Good citizenship and … nearly a million flowers planted in Sutton’s Parks

From the Sutton Borough Guardian:-

Residents and Carshalton Central ward councillors (and others) bulb planting in Benhill Rec

Residents and Carshalton Central ward councillors (and others) bulb planting in Benhill Rec

Almost a million bulbs are being planted to make the borough look blooming brilliant in spring. 

Council workers and volunteers have started planting the bulbs as part of a bigger project to spruce up Sutton launched after people told the Sutton Council they wanted to see the look of the borough improved.

More than 400,000 will be planted in Sutton, Carshalton and Clockhouse with the remainder of the 829,000 bulbs going across the rest of the borough. Sutton’s 17 friends of parks groups have been given 29,000 bulbs to use as they please.

Councillor Jill Whitehead, who is in charge of keeping the borough clean and green, said: “We always take on board the feedback our residents give us. In this case many have been telling us what they think would improve the borough.  We’ve listened and acted. The 829,000 new bulbs will bring a lot of colour to our parks and open spaces when they appear in the Spring. They’ll also ensure Sutton continues to be regarded as one London’s greenest boroughs.”

Other environmental projects around Sutton include the cleaning of war memorials and a programme of tree planting.

Benhill Recreation Ground: Bulb planting

Alongside many residents and other local councillors, your local Focus team of Jill, Alan and Hamish planted some bulbs (daffodils and crocuses) in Benhill Recreation Ground this morning, 27th October 2013.

We worked in the area near the east-west footpath that goes between the Harold Road gate right on our Carshalton Central ward boundary (!) and the steps up to the Benhill Road gate almost directly opposite.  Hopefully next Spring will see a blaze of extra colour in this recreation ground…

Sutton Council have also recently planted a lot of bulbs in a large triangular area immediately north of the east-west footpath.

Alan and Jill planting bulbs (picture taken by Hamish)

Alan and Jill planting bulbs (picture taken by Hamish)

Streetcare Survey

Local Cllrs. Jill Whitehead and Hamish Pollock undertook a street care survey of some roads on Friday morning, 28th June 2013 and we have reported the following matters:-

Cllr. Jill Whitehead at the Kings Lane south bridge where the pavement was widened by Sutton Council recently

Cllr. Jill Whitehead at the Kings Lane south bridge where the pavement was widened by Sutton Council recently

1) Waterloo Road, Sutton:  Yellow lines very worn at junction with Sutton Grove and white parking bay lines very worn outside 20-22 Waterloo Road.
2) Junction of Waterloo Road and Sutton Grove: the white lines and Give Way signs painted on road are very worn.
3) Kings Lane bridge (north) asked that the council clear weeds on the east side near Weihurst Gardens junction.
4) Kings Lane bridge (south) to clear weeds and renew double yellow lines worn on both sides approaching bridge from the Warren Park side.
5) Kings Lane southbound lane heading towards the south bridge a “SLOW” sign is required on road. We observed speeding cars at this point.
6) Next to no. 19 Kings Lane by the alleyway entrance the “No cycling” sign is very worn away and the supporting pole is very rusted away – could this be replaced?
7) Hawthorn Road: Lots of weeds in the gutter outside no. 24.
8) Harrow Road: we noted lots of excessive basal growth to street trees outside numbers 54/56 and 58/60, and also outside 62/64. We asked the council to please try to keep hollyhocks at the latter location!
9) The junction of Harrow Road on the west side junction with Carshalton Road. Could the area by the advert sign be tidied- TfL responsibility perhaps? Lots of long grass and weeds which are very unsightly!
10) Ringstead Road: Please could the broken kerb be mended by the street tree near to 14 Ringstead Road, north of the junction with Croft Road.
 11) Outside no. 75 Westmead Road lots of weeds noted on pavement outside the QVS depot/yard entrance.
12) Harold Road: The hedge by the pavement on the west side of road leading to Benhill Recreation Ground needs clipping back to the chain link fence line.  

Potholes Reported by Cllr. Jill Whitehead

Cllr. Jill Whitehead has recently reported a large number of pot holes in and around the Carshalton Central neighbourhood including:-

1) The length of Gordon Road in the approach to Carshalton Beeches railway station.

2) In the centre of Cambridge Road (off Carshalton Road) where there are some wide white hashed markings.

3) By tree in Milton Avenue close to junction with Shirley Avenue (on the part of Milton Avenue that is between Shirley Avenue and Brookfield Avenue), and potholes at all four corners of Milton and Shirley Avenues junction.

4) Outside no 46 Milton Avenue close to the pavement and outside nos 52 and 54 Milton Avenue (ditto), (on the part of Milton Avenue that is between Shirley Avenue and Brookfield Avenue).

5) By tree in Milton Avenue, in middle of road close to green triangle and the junction with Byron Gardens (on the part of Milton Avenue that is between Brookfield Avenue and Erskine Road – this part of the road is in poor condition generally).

