Doorstep callers thwarted after attempt to con resident out of £6,000 for building repairs

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Sutton residents are being encouraged to be very wary of doorstep callers offering to do building repairs to their home.

The advice comes from Sutton Council’s Trading Standards team after an incident when two men called at the home of a West Sutton resident, claiming to be a surveyor and a builder.

The men told the elderly resident they worked for the agent of the unoccupied house next door. They said that water had been coming through the ceiling from the loft and had made the adjoining wall unstable and in need of urgent repair as it was in danger of collapsing. They offered to carry out immediate repairs to the wall, which included hiring a dehumidifier, for just under £6,000.

The elderly resident went to her bank in Sutton town centre and told staff she wanted to transfer £5,700 to another bank account. When challenged she said the transfer was for a family member, then admitted it was to builders who had cold called.

The men had told her to tell the bank the money was for a family member as it would be easier to obtain the money from the bank. However, bank staff did not permit the money transfer to go ahead.

Cllr Nick Emmerson, Lead Councillor of Trading Standards at Sutton Council, said:

“We commend the bank staff for their quick thinking in preventing a Sutton resident from making a large cash withdrawal that was completely out of character. Many elderly residents have lost money after tricksters have demanded money upfront for materials without carrying out any work, have greatly overcharged for straightforward repairs or have deliberately caused damage to argue that costly repairs are needed. Such opportunists are bad news for all our residents and are a blight on honest and hardworking traders, which is why the council has the Safer Sutton Trader Scheme.

“This list has been thoroughly vetted by Trading Standards and offers a range of professional tradespeople in the borough who are neither bogus builders nor unscrupulous opportunists. All of the businesses are checked by Trading Standards to ensure they are providing an assured service before they are listed and promoted by Sutton Council and the Met Police in Sutton.”

Sutton Council’s Safer Sutton Trader Scheme helps residents to avoid bogus builders and unscrupulous traders. To find an approved trader, please visit the Safer Sutton Trader Scheme website or call 020 8770 5070 for details.

If you are a trader wishing to join the Safer Sutton Trader Scheme, follow the Kingston & Sutton shared service on Twitter here, follow the #SaferSuttonTrader hashtag here, or call the Trading Standards team on 020 8770 5632.

The Citizens Advice website has advice about how to safeguard your interests when employing a contractor.

Sutton Trading Standards advises residents to obtain three quotes for any work they want carried out. The law requires that where you contract with a tradesperson in your home, you must be provided with a 14-day cooling off period. All reputable traders will provide you with these cancellation documents.

News from Calladoodles Shop, High Street, Carshalton

Carshalton’s Calladoodles Brings ‘Hygge’ to Your Home!

Snuggle up Scandi style this autumn… award-winning card & gift shop Calladoodles is celebrating the latest Nordic trend, ‘hygge’ – the art of achieving happiness and the biggest Danish export since Lego!

Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’) is said to make homes nicer and people happier through comfort and relaxed living, surrounding yourself with things you love and embracing all the little luxuries and special moments that make life great.

Think warm, woolly socks, hot chocolate, roaring fires, time with family & friends… cosiness!

Carshalton High Street’s unique concept store, which recently relaunched its online presence with sensational photography, creating glossy magazine-style aesthetics, platforms the very best of British handpicked gifts, for you, your family, friends and home. Specialising in gifts and cards, alongside bang-on-trend fashion and accessories, the beautiful bricks-and-mortar outlet also offers high-quality homeware, shabby-chic furniture and stylish décor, while its state-of-the-art website brings the current market must-haves, along with inspirational ideas for designing and accessorising your living space, direct to your home.

With a focus on styling and visual merchandising, the stunning new website at offers striking illustrative examples of how you can create a beautiful environment to live in, representing the latest trends and creating some new ones, too!

The website is dedicated to showcasing the store’s mainstream and original one-of-a-kind products displayed in the home (and outdoor) environment, maximising their visual impact and thereby fostering fresh ideas for injecting style into your own abode.

The impressive imagery attracts established and new customers alike, drawn to the creative ‘combining’ ideas, which are cleverly designed to imaginatively liven up your living space and bring breathtaking harmony to the home. With its eye-catching, online magazine feel, the newly-launched website achieves all the appeal of a glossy magazine brand, oozing cutting-edge Calladoodles’ sense of style and inspiring customers with the dedicated team’s own energy and enthusiasm for their products and the environment around them.

