Pharmacies under threat… Tom Brake MP reports…

Hamish —  I’ve just spoken in Parliament about the impending cuts to local pharmacies.  I told the Health Minister that I agreed with our award-winning Sutton pharmacist Reena Barai that the Government’s plans are putting 1 in 4 pharmacies at risk. He responded by saying he had no idea how many will close. That is simply shocking. We need to step up and show the Government just how important local pharmacies are to our community.

By spreading the message on social media, you can help us reach more people with our campaign and get more signatures on our petition (we’re closing in on 1,000 signatures). Thank you for everything you do.

Best wishes, Tom Brake MP

Save our Pharmacies – Tom Brake’s Campaign


Many residents, whether they are young or old or have children, use local pharmacies. Pharmacists take pressure off GPs and St Helier’s A&E, meaning people in need of urgent care are seen more quickly. They don’t just give out medicines — pharmacies can provide medical assistance and advice and treat minor ailments.
Earlier this year the Government had decided that £170 million would be cut from pharmacies in 2016/17.

That would be an estimated £660,000 cut for Sutton’s pharmacies or the closure of 11 pharmacies in our borough — or 1 in 4 of them!

I was and remain concerned about these proposals which are nothing more than a backdoor health cut. When I met with local pharmacists, they told me that the reasons for the changes were not explained and the public will receive a worse service because of the cuts.

Although I welcome this week’s pause in Government plans for these cuts, the battle isn’t over yet. Knowing this Government, their ‘pause’ could easily switch into an attack on pharmacies. We must all remain vigilant.

So… will you add your voice to my campaign?

I will continue to work with our local pharmacists in putting pressure on the Government to abandon these plans once and for all.


Tom Brake MP

PS. Please forward this email onto friends, family, and neighbours who may want to sign the petition.