North Street : This November… Road re-surfacing works

sutton_council_logoA message has just been received by Jill, Chris and Hamish…
Dear Councillors
I trust that you are well.
Our Planned Maintenance people need to re-surface North Street Carshalton, from 59b to Nightingale Road. It will be day work on 18th and 21st November 2016. This will necessitate a road closure between these two points but it will only be in place on the Friday and the Monday whilst the works are actually going on.
A suitable, well signed diversion will be in place.
Access will be maintained at all time for pedestrians but during the day access for vehicles will be restricted.
If you require more information, then please either contact me, or Alan Baldock, who is the engineer in charge of the project.
Martin French
London Borough of Sutton and Royal Borough of Kingston
Streetworks and Network Manager
24, Denmark Road
Surrey SM5 2JG
020 8770 6426 (General Streetworks enquiries only)

Protecting our Carshalton heritage

Like you, we value our local heritage and we want to protect it for generations to come. There are several exciting developments and as your local councillors, we thought you’d like an update.

In 2011 the Council started looking at the future use of buildings in Carshalton. We undertook widespread consultation on possible options for the sensitive use and protection of historic heritage buildings all situated within the Carshalton Village Conservation Area, and the parkland in and around Carshalton Ponds and The Grove Park. In total six thousand local residents were contacted by the Council to ask them for views, and six Carshalton Friends groups were also consulted.

This led to a special meeting of the Carshalton Local Committee in September 2011, attended by over seventy local residents. As residents were clear that they wanted such assets to stay in community hands where possible, they voted for progressing the Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector (SCVS)proposal for a voluntary sector centre at The Grove House and Ecolocal proposals for use of The Lodge as an ecological centre.

The Lodge.

Ecolocal has submitted final proposals to the Council for a mixed use office/classrooms and residential development at The Lodge, a much loved Victorian building. Ecolocal’s proposals were considered to offer best value and to provide the basis for a sustainable long term use of The Lodge that would provide significant benefits to the community.

The Ecolocal proposal was debated and agreed at a meeting of Full Council on Monday 2nd November at the Civic Offices in Sutton.

The Old Rectory.

The Old Rectory is a Grade 2 Georgian house and is of major historical importance. Carshalton Friends groups have formed a new organisation Carshalton Old Rectory Association (CORA) proposing to convert the building into an Arts Centre with residential flats. This proposal is subject to CORA obtaining funding, and they have been given until March 2016 to find this.

Commitment was given in 2011 that the Council would not sell the Old Rectory, due to its importance locally.


Stonecourt, situated at the corner of Grove Park with Mill Lane and North Street, will be sold for residential use either by freehold or on a long lease by private treaty. This will ensure future control over the use of the building, parking restrictions (The Grove Park is car free) and maintain full public access to the park. This matches residents’ wishes as expressed in 2011.

The Grove House.

Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector (SCVS) in partnership with The Volunteer Centre Sutton and the Friends of the Grove, will be applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund in March 2016 for a grant to restore the large 1840s house, set up a trust of local people to manage Grove House, record and celebrate a 200 year story of giving from philanthropy to voluntary action, and to deliver heritage skills training and a heritage volunteer programme.

SCVS have recently consulted local people about their plans. Comments can be sent to Your ward councillors have been reporting back on how these proposals have progressed through Focus leaflets, through Carshalton Local Committee and other meetings. We are pleased to say that theproposals are progressing well.



North Street news – new bus shelter by Carshalton Station (on opposite side to station)

Alan, Hamish and Jill are pleased to report that Sutton Council has successfully obtained funding from Transport for London or TfL to widen a section of footway and install a new bus shelter opposite the junction of North Street/Station approach.

This will provide a larger, covered waiting area for bus passengers and provide additional room for passing pedestrians. Sutton Council have consulted with TfL buses, who are happy with the proposal and we would also like to inform residents of Nos. 34,36 & 38 North Street of the council’s proposal. Local residents in the vicinity of the shelter will be informed shortly of further details.

Cllr. Jill Whitehead takes up Littering Issues in North Street and Papermill Close, Carshalton…

One of two of the New Road Name Plates for Papermill Close

Cllr. Jill Whitehead reported the following matters to the council officers as raised by residents recently. She has asked officers if they could be dealt with soon.