The trendsetting store’s manager and photographer, Kate Luscombe, conceived the website’s show-stopping visual merchandising and recently carried out a wonderful ‘hygge’-themed photoshoot with Calladoodles’ Casting Call competition winner for the October blog.

‘We’re all about hygge this season,’ says executive manager, Clare Callanan, who is at the helm of a talented team. ‘Our books on the Scandinavian concept are literally flying off the shelves and we’re stocking up on all sorts of hygge-style, feel-good products, such as fluffy scarves, mitts and bed socks from AURA QUE, which are going down a storm!’

Last year, Calladoodles was honoured with the award for ‘Best Non-Specialist Independent Retailer of Greeting Cards – South’ at the prestigious Retas awards in recognition of its comprehensive card collection. Whatever the occasion, Calladoodles has it covered.

What’s more, community-led Calladoodles has a fascinating, inspirational success story behind it…

The trendsetting ‘business that brought handmade to the high street’, empowers local and national independent designers, artists and publishers by providing them with a launchpad for their work. It has rocketed from its humble beginnings as an indoor market to a raved-about, leading-edge store, which weathered the economic downturn and has set standards in the small-business sector.

As pioneering businesswomen flying the flag for female entrepreneurship, the executive manager and her mother co-founded the company and are supported by an all-girl team.

Calladoodles is all about the community and is on a mission to promote its all-important ‘shop the high street’ message, too.

With exciting expansion plans in the offing, Calladoodles is set to grow. The company aims to open more stores and the team is passionate about emulating the community ethos they have so proudly established, elsewhere. The store already manufactures its very own brand of cards, wrap, tags and bags and, in further developments, plans to produce its very own fairtrade products, which will be ethically made in a village in Nepal.

In the meantime, get ‘hygge’ with it… head to Calladoodles and get your hands on some hygge-style happiness for YOUR home.

It’s set to be THE trend this autumn and winter,’ Clare continues. ‘So, don’t miss our hygge-themed window displays for inspiration and visit us in store for much, much more!’

Sutton Council agrees new Masterplan for redevelopment of Town Centre

Sutton Council has agreed a vision for the future of Sutton Town Centre and a 15-year Masterplan to help make the vision a reality that includes redeveloping the Civic Centre area and transforming the gyratory system around the High Street.

The Masterplan will ensure that in these economically uncertain times the Town Centre continues to attract new business to invest in the centre and to provide shopping, services and local employment opportunities.

The Town Centre Masterplan follows an extensive eight-week consultation earlier this year that resulted in nearly 800 comments from local residents and businesses.

The vision will ensure that by 2031 Sutton Town Centre will  be celebrated for its range of independent retailers, a vibrant and bustling range of arts, cultural and entertainment activities for people of all generations, diverse food and dining, and will stand out because of its strong local heritage.

In order to deliver this vision the Masterplan makes a commitment that Sutton Council will:

  • Explore the redevelopment of the Civic Centre area to create new spaces for arts, culture and entertainment activities in the town centre as well as providing much-needed new homes.
  • Work with the owners of the St Nicholas Shopping Centre to create new activity along St Nicholas Way, with shops, leisure and dining venues near the existing cinema;
  • Work to help deliver new employment development at or above Sutton railway station to strengthen the existing focus for employment in Sutton, support existing local employers and boost the number of jobs in the town centre;
  • Transform the gyratory road around the town centre on St Nicholas Way and Throwley Way into an urban boulevard lined with street trees and ensure that all new development facing onto it is of exceptionally high quality;
  • Work with grant funders to secure a range of High Street projects to strengthen the centre of Sutton and improve the image of the town centre; and
  • Work with Historic England and landowners on a plan to enhance the historic core of the Town Centre.

Mary Morrissey, Strategic Director of Environment, Housing and Regeneration at Sutton Council, said:

“Sutton Town Centre is the lifeblood of our borough. We must support it to grow and provide more jobs and opportunities for our residents through major plans including the redevelopment of the Civic Centre area and the transformation of the gyratory into an urban boulevard. These will help us to create a distinctive Sutton and I want to thank everyone who took part in the consultation as they have helped to create the future of Sutton Town Centre.”

