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Register to vote

Find out about the electoral registers, and download application forms. You are now able to register online.

Cartoon ballot box How to register

Changes in Legislation – Individual Elector Registration

There has been a change in how people need to register you now have to provide us with your national insurance number and date of birth. This is so we can compare other records to confirm who people are, this will be carried out via a secure system that has been tested thoroughly. All eligible people will need to register individually replacing the old system of household registration.

Most people who are currently registered to vote will be re-registered automatically under the new system. For all sorts of reasons, some people will not match against these records and so will not be able to be transferred to the new register. We will contact those who are affected in writing.

Registering to Vote

If you move house, or if you are not registered for another reason, you can apply to be added through monthly alterations. When we make monthly alterations to the registers we also delete names and make any other changes needed.

In order to register please complete an online registration application online voter registration (you will need your national insurance number and passport).

Moving – de registering

When you apply to register at a new address, you will need to give your old address in order for the new electoral office to inform your old council (for your old address) to delete your name.

You can also let us know directly if you have moved away from Sutton and need to be taken off the register. This must be in writing giving us your name(s), your new address and the date you moved. Please email with the information.

Change of details

You can update your existing registered details at an address. If you have a change of name or we hold incorrect information that you want us to update we must also have this in writing. Please email with the information.

Deadline to register

You can register up to 11 working days before an election. This means that there are different deadlines before elections.

Who can register

You need to register at the address where you live. You can register if you are 17 years old or over, but in order to vote you must be 18 or over and a British, other Commonwealth, Irish or other European Union citizen.

If you are a European Union citizen who is not British or Irish you are not entitled to vote at United Kingdom parliamentary elections. You can vote at local elections and can choose to vote at a European parliamentary election either for your Sutton address or for your own member state’s area.

If you spend roughly the same time at two addresses – for example, you may be a student or working away from your normal home – you can register at both addresses. But you can only vote once at the same election.

Living away from your registered address

You can register online if you are in one of these categories:

· You are homeless, a remand prisoner, or a patient in a mental hospital.

· You live or work overseas (you will also need your passport number).

· You are in the armed forces (or your husband, wife or civil partner is in the armed forces).

· You are a Crown Servant or British Council employee working overseas (or your husband, wife or civil partner is one).

Register online online voter registration you will need your national insurance number and date of birth.

· Anonymous registration – People can register anonymously if they can show that their safety would be at risk if their name or address was listed on the electoral register. Download a pdf icon Anonymous Registration Form [259kb] – includes details on how to vote.

The two versions of the register

We have to keep an edited version of the register of electors as well as the full version of the register. The form you fill in to join the register asks if you do not want to appear on the edited register.

The full register lists the name and address of everyone who is registered to vote. Anyone can look at it at our office, but there are legal restrictions on how it can be used. Only certain people and organisations can have copies of the full register, and they can only use it for specified purposes. The law says who can have a copy and what they can use it for. It is a criminal offence for them to pass it on to anyone else or to use it for any other purpose.

The main use of the full register is to show who can vote at elections and referendums. It can also be used for law enforcement. Sutton Council can use the full register for its statutory functions relating to security, law enforcement and crime prevention. There is more information on this at the Fair data processing notice page.

Credit reference agencies can use the full register but only to check your name and address if you are applying for credit, and for other purposes specified in law. You can ask us if you want more details. There is more information in the frequently asked questions page at the About My Vote website. Link is

The edited register leaves out the names and addresses of people who have told us they do not want to be on the edited register. It can be bought by, or passed on to, any person, company or organisation and it can be used for any purpose. This includes commercial activities such as marketing.

Under Section 11 of the Data Protection Act 1998 you can now request that your name and address is excluded from the edited register on a permanent basis. You cannot do this on behalf of another person. Each individual must inform the Electoral Registration Officer separately that they want to do this. You can write to us, email or download a pdf icon Section 11 Notice [47kb]

Online register searches

It is possible to search electoral registers using online commercial organisations. However, these organisations are only entitled to be supplied with information on the edited register.

You may find that your name appears on an online search despite you telling us that you do not want your name on the edited register. This can happen if your details were passed on to the commercial organisation before you told us that you did not want to be on the edited register. It may be that you have been living at your address since before 2002; when there was only one version of the register.