1) A resident of Palmerston Road has complained that someone at or near the business/office block on North Street Carshalton, next to Tyrell Court and adjacent Station Approach, has allegedly been leaving bags of litter out next to the litter bin on the corner with the Carshalton Station Approach every day, and that these look unsightly. Jill says that she saw these bags and there were two or three of them that appeared to have been dumped. Could they be removed and the business (or whoever has dumped them) be asked to place litter in the appropriate place?

2) A resident of Grove Mill Place has complained about the regular fly tipping taking place at the Papermill Close entrance to Grove Park. Could this be removed and the perpetrator caught?

Carshalton Village signs

Carshalton Sign

Carshalton Sign

After some discussion recently the Council have decided to install some signage in Carshalton…

Cllr. Hamish Pollock, chair of the Carshalton & Clockhouse local committee says: “Many local residents felt that Carshalton needed some signs like other parts of the borough and we agreed with them. A signage proposal came to the council’s Carshalton & Clockhouse local committee and was agreed by those present.”

Here is the artwork for the new signs for the Carshalton Village area.

The Council will be initially ordering two single sided post mounted signs with applied vinyl detail protected with anti graffiti laminate. The panels will be painted green on both sides.

The locations will be in West Street and North Street as you enter the heart of the Village.

The designers have used the Arial font lettering which is acceptable in to the “Sutton” Brand Guidelines.  They have used white text because the gold lettering that we wanted originally isn’t clearly distinguishable on the colour of green background that we originally asked for. They advised us that white reads better and has better clarity. We hope that the signs can be installed soon and give Carshalton an even stronger identity.

“Carshalton. This is Carshalton”…..Carshalton Station One-Way System – Southern Railways say “No Change”

Local Councillors Jill Whitehead, Alan Salter and Hamish Pollock have recently received a copy of a message from Southern Railways regarding the newly-created one-way system at Carshalton Railway Station running from North Street to West Street. 

Carshalton Station's One Way System

Carshalton Station’s One Way System

Our keener readers may recall previous reports on this web site that some local residents and councillors were concerned that the one-way system ran parallel with that of the parallel Camden Road leading to extra-long journeys around this part of Carshalton if you are travelling from the roads on the West Street side.

I just wanted to confirm the ongoing plan for the Carshalton (Station) access road. 

 Following the concerns raised about the direction of the access road we agreed to conduct a survey of car users at the station.  We put survey sheets on car windscreens and they were available in the ticket office window and at the gateline.  We had posters up at the station advertising the survey.  From the returned surveys there was a slight majority in favour of keeping the direction of flow the same as it is now.  We therefore plan to do this but we will also be improving the signage to show that cyclist can access the station in either direction and improving the lining to make the one way system clearer – two items that were also raised. 

The station team will confirm this via posters at the station.  Are you able to let the relevant people in the council know?


Yvonne Leslie, Southern Railways

Fence at West Street Lane – North Street Junction

Cllr. Hamish Pollock reported the broken timber railing fence guarding the grassy area at the junction of West Street Lane and North Street a while ago and it has recently been repaired by Sutton Council. 

Here is a picture of it.

The Repaired Fence at the junction of West Street Lane with North Street

The Repaired Fence at the junction of West Street Lane with North Street

Out and About Carshalton: North Lodge, North Street

Here is the outside of North Lodge, North Street, a privately-owned and an extremely old and quaint residence in Carshalton quite near the Ponds. 

North Lodge, North Street, Carshalton

North Lodge, North Street, Carshalton

North Lodge is thought to be Elizabethan in parts of it, although the public front facing North Street outwardly appears to be Georgian.  A picture of it taken on 25th January 2013 is below.

Grit Bin request at Sutton Grove/Waterloo Road and gritting of the pavements at the Bridge at North Street

In this long cold snap, the Council has had to work through a lot of requests for pavements to be gritted and grit bins to be refilled.

We have passed on to the relevant council officers a number of recent residents complaints’ that some hillier roads/slopes have not been gritted. 

Local councillors have also asked for a grit bin and the junction of Waterloo Road/Sutton Grove, near the boundary with Sutton Central ward.  We also asked for the bridge over Carshalton ponds at North Street to be urgently gritted – which was done.