Tom Brake MP’s message on Parking

Tom Brake MP

Tom Brake MP

Hamish — Parking is one of the biggest challenges facing our area. Sutton has the 6th highest level of car ownership and use in London, and therefore suffers from traffic congestion and a shortage of appropriate parking in many areas across the borough. To show the scale of the problem, approximately 320 requests for minor parking arrangements covering 228 streets across the borough were made last year. This is reinforced by a recent boroughwide survey of local residents where parking came out as one of the three most important issues. For those reasons, I am pleased that Sutton Council has prioritised this issue and recently published the Council’s new parking strategy.

In the past, parking schemes were considered and rolled out in an ad-hoc way with the unwanted consequence of simply pushing the problem onto surrounding roads.

The new strategy will be more cohesive, borough-wide, evidence-driven and with a well thought out 5 year delivery plan. It will be built into the wider plans for the borough and focus particularly on areas known as traffic attractors and generators – St Helier hospital, local schools, train stations and town centres.

The specific details are yet to be determined but in these areas parking schemes like Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ) will be considered and local residents will be consulted.

In the coming years, it is inevitable that we will need to reduce our dependency on cars and use other sustainable modes of transport – public transport, walking, cycling etc. I am are aware that because South London currently lags behind other parts of London when it comes to public transport, many residents are often forced to use their cars. That’s why securing better local transport links has always been one my top priorities.

In these difficult financial times for local authorities, fixing our parking problem will not be easy and will take some time, but I can reassure you that I will work with local residents, businesses and Councillors to ensure a strategy is implemented which creates sustainable and fairer parking for all. Best wishes, Tom Brake MP

Sutton Council set to review on-road parking arrangements across borough


Sutton Council is to review on-street parking and consult on proposed changes that will take a more united approach to parking across the borough.

Sutton has the sixth-highest levels of car ownership and usage in London. This has led to issues about traffic congestion and air quality in the borough. High levels of car ownership in streets with older houses without garages has contributed to parking stresses as off-street parking can be difficult in these areas.

The Parking Strategy and Policy document, to be discussed by the council’s Environment and Neighbourhoods committee on 15 September, sets out how the council plans to assess, review and manage on-street parking in the borough in the coming years.

The first three years of the five-year strategy, which is proposed to start in April 2017, will focus on the borough areas with the most parking problems. The borough’s current Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) arrangements will also be reviewed to assess if these on-street parking schemes are still fit for purpose.

The aim is to have a borough-wide parking management and enforcement policy that manages predicted demand for on-road parking and avoids a future where there are too many cars and too few parking spaces.

On-street parking has already been reviewed and residents consulted in the six local committee areas of Sutton Local; St Helier The Wrythe and Wandle Valley; South Sutton, Cheam and Belmont; Carshalton and Clockhouse; Cheam North and Worcester Park; and Beddington and Wallington. This follows an increasing number of enquiries from residents and businesses about problems with on-street parking.

The council has drawn up with a list of 170 parking hotspots throughout the borough, focused on schools and colleges, transport hubs such as railway stations, town centres, superstores, hospitals, council car parks and new development.

Cllr Jill Whitehead, Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee at Sutton Council, said:

“Sutton is proud to be a green borough and traffic congestion is a major challenge, given the potential for significant population growth in the coming years. This is why it is vital that we have in place a sound strategy for managing the anticipated increase in demand for parking space. Sutton has the sixth-highest levels of car ownership and usage in London and one of our key transport objectives is to reduce car use, through improved public transport links and more short journeys undertaken by bicycle or on foot.

“The rising population of London means that better transport such as the tram is a priority and we need a parking strategy that deals with increased demand for road space. We want to hear from residents and local businesses about this strategy, which will support the aspirations of One Planet Sutton, the Sustainable Transport Strategy, the Cycling Strategy, the Local Plan, the Town Centre Masterplan and the Sutton 2031 growth agenda.”