Sutton Community Fund grants news….

Eleven local groups will share over £45,000 from the latest round of Sutton Community Fund grants to help them provide services and activities for residents of Sutton into 2017 and beyond.

The Community Fund programme, financed by Sutton Council and administered by the Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector (Sutton CVS), supports projects that benefit Sutton residents, meet local priorities and help build community and developmental assets in the borough.

The list of fund recipients for 2017 is as follows:

Surrey Youth Focus £5000

Knots Art £4595

RACE £1680

Refugee & Migrant Network Sutton £2662

Riverside Community Association £1975

Riverside Community Association £5650

Sutton Mencap £5467

Carshalton Beeches Baptist Free Church £3200

Gary Mason Charity £3000

In Unity Ltd £5000

St Teresa’s Church £5000

Together We Create £3600

A full list of the awards and how they will be used is below.

David Hobday, CEO of Sutton Mencap, said:

“We would like to thank the Sutton Community Fund for its award of a grant to Sutton Mencap. This funding will enable us to continue to offer our very popular Breakaways service, which provides weekend activities for adults with a learning disability, whilst giving parents and family members a break from their caring responsibilities.

Having a local grants fund which understands the needs of local communities makes a huge difference for organisations like ours and the people we support. We are very grateful to Sutton Council for their support through the Sutton Community Fund.”

Hazel East, Session Leader at Knots Art, said:

“A grant from the Sutton Community Fund means that we can continue to provide fun and exciting sessions for girls with autism and social communication difficulties living in and around Sutton. For many girls that attend this is their only social interaction each week and it is vital that they have a safe space in which they can make friends with others who understand the difficulties that they face. We are hugely grateful for the support.”

Cllr Simon Wales, Deputy Leader of Sutton Council and Lead Member for Finance, Assets and the Voluntary Sector, said:

“We want to congratulate the local organisations that have been successful in their applications. There is a strong voluntary sector in Sutton and this funding will go towards securing the future of these local organisations and supporting them to deliver their invaluable work in our community.

“We’ll be working closely with our partners across the voluntary sector as we strive to deliver brilliant and cost-effective services for Sutton residents in the years to come. The Community Fund grants will help them to prepare for this challenge.”

Applications for Sutton Community Fund grants of between £300 and £1000 from the next round of funding are open until Monday 3 April 2017. You can find out more on the Sutton CVS website here, and Sutton CVS will be happy to answer questions you may have or offer assistance completing the application form.

Notes to editors

The Community Fund awarded the following seven applications full grant funding:

1. Focus Surrey
Charity number: N/A Company number: N/A

Amount allocated: £5,000

This project will help children with ASD improve their communication, social and play skills, provide a friendly, inclusive and sociable environment for parents/ carers and siblings and provide training for tutors and young volunteers.

2. Knots Art 
Charity number: N/A Company number: 8631074

Amount allocated: £4,590

Funding will support weekly social activity sessions specifically for girls with autism or social communication difficulties. Art, drama and games activities are tailored to support social interaction. They will also work closely with parents to find ways to explore issues relevant to the group.

3. RACE 
Charity number: XT36173 Company number: N/A

Amount allocated: £1,680

Funding allocated to support the sustainability of ongoing group exercise within the community for up to 12 people with cardiovascular disease.

4. Refugee & Migrant Network Sutton 
Charity number: 11050500 Company number: 08026961

Amount allocated: £2,662

Improving systems to allow more time giving advice to clients, reducing waiting times for clients and to improve monitoring of service performance.
5. Riverside Community Association Limited
Charity number: 1156422 Company number: 8555270

Amount allocated: £1,975

Funding allocated to help achieve the PQASSO quality standard Level 1, which will help the organisation run more effectively and efficiently.

6. Riverside Community Association Limited

Charity number: 1156422 Company number: 8555270

Amount allocated: £5,650

Funding will help them achieve the London Youth Quality Mark, Bronze Level: a leading quality standard for organisations working with young people in the voluntary sector. Organisations working in partnership under this bid include: My Time for Young Carers, The Springboard Project, In Unity UK and the Riverside Community Association.

