Carshalton Village – Focus Team’s Actions

In recent years we have been fully involved amongst many other matters with the following activities:-

1) More School Places. We successfully worked with Carshalton All Saints C of E Primary School and with local residents to bring a new form of entry.

2) Preserving and Enhancing our Heritage. We designed and obtained funding for a new Carshalton Second World War Memorial to be completed this year. We are also deep cleaning all the borough’s war memorials.

3) Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour. We worked with local police to ensure that anti-social behaviour is minimised and Carshalton High Street and local parks kept safe.

4) Heritage Centre. We refurbished the Heritage Centre at Honeywood Walk, Carshalton with improved displays, using Lottery Funding.

5) Improved Leisure Facilities. We refurbished and modernised Westcroft Centre including a new Carshalton Library.

6) Invested in our High Street. We secured funding for new Carshalton village signs which will be installed soon, introduced the Carshalton Christmas lights and brought the new Frost Fair to help local businesses thrive.

7) Listening to You. Carshalton Council buildings including The Lodge and The Grove House: We consulted extensively with local residents and Friends Groups over re-use of the redundant council buildings whose future re-use is now assured.

8) Better Transport. We successfully campaigned with Tom Brake MP and other Lib Dem councillors to save the cross London Thameslink loopline trains service.

9) Safer Roads 1. We installed safer crossing facilities at the junction of Ruskin Road and Park Lane following the All Saints School expansion nearby. We got pavement bollards installed at the junction of Ruskin Road and Woodstock Road.

10) Safer Roads 2. We successfully campigned for TfL to install new railings around Carshalton Ponds.

11) Carshalton Park. We installed marker posts to protect the air raid shelter discovered in 2012 and various brick piers to the park railings rebuilt/repaired. We have got the “Ornamental Garden” between Talbot Road/The Square junction and Ruskin Road improved.

12) The Grove Park. We install a new waste bins and a new multi-gym at the award winning park.

Ruskin-Talbot Ornamental Garden Improvements

We had asked a little while ago for Sutton Council to improve the state of the flower beds in the so-called ornamental garden in between Ruskin Road and Talbot Road, Carshalton (path leading to Carshalton Park from The Square).  As councillors we have assisted the Friends of Carshalton Park in bulb planting in years gone by. The new spring bulbs are at last poking their way through the very, very wet ground!

We are pleased to report that things seem to have started to improve recently.  (Picture taken by Hamish on Sunday 9th February 2014.)

The Ornamental Garden gets a bit of a make-over

The Ornamental Garden gets a bit of a make-over

Ornamental Garden, Ruskin Road-Talbot Road

The Council have been carrying out more improvement work to the flower beds to the Ornamental Garden which runs between Ruskin Road and Talbot Road after many years of seeming gradual “decline” in appearance. New planting is expected soon.

The Ornamental Garden as viewed from Ruskin Road

The Ornamental Garden as viewed from Ruskin Road

Cllr. Hamish Pollock, chair of the Friends of Carshalton Park whch includes the Ornamental Garden in its remit,  took some photos of the garden in it current state, with shrubbery having been given a major haircut and a number of diseased or dead trees and branches having been removed as requested by local residents and local councillors alike.  Soon the bulbs planted by the Friends of Carshalton Park should start to appear!

The Ornamental Garden as viewed from Talbot Road

The Ornamental Garden as viewed from Talbot Road

Ornamental Garden, between Talbot Road and Ruskin Road, Carshalton

Cllr. Hamish Pollock reports as Chair of Friends of Carshalton Park & The Ornamental Garden: ” The Council have recently given the trees, shrubs and bushes a bit of a hair cut which had become very necessary in this strip between Ruskin Road and Talbot Road, which is used a cut-through to the Carshalton Park main gates up from the Village. I met officers from the Council’s very busy parks department on a very cold Friday morning to discuss this garden and many other parks-related matters throughout the borough. An awful lot of dead wood has been removed recently. The council have recently ordered a significant amount of new plants for “filling the gaps” in this century-old garden including myrtle, paeonies, bee buckthorn, leycesteria, pittospoum tenuifolium and berberis. Last autumn the Friends of Carshalton Park planted a huge number of bulbs in the garden and hopefully these will appear soon after the long cold weather snap.”

Ornamental Garden, Ruskin Road on 8th February 2013

Ornamental Garden, Ruskin Road on 8th February 2013