Carshalton Park – Road Traffic Order for November’s Firework Event

Bulbs in Carshalton Park by the Grotto

Spring Bulbs in Carshalton Park by the Grotto

Hamish, Jill and Chris have recently received notice of an order that the council wish to put into effect for managing the traffic on Bonfire night, Saturday 5th November 2016.

Dear Councillor,

The London Borough of Sutton are proposing to make a Traffic Order. 

The principal objective of the Traffic Orders is to improve crowd safety and extend management of traffic flows in additional roads within the vicinity of Carshalton Park on days when particular events are being held (e.g Fireworks).

Copies of the statutory documents can be viewed by visiting our web site under “view our Permanent Traffic Order Consultations” selecting “Notices of Proposals” and then reference “TR1027 Carshalton Park”

If you have any comments on this proposal please make use of the on-line form which is available on the web page mentioned above.

Please note that the closing date for receiving comments will be Thursday 8 September 2016.

Denise Thompson, Technical Officer, Technical Operations Team

Highways and Transport, Kingston & Sutton Shared Environment Service

London Borough of Sutton, Denmark Road, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 2JG

Tel: 020 8770 6452020 8770 6452 | Email



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the London Borough of Sutton proposes to make the Order listed below under sections 6 and 124 of, and Part IV of Schedule 9 to, the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by the Local Government Act 1985, the Road Traffic Act 1991 and the Traffic Management Act 2004.

1. The principal objective of the Order is to improve crowd safety and extend management of traffic flows in additional roads within the vicinity of Carshalton Park on days when particular events are being held (e.g. fireworks).

2. The general effect of The Sutton (Traffic Restriction) (Carshalton Park Area) (No. *) (Amendment No. *) Order 201* will be to add additional roads to the existing prohibition of vehicular traffic; Brookside, Carshalton Place, Rotherfield Road, The Square, Woodstock Road, and extend to the full lengths of Ruskin and Talbot Road.

3. A copy of the proposed Order, of the Council’s Statement of Reasons for proposing to make the Order (and of the Orders that would be revoked or amended by the proposed Order) and a plan showing the locations and the effects of the proposals may be inspected at the Council’s Civic Offices at St. Nicholas Way, Sutton and at the Environment, Housing and Regeneration Offices at 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, a copy of this statutory public notice of proposals and a copy of the plan can be viewed by visiting our web site under “view our Permanent Traffic Order Consultations” under “Notices of Proposals” and “Reference TR1027 Carshalton Park”.

4. If you wish to object to the proposed Order you should send a statement in writing, including the grounds for your objection and quoting the Reference TR1027 Carshalton Park to Caroline McGlynn, Highways and Transport, Sutton and Kingston Shared Service, London Borough of Sutton, 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 2JG by Thursday 8 September 2016. Further information may be obtained by telephoning Highways and Transport on 020 8770 6455.

 Warren Shadbolt

Executive Head of Safer and Stronger Communities

Dated: 18 August 2016

Note: Persons responding to the proposed Order should be aware that the Council may be legally obliged to disclose the information provided to third parties.


Carshalton Village – Focus Team’s Actions

In recent years we have been fully involved amongst many other matters with the following activities:-

1) More School Places. We successfully worked with Carshalton All Saints C of E Primary School and with local residents to bring a new form of entry.

2) Preserving and Enhancing our Heritage. We designed and obtained funding for a new Carshalton Second World War Memorial to be completed this year. We are also deep cleaning all the borough’s war memorials.

3) Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour. We worked with local police to ensure that anti-social behaviour is minimised and Carshalton High Street and local parks kept safe.

4) Heritage Centre. We refurbished the Heritage Centre at Honeywood Walk, Carshalton with improved displays, using Lottery Funding.

5) Improved Leisure Facilities. We refurbished and modernised Westcroft Centre including a new Carshalton Library.

6) Invested in our High Street. We secured funding for new Carshalton village signs which will be installed soon, introduced the Carshalton Christmas lights and brought the new Frost Fair to help local businesses thrive.

7) Listening to You. Carshalton Council buildings including The Lodge and The Grove House: We consulted extensively with local residents and Friends Groups over re-use of the redundant council buildings whose future re-use is now assured.

8) Better Transport. We successfully campaigned with Tom Brake MP and other Lib Dem councillors to save the cross London Thameslink loopline trains service.