The Sutton Town Centre Masterplan covers the town centre area and complements the council’s Local Plan, which sets out a Vision for the whole of the borough. The Local Plan is currently being reviewed as part of Sutton Council’s wider vision for the whole of the borough in 2031-32 and is being prepared in the context of Sutton being a One Planet Borough with a proud identity as a green and environmentally-sustainable borough.

The Local Plan, which has detailed planning policies to help judge planning applications for new developments including those in the town centre, will be subject to a follow-up consultation in the autumn.

Bilfinger GVA (BGVA), one of the largest planning, development and regeneration advisers in the UK and Ireland, led the consortium that created the ambitious masterplan, which included Architecture 00, Urban Engineering Studio, and Allies and Morrison.

Jerry Freeman, Senior Director of Development at BGVA, said:

“The Sutton Town Centre Masterplan sets a strong, deliverable vision for the future of the Town Centre, with a clear direction for development and investment going forward to 2031. This provides the evidence and guidance to strengthen the competitive position of Sutton Town Centre as a key metropolitan centre in outer London. The Masterplan supports the council’s requirements and aspirations for the Town Centre. The council is now investigating ways to facilitate the Masterplan proposals through the use of its assets and its wider influence on development.”

The Town Centre Masterplan follows on from the Greater London Authority’s granting of Housing Zone status for Sutton Council’s Sutton One Housing Zone, which has identified 12 key sites for residential development in Sutton Town Centre and Hackbridge. The council has also set up a development company and investment vehicle to encourage businesses to invest in the borough.

Sutton residents warned to beware of mail scams this summer


Trudy Richards, Senior Consumer Affairs Officer at Sutton Council, with just some of the many scam letters that residents have received.

Sutton Council is warning borough residents to be careful and not to become the victim of mail scams.

The warning was made by Trading Standards officers from Kingston and Sutton Shared Environment Service after the National Trading Standards Scams Team (NTS Scams Team) prevented almost 750,000 pieces of scam mail from entering the UK postal system in the last three months.

Nearly 750,000 (749,500) pieces of scam mail, including fake prize draws and clairvoyant scams, have been stopped from reaching the letterboxes of households around the country in the past three months*.

Although criminals behind the scams continually redesign their products to try to avoid raising suspicions, Sutton residents should look out for signs such as:

  • A foreign return address
  • An offer of a big pay out in return for a small purchase or administration fee
  • Requests for personal details in order to claim a prize
  • A letter claiming you have won a lottery that you did not enter
  • Letters from a psychic or clairvoyant offering their services for a fee
  • An offer that seems too good to be true.

Sutton Council Trading Standards recently came across a 90-year-old woman in the borough who had been conned out of £60,000 by unscrupulous people over the past decade. The pensioner received and responded to thousands of unsolicited letters and phone calls from the UK, France, The Netherlands, Canada and Australia.

Kingston and Sutton Shared Environment Service is urging people to look out for their neighbours, relatives and friends and to contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline if they suspect that someone they know may be responding to scam mail.

Jan Gransden, Group Manager of Enforcement at Kingston & Sutton Shared Environment Service, said:

“We are asking Sutton residents to be vigilant if they receive unsolicited letters with an offer that sounds too good to be true – as this will in fact be the case. We helped a pensioner who ordered some make-up advertised in a mail-order catalogue, and a decade and thousands of letters later had spent £60,000 on worthless goods and lottery scams promising riches. The key message about any such letters is do not respond! We ask friends, neighbours and relatives to look out for scam mail in their parents’, children’s or friends’ houses and for banks to be on the lookout for suspicious transactions and uncharacteristic behaviour.”

Lord Toby Harris, Chair, National Trading Standards, said:

“National Trading Standards and our partners are working hard to stop scam mail reaching the hands of vulnerable people in our communities. However these new figures show that we are facing an uphill struggle.

“I would urge anyone who receives potentially fraudulent mail or who knows someone who might be receiving it to report it to the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06.”

If you think you know someone who has been a scam victim or perhaps you believe you are a scam victim yourself, contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 08454 04 05 0608454 04 05 06. The helpline will provide you with advice and pass the details onto Trading Standards.

