Westcroft Road – Smartened Up A Bit

Following our regular inspections of Westcroft Road part of which is in Carshalton Central ward – our patch – and part of which is in next-door Wallington North ward, we councillors have reported a number of things that needed attention and these have been since attended by council officers. These include the repainting of the 1990s built “heritage” lamp-post on the corner with the High Street which was painted on Wednesday morning (13th Nov.) and so were the bollards next to it! A few weeks ago the yellow lines running along Westcroft Road towards Scawen Close were renewed at our request as they had become very worn.  Please let us know if you think something needs repairing or repainting on the highways and byways of Carshalton Central.

Mill Lane area Yellow Lines and Westcroft Road Yellow Lines near Scawen Close

Jill, Alan and Hamish have asked the Council officers to get the yellow lines in the Mill Lane area refreshed at various junctions with side roads such as Gurney Road, Papermill Close, and Palmerston Road and some of these have since been attended to by the Council.

We have asked that the yellow lines in Westcroft Road near the junction with Scawen Close be repainted as well, as they have almost completely worn away. We’ve been told that the work will be done soon.