Kingston Shared Service, London Borough of Sutton, 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 2JG by Thursday 8 September 2016. Further information may be obtained by telephoning Highways and Transport on 020 8770 6455.

 Warren Shadbolt

Executive Head of Safer and Stronger Communities

Dated: 18 August 2016

Note: Persons responding to the proposed Order should be aware that the Council may be legally obliged to disclose the information provided to third parties.


Carshalton & Clockhouse Local Committee Tuesday 13th October 2015 from 7.30pm at Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road

Alan and Hamish by The Ponds, Carshalton
Carshalton Central ward councillors Alan Salter and Hamish Pollock by The Ponds, Carshalton







Cllr. Hamish Pollock, Chair of Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee asks….

“Do you care about your local area and want to make a difference, please do come along and take part at 7.30pm on Tuesday 13th October 2015 ?”

  •  Find out what decisions are being made by your local Councillors.
  •  Learn about the historical ‘Past on Glass’ project.
  •  Robins Way (the road leading to Carshalton Athletic Football Club off Colston Avenue) and minor parking proposals
  •  Hear about Sutton’s New Local Plan (planning).
  •  Discuss plans to improve your public areas.
  •  Find out how to get involved with local decisions.

Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road, SM5 3NL

Get in touch at:

E-mail:; Tel: 020 8770 4391

Twitter: @LBSlocalcommittees


St Philomena’s School expansion

stphilomenaslogo_1A planning application has been submitted for the expansion of St Philomena’s school (C2015/71900) to provide an additional one- form entry of 30 pupils totalling 200 extra pupils over seven years. As there are currently 1303 pupils this will take the overall total to 1503 pupils.

In 2015/16, the first year after expansion, the number of year 7 (first year) pupils will rise from 204 to 234 pupils. The school has undertaken that all the expansion will come from Sutton Borough children. The expansion will consist of eight new classrooms in a two storey building.

At present 60% of pupils come from outside the Sutton boundaries. The 2012 School Travel Plan shows that 27% of pupils were driven or drove to school, or shared cars or “parked and strode”.  A total of 41% caught the bus, 18% used rail and 15% walked or cycled. The 2013/14 school travel survey showed a slight increase in bus users at 44%.

However, no new car parking or vehicular access arrangements form part of the application. But a parking study has been conducted by the school in the Poets Estate area  – bounded by Shorts Rd/Alma Rd, Colston Avenue and stretching along Westmead Rd from Westmead Corner to Browning Avenue and Highfield Rd. This shows an existing capacity of 84% of parking spaces when max capacity is defined as 85%.

Many residents report parents parking across their drives and on double yellow lines, especially in Shorts Rd/Alma Road, and in the area around Westmead Corner. Jill and Alan recently met the Head Teacher to discuss options. They asked that the school stagger opening and closing times, encourage more pupils to use public transport or walk/cycle, older children in particular. They asked for proactive enactment of the School’s travel plan and greater enforcement of parental behaviour at school start and finish times.

To comment on the school plans please visit Sutton Council’s online planning register at: or visit the Planning Dept, 24 Denmark Rd, Carshalton SM5 2JG Tel 020 8770 5070 or email  by 17th July 2015.

Carshalton & Clockhouse Committee Tuesday 16th June 2015 at Hillcrest Halls, Clockhouse

The meeting starts at 7.30pm Tuesday 16 June 2015

The venue is: Hillcrest Halls, 42 Fryston Avenue, Coulsdon CR5 2PT


Come and Discuss:

Pelican Crossing at West Street

Robins Way concerns

Dr Bike

Christmas lights

Area improvements

Neighbourhood Grants

Public question time

Other local issues

Colston Avenue and Robin’s Way: Parking along entrance to CAFC:

Residents in the area of Colston Avenue and Westmead Allotments holders have expressed concern to Hamish, Alan and Jill about maintaining access to facilities from Colston Avenue during the excavation for and construction of Carshalton Athletic Football Club’s (CAFC) “3G” playing pitch.

The access road to CAFC is being renamed Robin’s Way. “Informal” double yellow lines were put in by the club along the length of Robin’s Way on one side only, but Sutton Council was not consulted about this by the CAFC. As the highways authority, Sutton Council must consult local residents and interested parties about a proposed new entrance scheme which meets everyone’s needs.

Allotments holders say that access to their allotments is being blocked and parking access is being denied them by the CAFC, including to the parking space provided by the Council’s Carshalton Local Committee a few years’ ago, and to the allotments shop.

At the last Carshalton Local Committee held in late April 2015, councillors agreed that the Council should bring forward plans for Robin’s Way to the next meeting on 16th June 2015, and that these should take into account allotments holders’ views as well as those of local residents.

Meanwhile Sutton Council is meeting local allotments representatives to look at possible options going forward, which can be considered at the next meeting of the Carshalton Local Committee.

sutton_council_logoThe next meeting of the Carshalton Local Committee will be held from 7.30pm on Tuesday 16th June 2015 at the Clockhouse Community Centre, The Mount, Richlands Road, Coulsdon.

Westmead Allotments – From “Sutton Voice”

The following news story from “Sutton Voice” has been kindly forwarded to us …

A 40-year-old man has been convicted and sentenced for damaging a number of trees next to his property. Xhavit Krasniqi, of Coleridge Avenue, Sutton, had arranged for unqualified workers to carry out lopping and topping of six trees from the neighbouring Sutton Council-owned Westmead Allotments.

Officers from Sutton’s Safer Parks Team were called to the scene and found damage to the trees and branch debris on the ground on Thursday, 13 February 2014. Sutton Council sought a statement of loss for the total damage, which was put at £23,759 and for cleaning up the debris, which came to £3,250.