How to spot scams and stop scams

  • If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  • If you have not bought a ticket – you cannot win it.
  • You should not have to pay anything to get a prize.
  • If in doubt do not reply. Bin it delete it or hang up.
  • Persuasive sales patter? Just say ‘No thank you’.
  • Contacted out of the blue – be suspicious.
  • Never give out you bank details unless you are certain you can trust the person contacting you.
  • Take your time – resist pressure to make a decision straight away.
  • Never send money to someone you do not know.
  • Walk away from job ads that ask for money in advance.
  • Your bank will never attend your home.
  • The bank and the Police will never collect your bank card.
  • Your bank and the Police will never ask for your PIN.
  • Computer firms do not make unsolicited phone calls to help fix your computer.
  • Do not suffer in silence – tell other  about scams.

Four Seasons of Success for Carshalton’s Calladoodles!

Calladoodles Shop, High Street, Carshalton

Calladoodles Shop, High Street, Carshalton

Jill, Hamish and Alan received this message from Carshalton High Street’s Calladoodles which may be of interest to Carshalton residents…

Christmas is coming and it’s a busy time for the team at award-winning gift shop Calladoodles in Carshalton. But they’re not just busy preparing for the festive season, they’re also celebrating the unprecedented success of their very own ‘celebrity’ artist, Helena Vaughan, whose bestselling vintage posters of local scenes have proven such a hit, they’re selling faster than she can deliver them!

Helena’s colourful collection celebrating Carshalton through the seasons has been selling like hotcakes ever since making its debut at unique concept store Calladoodles, which champions independent designers, makers and publishers. Helena designed the images after Calladoodles’ founder and manager Clare Callanan bought her a calendar of vintage posters for Christmas last year and (over a glass of wine!) suggested she create a Carshalton in Winter poster. Helena quickly got to work on conceiving her masterpiece, delivered her design, and within just five minutes of the first stunning picture being placed in the shop window it was snapped up and her hot-off-the-press prints began flying off the shelves!

“I revamped a view that I’d previously done of Carshalton High Street and bingo! I thought I might sell just a few and so wasn’t at all prepared for the demand – it took me completely by surprise,” explains Carshalton resident and sixth form art teacher Helena, who, along with her husband Neal, also an art teacher, has been exhibiting in the area since moving here over 10 years ago.

“I’ve been constantly amazed by the feedback about my artwork. I knew this was an area to be proud of and this is the proof that the locals here love where they live,” Helena continues. “I’m so proud to live here myself and phenomenally proud that my designs are on the walls of so many local homes. Calladoodles have been great in supporting me. They listen to their customers and, together, we try to deliver what they need.”

The exclusive series of timeless designs, reminiscent of a romantic bygone age, was inspired by vintage transport posters, encouraging travel to places of interest and beauty to escape the increasing urban sprawls. Helena’s bestselling poster set is available in framed or unframed prints and boasts spring, summer and autumn editions, while the winter version is set for a re-release next week. The coveted Carshalton prints illustrate the high street at its very best, looking down to All Saints Church, past Calladoodles itself, displaying different colours for each changing season. A brand new, much-requested design, Carshalton 4 Seasons will celebrate a year of posters.

“We’re very proud to showcase Helena’s work here at Calladoodles,” says Clare. “We’re exclusive stockists for her designs in the area and are overrun with interest and orders for her work… so much so there’s now a waiting list for her prints!”

Alongside the vintage-style posters for Carshalton, Helena’s Beddington and Wallington By Bus Or Rail posters, greeting cards and postcards are also selling fast, and keep an eye out for her new special edition Christmas card collection, due in store in December, featuring a delightful night-time, snowy view of Carshalton high street illuminated with Christmas lights.

Beautiful boutique-with-a-twist Calladoodles plays an important, credible role in the community, working closely with local and regional small businesses to provide high-quality, unique gifts with a focus on affordable, cutting-edge design. As a specialist in top-quality cards and paper products, the stunning shop and popular community hub recently received a prestigious national award for ‘Best Non-Specialist Independent.

Retailer of Greeting Cards’ at The RETAS 2015, which celebrate the very finest greeting card retail stockists in the UK.