7. Sutton Mencap

Charity number: 1080514 Company number: 03915936

Amount allocated: £5,467

Funding allocated to continue the Breakaways in-house service for a year. The service consists of alternate Friday night and Saturday day time groups for mainly younger adults with a learning disability. This bid aims to improve mental health and wellbeing through tackling social isolation, improve mental health and wellbeing for carers and help people with a learning disability play a greater part in community life.
The Community Fund awarded the following five applications partial grant funding:
1. Carshalton Beeches Baptist Free Church

Charity number: 1130318 Company number: N/A

Amount allocated: £3,200

Funding allocated towards providing a ramp for disabled access.

2. Gary Mason Rhythmical Charitable Foundation

Charity number: 1140518 Company number: N/A

Amount allocated: £3,300

Funding allocated towards the costs of hand drumming therapy session facilitation.

3. In Unity Ltd

Charity number: N/A Company number: 07808693

Amount allocated: £5,000

Funding allocated to support the delivery of a youth project held at the Phoenix Centre

4. St Teresa’s Church
Charity number: 235468 Company number: N/A

Amount allocated: Up to £5,000

Funding allocated to develop an older people’s project aimed at alleviating isolation, increasing intergenerational work and improving life skills.

5. Together We Create

Charity number: 1140617 Company number: N/A

Amount allocated: £3,600

Funding allocated to help reduce anti-social behaviour, unite the Hamptons Community and improve parental engagement and support the development of family boundaries, so as to ensure that there is a long-term change in the area.

A Vision for Young Londoners

Dear Cllr Hamish Pollock,

We are writing with a quick update with our Vision for Young Londoners, a vision statement that involves a cross-sector alliance setting out a unified strategy and set of values to help deliver a brighter future for London’s young people.

In the past two months we have:

  • Increased supporting organisations to over 87, and supporting councillors to 36. We also have six local authorities now signed up. See the full list here.
  • We have recently launched a new website, which we will be updating with new good practice as findings from our youth voice programme.
  • Our first mailing on the Vision and our youth voice programme, 25% of the population – 100% of the future, has also gone out to supporters, which you can read here. Let me know if you want to be added to future Vision mailings.
  • We are planning to take this forward with the GLA, the new mayor and London Assembly members, and will be meeting their different teams to see how we can help them provide better opportunities for young people.

The continued support of councillors and local leaders in the coming months is critical in showing a united appetite for youth policy to be on the agenda.

If you have any questions, or additional information, please let us know. We shall continue to keep you updated periodically as we go forward.
Kind regards,

Matthew Walsham Partnership for Young London

M : 07896 98634307896 986343


Follow us on Twitter @PYL_London



Partnership for Young London brings together a community of professionals interested in improving the conditions faced by young people in London. We believe in a future that fulfils every young person’s right to wellbeing and with young people making up a quarter of London’s population, we recognise they are crucial today also.

Sutton’s Mayor Sadiq celebrates official launch of Sutton as a Social Enterprise Place

Sutton's Mayor Muhammad Sadiq

Sutton’s Mayor Muhammad Sadiq

Sutton has become the second London borough recognised by Social Enterprise UK as a Social Enterprise Place – one of only fourteen boroughs or town areas nationwide to gain that honour.

Sutton Council, Successful Sutton and Sutton Social Enterprise worked together to bid for recognition from Social Enterprise UK and received confirmation that they had been successful in July 2015.
Social enterprises – valuable organisations which work to tackle social problems and improve people’s life chances or the environment – bring many benefits to their communities which include providing services, investment and support for local people. Social Enterprise Places are areas where social enterprise activity is thriving. These involve local councils, businesses, charities, consumers and budding social entrepreneurs working together to grow their social enterprise communities.
Sutton’s status as a Social Enterprise Place was confirmed with an official launch event attended by local dignitaries in Sutton town centre on Monday 24 August.

Cllr Simon Wales, Sutton Council’s Deputy Leader and social enterprise champion, said:
“The lively social enterprise activity in our borough again shows what a wonderful place Sutton is to live and work. I am delighted that Sutton has received this formal recognition, which will go towards ensuring social enterprises will continue to get the support they need and deserve to thrive now and in the future.”

