Mayor officially opens park gates

The Mayor of Sutton Cllr. Sean Brennan officially opened a new set of gates on Sunday (8th July) after a successful partnership exercise between the local Round Table, Friends of Carshalton Park and the council’s Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee.

The new gates were the final part of the £31,000 refurbishment of Carshalton Park funded by the council’s public realm fund for community projects, which also included repairing 17 crumbling stone pillars. The Round Table also raised £5,000 towards this project.

Cllr. Jill Whitehead, Chair of the Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee, said: “This is an excellent example of people working together to provide a value-for-money solution to a local problem.

“The park looks smart now and is a superb resource for the community and a great venue for special events.”

The popular park is used for events including the Carshalton Carnival in June, the Environmental Fair on August Bank Holiday and the fireworks in November.

Cllr. Hamish Pollock, Chair of Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee added: “The pillars which stand at the perimeter of the park had fallen into disrepair, and had been damaged by falling trees, but now the improvements have greatly enhanced the park. We thank the Friends of Carshalton Park and the Round Table for bringing this project to fruition.”

Among the improvements the gates were widened from 3 metres to 4 metres and a pedestrian gate was added.

And Phil Blake, of the Round Table, said: “The old gates were so narrow that lorries found it very difficult to get through.

“Now they can get in and out easily and the pedestrian gate makes like simpler for everyone to use the park whenever they like.” New gates Carshalton Park

Carshalton Park Gates & Railings

The newly completed Carshalton Park Gates & Railings

Richard from Friends of Carshalton Park has very kindly sent us this photo of the completed new gates together with the more recently completed new side railings, at the main Ruskin Road entrance.  Thanks very much, Richard.

The works were partly funded by the local Rotary Club and partly by Sutton Council’s Public Realm funds, as agreed at a recent meeting of the Carshalton & Clockhouse local committee.  The new gates enable easier access for vehicles using the park on the big events such as the coming Carshalton Carnival in just a few days’ time followed by the Environmental Fair on August Bank Holiday Monday.

Carshalton Carnival 2012

1951 was the Festival of Britain, a time for celebration as the nation put the years of war and deprivation behind it. That year saw the first Carshalton Carnival and 61 years later it is still going strong. The Carnival Parade, themed this year as “SPIRIT OF THE OLYMPICS”, will start its journey from the Sutton Arena at 12.00 noon working its way down Green Wrythe Lane, past Carshalton College and down North Street. Over the ponds and along the High Street then around to Carshalton Park in Ruskin Road arriving at 1.30pm.   

Carshalton Carnival

The Fete in Carshalton Park opens at 12.00 noon. A licensed bar, hot and cold food and over 50 stalls representing local organisations presenting absolutely everything you can think of by way of entertainment for the family. Entrance to the park is £2.50 for Adults and £1 for Children . The Carnival is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers, supported by Wallington & Carshalton Round Table and Carshalton Rotary Club, for the benefit of the local community and is a not for profit event.

Carshalton Park News

The Friends of Carshalton Park have recently received a letter of thanks, for their generous donation of £700 towards the Park Gates Project, from the Honorary Secretary of the Carshalton Carnival Committee.  The Hon. Chair of the Friends of Carshalton Park Carolyn Parker tells us: “The new gates will be fitted in approx 6-8 weeks time and then the remaining park railings in The Park and Ashcombe Road can be painted.  Personally, I am very grateful to Phil Blake and his colleagues on the Carnival Committee for their hard work in helping the cash-strapped Council improve the park in recent months, working closely with the Friends. When the planned new park gates in Ruskin Road and repainted railings are finished, all will be neat and tidy for the big summertime events in this lovely park.”  Jill, Alan and Hamish agree!

Carshalton Park Railings, Piers and Historic Street Furniture

At the end of the year, it is good to review a few things that have improved locally despite the world’s economic woes.

Carshalton Park's Rebuilt Piers & Railings

At Carshalton Park, the railings and the piers are in the best condition that they have been for several decades following the programme of repainting of the ornate metal railings and the more recent Council-financed rebuilding of a number of the brick piers supporting those railings ably assisted by the sterling efforts of the local Rotary Club of Carshalton Beeches

Rebuilt Brick Piers supporting the Carshalton Park Railings

There is also an interesting item of street furniture in the grass on The Park as illustrated which we think is a ventilation stack from the sewerage system….
About 7-8 years ago Hamish worked with Thames Water to get a number of the tall ventilation stack pipes repainted in and around Carshalton Central working along side Mr. Gordon Rookledge’s Friends of Historic Street Furniture.

Typical Detail of the Rebuilt Brick Pier

Detail of the Ventilation Stack Pipe, The Park

Carshalton Park Railings

Local councillors Alan, Jill and Hamish are pleased to report that after some considerable time, money has been used by the Council’s public realm funds (outdoor projects) to repair and/or rebuild the numerous old brick piers that support the railings at Carshalton Park along Ashcombe Road in particular as well as The Park. As residents nearby will know, many of the old piers had become very cracked and were potentially unstable, which is why rebuilding and repairs had to be done.  We wish to thank both the Rotary Club of Carshalton Beeches and the Friends of Carshalton Park for all their efforts in respect of these works.

Some temporary (but admittedly ugly) metal fencing around the old piers (that is in fact owned by the Council) has been in place for some time although this should all be removed soon when hopefully all the rebuilds/repairs are completed.