6) Benhill Recreation Ground: Large potholes in the park path alongside the children’s playground on the Harold Road side.

7) Potholes in Byron Avenue close to the junction with Westmead Road, and at the junction of Byron Avenue with Byron Avenue East.

8) Potholes in Kingsley Avenue at junction with Byron Avenue East.

9) Pothole near drain outside no 9 Kingsley Avenue.

10) Potholes at junction of Cowper Avenue and Byron Avenue East.

11) Potholes at junction of Kingsley Avenue and Shirley Avenue.

We hope that these can be attended to before too long.

Old Carshalton Map Published

1910 Map of Carshalton

Hamish recently bought a copy of the brilliant Old 1910 Carshalton & North Wallington Map, which has been recently published, at the shop at the local Honeywood Museum for £2.50.

This is published by Alan Godfrey Maps who are producing historical maps of towns and cities across the UK.  A scan of the map front is below.

The map covers much of the old village of Carshalton (the current Conservation Area) and the Wrythe and most of the northern part of what is now Carshalton Central ward that is represented on Sutton Council by Jill, Alan and Hamish

Coverage includes Carshalton High Street to the south edge of the map, Harold Road at the west edge and Bute Road, Wallington at the east end.  The area to the south of this map is covered by the Carshalton South map in the same series.

Benhill Recreation Ground Lavender Planting

Cllr. Alan Salter joined residents and other local Lib Dem councillors in a lavender planting session at Benhill Recreation Ground off Harold Road on Saturday, 21st April, on a day which of course coincides with the 86th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.

Residents and councillors admire the newly planted lavender plants in Benhill Recreation Ground

Benhill Recreation Ground: New Planting Planned

Lavender grown elsewhere in Carshalton

The Focus Team reports: “Local residents are invited to join in the planned lavender planting event in Benhill Recreation Ground on Saturday 21st April 2012 at 10am. Do bring a trowel and help us create yet another lavender bed near Lavender Road (northern end of Benhill Rec.)”

Benhill Recreation Ground Improvements Planned

Jill, Alan and Hamish report:- “We’re told that there are to be further welcome improvements being planned for Benhill Recreation Ground which has an entrance off Harold Road, itself a turning off Westmead Road. These include:- 

A New Lavender Bed. The parks department of the council are to organise the flower bed to be dug and prepared for the lavender by early March. It is hoped to put together a planting party for the 1st or 2nd week in April this year. If you are interested in joining the planting party, please let one of us know.

A New Picnic Bench. This was approved by the Council’s Sutton Local Committee last week (Thursday, 2nd Feb.).

Benhill Recreation Ground Improvements

Residents and councillors planting lavender in Benhill Recreation Ground earlier this year

Cllr. Alan Salter reports: it was agreed on Tuesday 6th December the following by five local residents and two local councillors who attended the site visit at Benhill Rec off Harold Road which is a cul-de-sac off Westmead Road that :

a) the proposed new tree seat will be situated in the playground area but not under the willow tree.

b) one of the new seats will be on the bank looking across the London skyline near near Oliver Road, Sutton.

c) the other seat to be placed outside the playground area looking southwards

d) two picnic benches to be placed inside the playground (subject to any available funding)

e) one refuse bin to be placed next to the seat by Oak Apartments (no extra seating near to Harold Road residents houses)

f) a oval shaped lavender flower bed between the willow tree and the existing lavender bed.

g) to pursue the matter regarding proposed fruit bushes in the area between the playground and Lavender Road.

Hopefully the basic ground work  for the extra lavender bed will be completed by end of February 2012 subject to winter weather conditions, then the lavender can be planted in April  for which volunteers wanted.

It’s of course your recreation ground for you all to enjoy – next step is to form a “friends group” to look after it!  Any residents interested in forming the Friends of Benhill Rec are invited to contact Cllr. Alan Salter.

The Playground at Benhill Rec

Westmead Road Former Bus Garage Site: New housing development on site of former trolleybus garage

Local Poets’ Estate resident and councillor Jill Whitehead who lives off Westmead Road says: “We have been advised that a planning application has been submitted to Sutton Council to develop the Access Self Storage site at 107 Westmead Road, former site of the tram/trolleybus depot/bus garage. The application is for a new road in between Harold Road and Byron Avenue, consisting of 29 new homes plus three commercial units on the Westmead Road frontage”

Cllr. Alan Salter says: “This is one of two different applications for the area submitted recently, with the proposal to redevelop part of Westmead Business Centre being approved earlier in the year. This should help regeneration of the area.“

Cllr. Hamish Pollock who used to live off Westmead Road says: “Residents have told us how keen they are to retain the transport heritage of the area, and some have even suggested the new road might be called “Trolleybus Way”. Should the planning application for the Access Storage site be approved, we will ask the council if an appropriate transport-themed name could be adopted.”