Clare and her team are currently working on their famous, dazzling winter wonderland window display, which never fails to enchant passersby. As your one-stop-shop for the best of British giftware, décor and cards, the shop is already bursting with baubles and other sparkling decorations, stocking fillers, secret Santa gifts and gorgeous luxury items. “As always, we try to offer a selection of Christmas products that customers won’t find elsewhere,” Clare continues, “encouraging people to shop local!”





Sutton High Street News

The Mosaic in Trinity Square, Sutton High Street

The Mosaic in Trinity Square, Sutton High Street

Sutton shoppers have Social Saturday surprises in store. Sutton High Street will become a social enterprise hub this Saturday, 10 October, to mark Social Saturday

Shoppers will have the chance to buy from a range of local businesses given a platform to promote, sell and launch their products. Social enterprises in Sutton include the Sutton Community Farm, the Vine Project, and Sutton Voice.

Local organisations including Sutton Council, Successful Sutton, and Social Enterprise Sutton have given their support to the event which hopes to attract people from across the borough and south-west London.

Cllr Simon Wales, Deputy Leader of the Council and social enterprise champion, said:

“Social Saturday is superb chance for residents of the borough to enjoy shopping from local social enterprises and to find great new retailers to support in their local area. We’re really looking forward to seeing a busy high street on Saturday and urge everyone who can make it to come along and help support local social enterprises.”

Social enterprises have a mission to reinvest or donate their profits to create a positive social impact. They may create opportunities for people marginalised from the job market, support development projects around the world, or strengthen local economies.

The annual Social Saturday event is a national celebration of social enterprises. 2015’s event aims to build on the success of last year’s inaugural event The government estimates there are more than 180,000 social enterprises in the UK, employing more than 2m people and contributing billions to the economy each year.

Amanda Edge, Chair of Social Enterprise Sutton, said:

“Social enterprises are extremely valuable for the national economy and for the planet as a whole.  They provide jobs and are environmentally sustainable – it’s really important that shoppers support them in the Sutton area and help them to thrive. Sutton is one of only two Social Enterprise Places in London and we’re really happy that shoppers and organisations are working together for a better borough.”

Sutton’s Mayor Sadiq celebrates official launch of Sutton as a Social Enterprise Place

Sutton's Mayor Muhammad Sadiq

Sutton’s Mayor Muhammad Sadiq

Sutton has become the second London borough recognised by Social Enterprise UK as a Social Enterprise Place – one of only fourteen boroughs or town areas nationwide to gain that honour.

Sutton Council, Successful Sutton and Sutton Social Enterprise worked together to bid for recognition from Social Enterprise UK and received confirmation that they had been successful in July 2015.
Social enterprises – valuable organisations which work to tackle social problems and improve people’s life chances or the environment – bring many benefits to their communities which include providing services, investment and support for local people. Social Enterprise Places are areas where social enterprise activity is thriving. These involve local councils, businesses, charities, consumers and budding social entrepreneurs working together to grow their social enterprise communities.
Sutton’s status as a Social Enterprise Place was confirmed with an official launch event attended by local dignitaries in Sutton town centre on Monday 24 August.

Cllr Simon Wales, Sutton Council’s Deputy Leader and social enterprise champion, said:
“The lively social enterprise activity in our borough again shows what a wonderful place Sutton is to live and work. I am delighted that Sutton has received this formal recognition, which will go towards ensuring social enterprises will continue to get the support they need and deserve to thrive now and in the future.”

Sutton Mayor Muhammad Sadiq was present for the event at the Midtown Hub alongside Social Enterprise UK CEO Peter Holbrook and Social Enterprise Sutton Chair Amanda Edge. Also in attendance were a range of Sutton businesses and organisations including Successful Sutton, The Vine Project, Sutton Community Farm, Sutton Voice CIC, Transitions UK, Sutton Sports Village, Sutton College and Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector.
Social Enterprise Sutton was established in 2011 and comprises of a number of local businesses and organisations who seek to identify all social enterprises across Sutton and their support individual needs. The network co-ordinates a steering group which includes the Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector, the London Borough of Sutton, SCOLA and the Sutton Business Chamber.

Amanda Edge, Chair of Social Enterprise Sutton, said:
“This is fantastic achievement for the borough. In developing a Social Enterprise Place here in Sutton we are national pioneers for a sector which is beginning to gain recognition and is poised to take its rightful place as a distinct and recognisable part of the business community. I look forward to taking the initiative and reaching out to social businesses in the borough and welcoming them to Sutton Social Enterprise Place.”

