Land Rear of and Part of 39 Park Hill, Carshalton – Planning News


The Council’s Planning Committee met on Wednesday, 11th June 2014 and approved a planning application (no. C2013/68638/FUL) for the erection of a detached 4-bedroomed bungalow with roof accommodation, with refuse and cycle stores, two car parking spaces and access on to Hill Road. 

There were concerns expressed by residents who addressed the committee in terms of the narrowness of the access onto Hill Road (some 73 metres long), alleged over-development and worries about waste collection arrangements. The committee were advised that the bulk of the amended planning application had been reduced so that the roof ridge line was about 6 metres above ground level. The proposed building was more than 40 metres from the rear wall of theproperties to the east in Park Hill, more than 50 metres from the rear wall of properties in Hill Road and at least 27 metres from properties to the west and north in Banstead Road.  It was felt however by the planning committee that there no sustainable reasons for refusal at any planning appeal should the planning application have ever been refused permission.

The proposed dwelling would be finished with rendered walls, brick detailing and some hanging tiles, white uPVC windows, with a plain tiled roof.

Local MP meets travel watchdog about the 154 Bus Route

Tom Brake MP for Carshalton and Wallington met with the representatives of London TravelWatch, an independent consumer watchdog for London’s travelling public, to discuss the lack of night service provision in Carshalton and Wallington, and the possible extension of 154 bus hours.

Cllr. Hamish Pollock reports: “The 154 bus routes runs between Morden Tube Station and West Croydon London Overground/Train Station and passes through our area via Westmead Road, up Ringstead Road, along Carshalton Road, past “The Windsor Castle” and up Park Hill. It has been a very well used service for many decades.”

links_london_travelwatchCommenting on the meeting, with Janet Cooke and Tim Bellenger, Tom Brake said:

“The removal of the N213 left us without a night bus in Carshalton and Wallington. Yet, we need a night service to help those who commute outside standard working hours, as well as to ensure the safety of anyone travelling home at night.”

“During the meeting with London TravelWatch I discussed a number of travel issues, but the main focus was the possibility of extending the operating times of the 154 route. This could at least partly compensate for the loss on N213.”

“With their help, I will continue to press TfL for a fair deal for Carshalton and Wallington travellers.”

Carshalton Garage in Westmead Road about 50 years ago....

A traditional bus emerges from Carshalton Garage in Westmead Road about 50 years ago….

Transport for London (TfL) axed the N213 route in 2009, arguing that it was underused. Despite over 5,000 signatures on the petition calling for reinstatement of a night bus between Sutton and Croydon, TfL has repeatedly refused to reintroduce it, maintaining that a night bus operating on this route would be “not worthwhile”.

Reducing the time between the last and first bus on the 154 route would provide Carshalton and Wallington residents with at least a partial night service. As the current gap is less than 4 hours, the additional service every 30 minutes would only require a few additional journeys. Additionally, timetabling the route to connect the N155 at Morden and N44 at Rosehill, would provide better connection for those travelling from at night to Carshalton and Wallington from Central London.

Planning News: Sutton Council’s Policies

Carshalton's Old Forge

Jill, Alan and Hamish recently received a letter from the planners at Sutton Council regarding the Local Development Framework’s Site Development Policies Development Plan Document. This will affect how the Council decides on future planning applications in our local area, including of course Carshalton’s various and important Conservation Areas and the old buildings in and around the Village (such as the Old Forge, as illustrated), Carshalton Park and Park Hill.

The letter says:-  “I am pleased to announce that the final version of the Council’s Site Development Policies Development Plan Document (Sites DPD) was adopted by the Council on 5th March 2012.

The Sites DPD supports the Council’s spatial vision, strategic objectives and spatial strategy set out in the adopted Core Planning Strategy (2009), identifying a range of sites to meet the development needs of the Borough and putting forward policies for managing development. It is therefore one of the major tools in facilitating development and renewal and bringing forward sites in the Borough in line with the Vision set out in the Sustainable Community Strategy and the Core Strategy. Together these documents replace the Sutton Unitary Development Plan (2003) and all saved policies. 

The Sites DPD is the second development plan to be found sound and adopted, following the adoption of the Core Strategy in 2009. The South London Waste Plan was also adopted at full Council on 5 March 2012.  This means that Sutton is one of only a small handful of local authorities to have reached this milestone of three adopted DPDs.

Following adoption there is a statutory six week period of legal challenge from the date of adoption (i.e. 5th March to 16th April). Details of possible grounds for a legal challenge are given in the adoption statement.

The Sites DPD, appendices and accompanying documents can be viewed on the website at  Alternatively a copy of the documents on CD can be provided on request.

If you have any questions regarding the Site DPD please do not hesitate to contact me on 020 8770 6416 or Sally Blomfield on 020 8770 6253.”

Yours sincerely,

Dean James, Planning Officer, Strategic Planning”

Crossings at Windsor Castle Junction

Jill, Alan and Hamish recently took up local residents’ concerns about the considerable difficulties still being encountered in crossing the roads at the “Windsor Castle” junction on the A232 Red Route. This is of course where Park Hill, Carshalton Road, Pound Street and Beynon Road all meet, and we received the following message from the Council’s Highways Officer who has liaisd with Transport for London on this topic for us:-

The Windsor Castle, Carshalton

“I can confirm that both the A232 and traffic signals (within London), are the responsibility of Transport for London (TfL). However, I refer to the 2 March 2011, when I received the following response from TfL, relating to a similar enquiry….. “The possibility of adding a pedestrian facility to this junction has been explored in the past but we have not been able to introduce this due to the impact on the capacity of the junction”. I have therefore cc’ed TfL into my response, so that they may confirm to you whether or not the situation has changed.”

Hamish handed in a petition at the Council about 20 years ago during a previous stint as ward councillor for Carshalton Central and was given more or less the same response!  In those days the road was under the Council’s control until the Greater London Authority Act (c. 1998/9, we think it was) transferred the responsibility of the road junction and the A232 to Transport for London.

Beeches Avenue and Park Hill Yellow Lines

The revised proposals for yellow lines in both Beeches Avenue and Park Hill, Carshalton were agreed at the December meeting of the Council’s Carshalton & Clockhouse local committee. Residents in these two roads will shortly be receiving a letter from the Council. The letter will enclose a copy of the proposals for yellow lines and a copy of the Traffic Management Order required to introduce the single yellow line waiting restrictions along various lengths of Beeches Avenue and Park Hill. Please send your comments to or write to:- Mathew Baby, Smarter Travel Sutton, London Borough of Sutton, 24 Denmark Road,Carshalton SM5 2JG Tel: 020-8770 6452.