9) Safer Roads 1. We installed safer crossing facilities at the junction of Ruskin Road and Park Lane following the All Saints School expansion nearby. We got pavement bollards installed at the junction of Ruskin Road and Woodstock Road.

10) Safer Roads 2. We successfully campigned for TfL to install new railings around Carshalton Ponds.

11) Carshalton Park. We installed marker posts to protect the air raid shelter discovered in 2012 and various brick piers to the park railings rebuilt/repaired. We have got the “Ornamental Garden” between Talbot Road/The Square junction and Ruskin Road improved.

12) The Grove Park. We install a new waste bins and a new multi-gym at the award winning park.

Carshalton gets into the picture!

Cllr. Jill Whitehead reports:

Three photos of Sutton’s parks have been chosen as the winners in the Council’s Snap Happy competition. Some of the winning photos have been taken by residents of Carshalton, children attending Carshalton schools or by those who took their photos in Carshalton’s parks. Over 400 people took part in the competition this year. The winner of the 11 and under competition was Stirling Scott who lives in Carshalton and attends the Harris Junior Academy, Camden Road, Carshalton. He snapped a coot in Beddington Park lake. The runner up in this category attends All Saints Primary School, Rotherfield Road in Carshalton and he snapped some park trees. The winner of the 12 to 17 years group was Ciara Harrison-Gadsby who attends Greenshaw School. She took a photo entitled “Made for Walking” of children playing on Sutton Green (or more specifically their boots!). Finally, the winner of the adult prize was 25 year old Laura Doherty who took a photograph of the mill wheel in The Grove Park. All the winning photos were chosen for their originality, skill and choice of subject.

Copies of all the submitted photos can be found at


Ruskin Road and Park Lane Crossing/Traffic Lights Scheme Completed

The roadworks have been completed recently at this busy junction.  These road works are based on the scheme that was agreed by the council’s Carshalton Local Committee after the local residents’ consultation earlier this year. 

Cllr. Hamish Pollock chair of the Carshalton & Clockhouse local committee that was responsible for the scheme said: “Jill Whitehead, Alan Salter and myself as your local Lib Dem councillors originally asked for this safety improvement scheme because the nearby All Saints’ Primary School off Rotherfield Road was being expanded from 35 to 60 pupils each year (from last year), and there would be many more parents with young children wanting to cross the road.”

The scheme is promoted by Transport for London (TfL) for road safety reasons. Also, TfL have put in place a new innovative type of crossing (with “countdown” crossing clocks) which they are trying out here. So far, so good!

Local School News and School Crossings Latest

Camden Junior School, Carshalton

Camden Junior School, Carshalton

Local school governor and Cllr. Jill Whitehead reports:

“Transport for London (TFL) have started work on the new crossing in Stanley Park Road in south Carshalton

 ready for the opening of the new Bandon Hill – Woodfield Primary School, on the site of the old Stanley Park High school. This new four form entry school (150 pupils per year) will be running alongside the existing Stanley Park Infants School, and is being opened to accommodate the large increase in the birth rate locally. 14 pupils from the Carshalton Central neighbourhood/ward will be joining the reception year at the new Woodfield campus and 16 at the existing nearby Stanley Park Infants in September. TFL have given this crossing priority due to the large numbers of pupils at these two primary schools.”

Cllr. Alan Salter says:

“When this work is complete, TFL will be installing a new crossing in Ruskin Road in late September to cater for the expansion of All Saints Primary School in Rotherfield Road. (now a two form entry school, 60 in each year).  16 pupils from Carshalton Central will be joining the reception class at All Saints school in September which for the first time is opening its doors to a small percentage of non C. of E. pupils who live locally (15% or about nine per reception year).”

Later on in the year, a crossing will be installed in Woodmansterne Road to cover the expansion of Barrow Hedges School in south Carshalton, now a three form entry school (90 in each year). 15 pupils from Carshalton Central will be joining the reception year at this school in September.

Consultation is currently taking place on traffic calming needed in the area of this crossing, and this will be discussed at the next Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee on Tuesday, 10th September chaired by Cllr. Hamish Pollock.  The local committee is held at Carshalton Beeches Baptist Church, Banstead Road from 7.30pm

More reception pupils in Carshalton Central will be going to Victor Seymour School (29 pupils) than any other school, but concern has been expressed  by parents where they should continue their education now that Harris has been appointed as the sponsoring Academy for Camden Junior School rather than the preferred Greenshaw School.