One of the organisations involved in securing Sutton’s bid to become a Social Enterprise Place is Sutton Community Farm. It is a community-owned farm with the purpose of providing access to fresh, sustainable food and advice on healthy eating to Sutton borough residents.

Samuel Smith, Managing Director of Sutton Community Farm, said:
“For us, social enterprise is about doing business with the purpose of creating a more healthy, collaborative and connected community. Social enterprises are not driven solely by profit. We feel that this is more important than ever as our communities face increasing inequality and our planet is under heavy stresses. Social enterprises play a unique and vital role in making the world a better place and therefore we are thrilled that Sutton has been named a Social Enterprise Place.” 

Old Bakery, 28 High Street, Carshalton

The council’s planning officers have advised us that an application was approved in February 2015 (ref. C2014/70926/FUL) for the demolition of the fire damaged rear annexe and the erection of a single storey rear extension to replace it. No residential units formed part of that approved application.

So far, no pre-application request has been submitted for this site recently, nor has any new planning application been received. The council’s planning officers have heard nothing in respect of any further development at the Village Bakery (28 High Street, Carshalton) since that approval in February.

Pedlar cautioned for illegal street trading and for selling unsafe toys in Sutton

A pedlar has been cautioned for illegal street trading and for selling unsafe toys on Sutton High Street. George Armstrong of Walthamstow has accepted a caution for street trading without a licence and for selling toys that are unsafe for young children. The offences relate to illegal street trading under Section 38(1)(b) of the London Local Authorities Act 1990 as amended and the possession of unsafe toys under Section 12(1) of the Consumer Protection Act.

After receiving the caution Mr Armstrong voluntarily agreed to surrender his illegal stock to Sutton Council Trading Standards service for it to be destroyed and recycled.  Mr Armstrong was stopped from trading on Sutton High Street on 14 May, having received a large amount of advice and numerous warnings from Multidisciplinary Regulatory Officers in Sutton High Street. He had been advised that while trading as a pedlar he had to keep moving and not stay in the same spot for any amount of time. A problem was noted with toy dogs found in his possession as the eyes and noses were detached from some and marking on their bases was incorrect. Two samples were sent to Hampshire Scientific Services for testing under the Toy (Safety) Regulations 2011 and they subsequently failed the relevant test.

Mr Armstrong has had his trolley and accessories returned to him to allow him to continue to trade and earn a living.

Cllr Mary Burstow, Chair of the Licensing Committee at Sutton Council, said:

“Illegal traders take business away from our legitimate businesses and, as in this case, may be found to be selling potentially life-threatening goods. It’s great credit to our trading standards team who have managed to get these faulty goods off our streets.”

Sutton’s annual summer festival returns for another year

Take Part

Sutton’s summer-long community  festival is back for another year.

Up until late September, the warmer months will be jam-packed with entertainment, much of which is ideal for the whole family. There are fairs and community events, activities at our libraries and the Ecology Centre, new stand-up comedy at the Charles Cryer Theatre, and much more.The Take Part, Take Pride festival, co-ordinated by Sutton Council, aims to bring local residents together through a diverse range of activities across the borough.

This very weekend, locals can enjoy the first ever Carshalton-on-Sea event, including seaside-inspired activities across four venues – Honeywood Museum, All Saint’s Church, Charles Cryer Theatre and Carshalton Village Market and Stage.From Friday afternoon to late Sunday, there will be a programme of performances ranging from jazz musicians to magicians, market stalls, street food, workshops and more.This is just one of hundreds of activities happening in the borough this summer.You can even host your own event and the council will help you to publicise it.

Cllr Ruth Dombey, Leader of Sutton Council said:“This summer-long festival always proves to be very popular with our residents, which explains why it gets better  every year.“The whole idea behind Take Part Take Pride is to bring people in Sutton together and provide plenty of things for the whole family to get involved in and enjoy.“There are some fantastic and diverse events going on over the coming months. I urge everyone to come along, have fun, and really take part and take pride in our borough.”

To view the whole programme of events or for more information on hosting your own event including applying for street closures, go to

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