Sutton Mayor Muhammad Sadiq was present for the event at the Midtown Hub alongside Social Enterprise UK CEO Peter Holbrook and Social Enterprise Sutton Chair Amanda Edge. Also in attendance were a range of Sutton businesses and organisations including Successful Sutton, The Vine Project, Sutton Community Farm, Sutton Voice CIC, Transitions UK, Sutton Sports Village, Sutton College and Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector.
Social Enterprise Sutton was established in 2011 and comprises of a number of local businesses and organisations who seek to identify all social enterprises across Sutton and their support individual needs. The network co-ordinates a steering group which includes the Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector, the London Borough of Sutton, SCOLA and the Sutton Business Chamber.

Amanda Edge, Chair of Social Enterprise Sutton, said:
“This is fantastic achievement for the borough. In developing a Social Enterprise Place here in Sutton we are national pioneers for a sector which is beginning to gain recognition and is poised to take its rightful place as a distinct and recognisable part of the business community. I look forward to taking the initiative and reaching out to social businesses in the borough and welcoming them to Sutton Social Enterprise Place.”

One of the organisations involved in securing Sutton’s bid to become a Social Enterprise Place is Sutton Community Farm. It is a community-owned farm with the purpose of providing access to fresh, sustainable food and advice on healthy eating to Sutton borough residents.

Samuel Smith, Managing Director of Sutton Community Farm, said:
“For us, social enterprise is about doing business with the purpose of creating a more healthy, collaborative and connected community. Social enterprises are not driven solely by profit. We feel that this is more important than ever as our communities face increasing inequality and our planet is under heavy stresses. Social enterprises play a unique and vital role in making the world a better place and therefore we are thrilled that Sutton has been named a Social Enterprise Place.” 

Lib Dem run Sutton Council reaffirms its green credentials

Sutton Council has set out an updated strategy for delivery of its One Planet Sutton ambitions, reaffirming its commitment to being a greener borough in partnership with organisations across the borough.

At the Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee meeting on Thursday 18th June the council agreed to keep the five One Planet Sutton themes aimed at reducing the borough’s carbon footprint. The five themes are:

  • Cutting carbon emissions
  • Cutting waste
  • Valuing our natural environment
  • Supporting healthy communities, and
  • Supporting the local economy.

These five themes are embedded in everything the council does, from targeting its work on community energy schemes, the growing of local food, and sustainable transport by encouraging walking, cycling and use of public transport.  The council will continue to undertake work across all of the One Planet themes to reduce carbon emissions. By targeting resources on deliverable projects within each of the five themes Sutton Council can re-endorse its vision for the borough to be London’s most-sustainable suburb.

Over the past four years, more than £8.5m of funding has been levered into the borough to help deliver projects contributing to its One Planet Sutton targets, and the council has made over £1.9m savings from council energy usage. The council has been monitoring targets annually relating to borough-wide energy reduction, waste, local food, transport, flooding and water reduction.  The council estimates the direct financial savings of the service review will be £84,700 from the 2014/15 budget.  Benchmarking of Sutton’s performance by the charity Bioregional confirms that Sutton is ranked the highest outer London borough and the third-highest London council overall in terms of having the lowest CO2 emissions.

Cllr. Jill Whitehead

Cllr. Jill Whitehead

Cllr Jill Whitehead, Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, said:

“Sutton is committed to delivering a borough where residents have an excellent quality of life, and where our natural resources and wildlife are preserved for future generations.  Our revised sustainability strategy will allow the council to focus limited resources where we can provide best value. This includes increased partnership working on projects such as community-owned solar schemes and community-led behaviour change programmes.”

Sian Cooke, Senior Project Officer at Bioregional, said:

“We’re delighted to be working with Sutton Council on its refocused sustainability strategy in order to really push Sutton’s aspirations and achieve even more. Our focus will be to help local people benefit by saving money on their energy bills as well as lowering the borough’s carbon emissions. We’re also working with Volunteer Centre Sutton to find practical ways for Sutton’s volunteers to apply sustainability in their placements and bring One Planet Sutton to new audiences.”

Tom Brake writes to us on Immigration…

Dear Hamish Pollock

As someone who has raised their concerns on immigration with me, I would like to take the time to outline for you what the Liberal Democrats are currently doing on the issue.

I appreciate that migration control is an issue of great importance for many in the UK at the current time. Legitimate concerns do exist and we must have an immigration system in place that is fair, effective and trusted. I do, however, think it is important that we also recognise the positive contribution that migrants have made to the growth, prosperity and culture of the UK for generations.