Alan, Jill and Hamish as your ward councillors joined parents in fighting this decision.

Local Primary Schools News – Cllr. Jill Whitehead reports…

Local Cllr. Jill Whitehead, a governor at All Saints’ School, Rotherfield Road, Carshalton says:- 
“There is currently a big increase in the birth rate in Sutton, especially in the area along the A232 between Sutton, Carshalton and Wallington. This is being reflected in the demand for school places, and figures obtained by your councillors show that in the school years 2012/13 and 2013/14 (just released) reception school places for rising fives have been offered to Carshalton Central children mostly at the following schools (significant numbers included only):
 School                                     2013/14                    2012/13
All Saints C of E, Carshalton        16                               19
Bandon Hill Woodfield                   14                                  0   (new school on old Stanley Park High School site)
Barrow Hedges School                   15                                12
St Mary’s RC Infants                      20                               24
Stanley Park Infants                      16                               10
Victor Seymour                              29                                24
Other schools                                   30                                28

Highways Repairs: King’s Lane, Wrythe Lane, Milton Avenue, Rotherfield Road and elsewhere…

Jill, Alan and Hamish have been asking for potholes to be repaired in various parts of the Carshalton Central neighbourhood in quite a number of areas following the cold winter and cold spring with the frost often breaking up the road surfaces and sometimes pavement surfaces…

Locations include the section of Wrythe Lane near West Street, Carshalton, and Milton Avenue, Sutton.  There has been a recent outbreak of orange markings in roads and on pavements in our ward from the borders with Sutton Central ward down to West Street – indicating where potholes wait to be repaired. Repairs in the area in and around Rotherfield Road were undertaken on Friday 3rd May 2013, for instance.  Cllr. Jill Whitehead says: “We have also asked for the pot holes in King’s Lane between the two railway bridges to be dealt with”.

“Walk to School” – Prize Giving

This is a recent prize giving which local Cllr. Jill Whitehead conducted at Honeywood Museum, Honeywood Walk by Carshalton Ponds where she gave out prizes to three primary school children who had been judged the best for their paintings of children walking or cycling to school. They also had to devise a slogan.  One of the prize winners came from All Saints’ School, Rotherfield Road, Carshalton (Holly the shortest child on the left hand side). The pictures will be used to promote “Smarter Travel Sutton”.
Walk to school poster prize winners and Cllr. Jill Whitehead at Honeywood Museum

Walk to school poster prize winners and Cllr. Jill Whitehead at Honeywood Museum

Old Sewer Stink Pipes – Palmerston Road and others

The crowned  stink pipe, Plamerston Road

The crowned stink pipe, Palmerston Road

About 10 years ago. Cllr. Hamish Pollock asked Thames Water to redecorate their stink pipes that are all over the older parts of the central Carshalton area, usually at the ends of cul-de-sacs and long roads. Most were then redecorated.

These include: Palmerston Road (as pictured), Carshalton Road by the railway bridge, Cator Road near junction with Talbot Road, Lavender Road (near junction with Bernard Road), Meadow Road/Westmead Road junction, Rotherfield Road (southern end opposite Talbot Road), Grosvenor Avenue (west end), Weihurst Gardens, and there are at least two examples in Stanley Park Road and so on. Palmerston Road probably has the best example of the intact decorative pipe crown and “weathervane” painted in black. Many other pipes are painted in “lincoln green”.


Consultation on Ruskin Road/Park Lane Traffic Lights


Ruskin Road/Park Lane junction as pictured earlier this year

On the 22nd February 2012, Sutton Council’s Development Control Committee approved a planning application for the major extension of All Saints’ School, located in Rotherfield Road, the building of which has recently been completed. 

The approved scheme for the school will result in an increase in pupil numbers from 245 primary school places plus 26 nursery places, to 320 primary school places plus 52 nursery places. Consequently, both the Council’s Carshalton & Clockhouse and Beddington & Wallington Local Committees were asked to consider a review of pedestrian crossing facilities within the area.  The busy Ruskin Road/Park Lane junction was highlighted as a location with scope for improvement to incorporate a controlled crossing for pedestrians. After an initial design study, two options have been considered recently by the Council for consultation with local residents, local councillors and other interested persons.

Local residents in the area will be receiving in a few days’ time the information in more detail and a questionnaire with a reply-paid envelope.