Mill Lane area Yellow Lines and Westcroft Road Yellow Lines near Scawen Close

Jill, Alan and Hamish have asked the Council officers to get the yellow lines in the Mill Lane area refreshed at various junctions with side roads such as Gurney Road, Papermill Close, and Palmerston Road and some of these have since been attended to by the Council.

We have asked that the yellow lines in Westcroft Road near the junction with Scawen Close be repainted as well, as they have almost completely worn away. We’ve been told that the work will be done soon.

Old Sewer Stink Pipes – Palmerston Road and others

The crowned  stink pipe, Plamerston Road

The crowned stink pipe, Palmerston Road

About 10 years ago. Cllr. Hamish Pollock asked Thames Water to redecorate their stink pipes that are all over the older parts of the central Carshalton area, usually at the ends of cul-de-sacs and long roads. Most were then redecorated.

These include: Palmerston Road (as pictured), Carshalton Road by the railway bridge, Cator Road near junction with Talbot Road, Lavender Road (near junction with Bernard Road), Meadow Road/Westmead Road junction, Rotherfield Road (southern end opposite Talbot Road), Grosvenor Avenue (west end), Weihurst Gardens, and there are at least two examples in Stanley Park Road and so on. Palmerston Road probably has the best example of the intact decorative pipe crown and “weathervane” painted in black. Many other pipes are painted in “lincoln green”.