My top priority is to ensure we have security and firm control of Britain’s borders. It is important that decisions about who is allowed in and under what conditions are decided in Parliament each year, not behind closed doors in Whitehall. That’s why I want to see a debate and votes by MPs each year, with full reports from both experts and local communities to inform them of the facts beforehand.

To improve security, we also need to reintroduce exit checks that were dismantled by a combination of Tory and Labour governments. If we don’t count who is leaving the country, we can’t make sure that those who should leave do, so we must have full monitoring of exit and entry at our borders.

When we allow migration we must make sure it works to Britain’s benefit. The growth and prosperity of the UK must be the key drivers in decision-making on migration by future governments. So we should encourage more doctors, experts and investors, welcoming those whose skills can help Britain prosper, but rigorously deal with crooks, traffickers and those who would harm Britain.

Much more needs to be done to tackle low pay and skills shortages in the UK, and any immigration system must be based on fairness – to local communities as much as to new arrivals. That’s why I want to see an extra £1bn of support for local services under pressure from migration and to make sure that every migrant can speak English, enabling them to play a full part in wider society.

Temporary migrants from outside the EU have previously not been required to make a direct contribution to the NHS that we all pay for over many years through general taxation. Now, we’ve made changes through the Immigration Act that require them to pay a £200 annual charge, helping relieve some of the cost pressures faced by the NHS.

Similarly, there have been important steps to tackle abuses in the system, significantly tightening current immigration rules and breaking up the failing UK Borders Agency, returning its functions to the Home Office. Overstayers have been clamped down on, as well as bogus colleges – striking off 500 colleges in 18 months for not having vigorous enough procedures in place. Cash penalties have also been increased for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants because they’re cheaper.

On the subject of asylum, our system should also show compassion, and I think it is vital we continue our proud tradition of providing a safe haven to those fleeing war and terror. There are problems in our current system which need to be tackled, with many asylum cases taking far too long to process. We must make sure the system works more quickly and effectively, and anyone whose case has not been decided after six months should be required to work, ensuring they are not solely dependent on support from the state.

Action has been taken both to make the system fairer and address public concerns. Ending child detention in prison and stopping the deportation of LGBT people to countries where they are at risk of persecution, have been longstanding issues of great importance to me. It is fantastic that these have both now been delivered.

I want to see migration controlled properly and make sure that Britain continue to be open to the benefits migration brings, while also doing a better job at giving local communities the support they need to prosper as well. I want the UK to maintain its record of sanctuary for those who are being persecuted, I believe this is being achieved.


Tom Brake

Liberal Democrat MP for Carshalton and Wallington
0208 255 8155

PS. Have you signed the petition to Save St Helier Hospital? Thousands of local people have already signed – visit for more information.

Sutton Careers Fair set to help young people up the work ladder

The London Borough of Sutton’s career fair for young people is on Wednesday, 18 March from noon to 4pm at The Pulse Centre, Carshalton College, Nightingale Road, SM5 2EJ.

Not sure whether university is the right path for you?
From construction and catering to plumbing and banking, the London Borough of Sutton’s Young People’s Careers Fair will provide insights into alternate paths to rewarding careers.
Workshops will include:
·         Apprenticeships and how to apply
·         Improving your interview skills
·         Building your CV
·         Using social media and networking to progress
·         Starting your own business
·         Applying for university as a “mature” student.
There will also be 20 minute “drop-in” sessions where you can discuss the options best for you; a CV help desk; and plenty of information about current vacancies for apprenticeships, full and part-time jobs and volunteering opportunities.
All up, there will about 50 local and national employers and representatives from colleges and training providers at the event.
The careers fair is organised by Sutton Council, with the help of local schools, colleges, employers and training providers, and is aimed at youth from Sutton and Merton aged 15 to 24.
It is useful to anyone who is: in years 11 to 13 at school; attending college; in part or full-time work but wants to progress their career further; or not currently working or training.
Cllr Jayne McCoy, Chair of the Housing, Economy and Business Committee said:
“Youth unemployment in Sutton is falling faster than the averages for both London and the UK, and events like this will help us maintain this trend.
“We have a talented pool of young people in Sutton and we want to help them to tap into their full potential to become to best they can be.
“Sutton is a great place to study, train and work, so please come along and find out how you can help us build a more prosperous borough.”
For more information about the careers fair, contact Charlotte Owens on 020 8770 6963 or

Get set to party at Carshalton’s new-look Calladoodles!