Close liaison between Sutton Council and the Sutton Safer Parks Police Team resulted in the case being dealt with as a criminal matter and Krasniqi was summonsed to attend court. At Croydon Magistrates’ Court in August 2014, Krasniqi pleaded not guilty to criminal damage. The case was referred to Crown Court for trial.

At Croydon Crown Court on Friday, 8 May 2015 Mr. Krasniqiwas found guilty of two counts of causing criminal damage to a total of six trees after a three-day trial. He was found guilty by a majority 11-1 verdict on both counts. Krasniqi was ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid community work and to pay £3,500 Crown Prosecution Service costs; £60 victim surcharge and £4,810 compensation to Sutton Council – making a total of £8,370.

The money in compensation to Sutton Council will be used to prune the old trees properly and to plant new trees. The Judge told Krasniqi that he was responsible for the trees being cut down which had put his swimming pool in the shade. The Judge also spoke about the loss of these established trees to the local community. PC Fash Mohammadi said: “This was great team work between Sutton’s Safer Parks Police Team and the London Borough of Sutton to bring this person to trial and face justice for what he had done.”

Carshalton Central ward Cllr Jill Whitehead, Chair of Sutton Council’s Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, said: “In Sutton, we pride ourselves in being both a green and fair borough, so it is not acceptable for residents to put their own interests over those of the borough as a whole. We do not tolerate anyone damaging trees on council land and I am pleased that we have worked together with the police successfully on this matter.”

Carshalton Athletic Football Club

Carshalton_AthleticCouncillors Jill Whitehead, Alan Salter and Hamish Pollock previously reported that Sutton Council’s Planning Committee unanimously threw out Carshalton Athletic Football Club’s two major planning applications on 22nd January 2014. These applications were for (1) the increased use of the floodlights; and (2) the replacement of the turf pitch with a “3G” plastic pitch.

The Football Club appealed against the Council’s decision. The appeal was heard by the Planning Inspectorate based in Bristol, an unelected Government agency with no local connections. The Council had no right to oppose this appeal under planning law.

The Planning Inspectorate visited the site on 26th January 2015, and made a decision on 5th February 2015. They allowed CAFC’s appeal overturning Sutton’s Council’s decision. The Planning Inspectorate granted CAFC planning permission for:- 1) the use of six floodlights under application C2008/59870/FUL; and 2) the replacement of the natural turf pitch with an artificial pitch (3G) at the War Memorial Sports Ground, Colston Avenue, under application C2013/68433/FUL.

However, the Planning Inspectorate imposed several planning conditions including:- 1) That the artificial pitch will not lead to an increase in flood risk either within the site or elsewhere; 2) To install approved drainage arrangements before the pitch is used; 3) A limitation in hours of use from 9am to 9.15pm on weekdays or Saturdays (except weekday fixtures when it may be used until 11pm) and until 8pm on Sundays; 4) The site shall only be used as a community facility and it shall NOT be operated as a commercial 5 a side football centre.

We understand that CAFC will be applying to the Sports Foundation, another government agency, for funds to install the artificial 3G pitch.

Carshalton High School for Girls: Planning Application

Cllr. Hamish Pollock says:  “Carshalton High School for Girls (CHSG) has submitted a planning application to the Council for a new two-storey Sports Hall (C2014/70052), to be built adjacent to the boundary with Carshalton Athletic Football Club (CAFC), close to the path from Colston Avenue to CAFC.  Details can be found at on the Sutton Planning Register at

Please note: If you wish to make comments they should be submitted by 18th September 2014.”  

Cllr. Alan Salter says: “Councillors and residents met with the Head Teacher of CHSG about six months ago, and asked for residents’ concerns to be taken into account in regard to the size and use of the new building – we were advised of plans to use it at evenings and weekends – and in regard to additional traffic and parking due to increased usage of the school facilities. Although we understand the size of the hall has been reduced in size, it is still a substantial structure, and the planning application has not provided for any additional parking at the school for extra visitors.”

Cllr. Jill Whitehead says:  “Residents have commented to us as your local Lib Dem councillors that traffic and parking (on double yellow lines) in Colston Avenue over the summer holidays for sports events at the Girls School were unacceptable, and these were compounded by similar events at CAFC at the same time. Any new planning application would need to provide:- a) a Travel Plan to encourage children to come by foot/bicycle/public transport, and b) deal with the very bad traffic gridlock and associated noise and nuisance experienced by residents over the summer.”  

chsg-logo-printMore in a future FOCUS and watch out for updates on our web site.

Poets Estate – 10 Big Actions by the FOCUS Team

Some things we’ve done for you in the Poets’ Estate:-

1) Benhill Rec. We installed new play facilities, planted lavender beds and removed the old skateboard ramp.

2) Westmead Road/Carshalton Grove. We asked the Council to investigate and prevent future floods in this area.

3) Colston Avenue/Coleridge Avenue/Court Drive. We installed new yellow lines to reduce commuter parking.

4) Free Grit. We installed new grit bins in many locations in the Poets’ Estate/Westmead area of the Carshalton Central ward, including at the junction of Sutton Grove/Waterloo Road.

5) Street Trees. We have got planted 81 street trees in Carshalton Central ward many of them in the Poets’ Estate.

6) Mead Crescent. Road was resurfaced.

7) Shirley Avenue. Road and pavements were resurfaced.

8) Westmead Allotments. Better secure fencing installed.

9) Shorts Road/West Street Footpath. We asked the council to clear dog mess and asked police to monitor the area.

10) Wrythe Rec. We installed new play facilities in the rec. We asked that the railings are refurbished and work is underway.

And….We have also kept residents informed and supported residents in the various planning applications affecting our area. Examples are the Carshalton Athletic Football Club’s applications for 3G plastic surface for the football pitch and extended hours of lighting both of which were unanimously refused by Sutton Council’s planning / development control committee.