You should contact the commercial organisation if you want your name removed from their online search because your name is not on the up-to-date edited register.

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Contact us

Electoral Services Office
Civic Offices
St Nicholas Way


Phone: 020 8770 4179

Fax: 020 8770 5600


The Civic Offices reception office hours are Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm. (During election periods electoral staff are available out of hours please contact us direct to make an appointment during elections.)

Voter Registration and the 2014 Local and Euro Elections

Councillors Jill Whitehead, Alan Salter and Hamish Pollock have represented the Carshalton Central ward on Sutton Council as a team since the May 2010 local councsutton_council_logoil elections. They will be fully involved in the coming 2014 local elections to be held on Thursday, 22nd May.

To vote:

                • existing registered postal voters will receive postal votes from Sutton Council.
                • non-postal voters in Carshalton Central ward will be notified of voting at only one of the three usual polling stations in the ward, depending upon where they live. The polling stations are:-
                1. The Scout Hall, Westmead Road.
                2. Highfield Hall, Carshalton Road.
                3. All Saints’ C of E School, Rotherfield Road.

Jill says:

Please register to vote in these important elections, if you have not already done so. To be assured of a postal vote, your postal vote application forms need to be at the Electoral Registration Officer, London Borough of Sutton, Civic Offices, St. Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 1EA by 5pm on Wednesday, 7th May 2014.  Telephone 020-8770 4179 for a form. You have 3 weeks to do so!

Carshalton Central ward is one of nine wards that make up the constituency of Carshalton and Wallington represented in the UK Parliament since 1997 by Tom Brake MP. The London Borough of Sutton includes 18 wards in total – all of this constituency and also all of the Sutton and Cheam constituency that is made up of the nine other wards of the borough.

The next local elections are to be held on Thursday, 22nd May 2014, where eligible voters will each have three votes.

Usually these local elections are held on the first Thursday in May, but this year they will be put back from 1st May to 22nd May so as to coincide with the 2014 European Parliament Elections on that date. Direct elections are to be held for all 32 London boroughs, all 36 metropolitan boroughs, 74 second-tier district authorities, 20 unitary authorities and various mayoral posts, all in England. Elections to the new councils in Northern Ireland will also be held on the same day.

All registered electors (British, Irish, Commonwealth and European Union citizens) who are aged 18 or over on the day of the election are entitled to vote in the local elections. Those who are temporarily away from their ordinary address (for example, away working, on holiday, in student accommodation or in hospital) are also entitled to vote in the local elections, although those who have moved abroad and registered as overseas electors cannot vote in the local elections. Those who are registered to vote at more than one address (such as a university student who has a term-time address and lives at home during holidays) are entitled to vote in the local elections at each address, as long as they are not in the same local government area.

The count for these sets of elections is likely to take some considerable time whilst ballots are sorted and so forth, and the result of the local council elections should be known by the early morning of Friday, 23rd May 2014.

PLEASE Register to vote and have your say on 22 May Election Day

Cllr. Jill Whitehead says: “Residents who are not currently on the electoral register or who have moved recently have until 6th May to register to have their say in the upcoming elections. The local and European elections are both taking place on Thursday 22 May. That’s only 8 weeks away.”

Every day, councillors in Sutton take vital decisions about areas such as education, employment, health and wellbeing, social care, housing, the environment and leisure.  There are more than 147,000 voters in Sutton, but only those who have registered to vote will be able to cast their ballots. It will be four years before the next opportunity to vote in the local elections. The European Elections take place every five years.

Cllr. Hamish Pollock adds: “We want to ensure that no-one misses out on their right to vote simply because they aren’t registered. Some people think that you’re automatically registered once you pay council tax, but that isn’t the case. Others may think they’ve already missed the deadline. But it’s not too late.  People can still help choose the person they want to represent them locally for the next four years. If you don’t register, you can’t vote, and so you can’t have a say.”

Carshalton Central Cllr. Alan Salter says: “Residents can register to vote in person, by post or by proxy, by downloading, completing and returning the voting registration form at Residents who have moved or changed their name should contact electoral services before 6 May using the following details: or call 020 8770 4179.