Message just in from Calladoodles:

“The bunting’s up, the balloons are out and the bubblys on ice… Its party time at bang-ontrend Calladoodles, which is celebrating five years since opening its welcoming doors tochampion independent designers, makers and publishers on Carshalton High Street. March also sees a brand-new look for the beautiful boutique-with-a-twist, which works closely with local and regional small businesses to provide quality and unique products, making it your one-stopshop for the best of British giftware, décor and cards. The store’s new sign will, of course, still feature the famous ‘Duck of Carshalton Ponds’, symbolising the shop’s local, community-based ethos. ‘Calladoodles has its roots based firmly in Carshalton. It’s a hub for the local community,’ founder and manager Clare Callanan explains. ‘We are proud to be working hard with neighbouring shops, with whom we re-energised the Traders Association, to keep Carshalton High Street alive and vibrant.’ The association, headed up by Andrew Candy from the creative space and art gallery and Chris Blanks from Elwyns Windows, works tirelessly on new initiatives, such as Carshalton High Street Market, which launches on Saturday 28th February and where you can check out Calladoodles stall. The business that brought handmade to the high street has come a long way since its humble beginnings, when it introduced the concept of showcasing home-grown British talent from micro and small businesses. In just five short years, family-run Calladoodles has evolved from an indoor design market to an established, immensely-popular gift shop specialising in high-quality cards and paper products that also focuses on affordable, cutting-edge design.

For more information, contact: Manager, Clare Callanan / Shop owner, Liz Killick Calladoodles, 18 The High Street, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 3AG, tel: 020 8395 1693 / 020 8669 6219 Email: Facebook page: Twitter page: Website: Louisa Grace: Seven Acres, Carshalton Road, Woodmansterne, SM7 3HR Media Enquiries: Angela Sara West:

Sutton’s Young People Have Their Say…

Around 50 young people had their say on the future of services in the borough at Sutton Youth Centre last week. The event was put on by Sutton Council as part of Sutton’s Future – the campaign to encourage the public to get involved in helping to reduce and change the number of services in Sutton.

Read full story at our digital News Room:

Download images at our Flickr page:

For more information on the council’s Sutton’s Future campaign, go to:

Business Support for New and Existing Enterprises

Sutton’s Local Business Rate Relief Scheme – Open Now – Up to 50% business rate discount available with eligibility criteria

Business rate reliefApply now to save 50% on your first year of trading in Sutton.  Opportunity Sutton aims to assist new business start ups and existing businesses to grow by offering them the opportunity to receive business rate discounts. Rate relief will be offered to new businesses locating within the defined Sutton Town Centre Business Improvement District area and also to expanding SMEs looking to relocate within the same area.The Local Business Rate Relief Scheme will be offered to all eligible businesses for a maximum of 12 months for applications received between 1 April 2014 and 31 March 2015 at a maximum amount of 50% of net liability.

Find out more through our Local Business Rate Relief Fact Sheet
Local business rate relief scheme Fact Sheet

Got a question? Read our FAQs
Local Business rate relief scheme FAQs

Unsure of the process? View our application process chart
Local Business Rate Relief – Application process for businesses

Are you moving within the designated Sutton High Street Business Improvement District area?
Sutton BID map

Apply now
Local Business Rate Relief Application Form

Sutton Enterprise Market Place, Sutton High Street, Saturday, 13th September

The best social entrepreneurs in Sutton will be taking to the High Street this Saturday to show consumers how their weekly spend can make a difference.

Sutton Enterprise Market Place will be in full flow on Saturday, 13 September 2014 on Sutton High Street to raise awareness of ethical businesses in the borough.

The event, which starts at 12 noon and runs until 3pm, will help explain what social enterprise is and how it can benefit the community.

A fun day for all the family will also include face painting, puppets, giant tennis and performances.

Social enterprises are usually community-focused organisations which are run as a business but plough their profits back into supporting their ethical aims, such as fair trade, or running a charity.

Jill Whitehead, Chair of the Environment & Neighbourhood Committee, said:

“Everyone agrees with the principles social enterprises but not many people know what they do. Residents will be surprised to know there are a lot of social enterprises working in the borough. They are a great way of encouraging ethical businesses. So I hope everyone comes along this weekend to find out more and uses their spending power to make a difference.”