West Street, Carshalton – Zebra crossing to be upgraded to a pelican crossing

Earlier in the year local residents expressed concern to your Lib Dem councillors about the safety of the zebra crossing in West Street, by The Hope public house/St Mary’s Infants School. Despite West Street being a 20mph zone, motorists often ignore warnings to reduce speed and there was an accident here on 7th May.

We asked Transport for London (TFL), who are responsible for all traffic signals in the borough, if the Zebra crossing could be upgraded to a Pelican style signal controlled crossing to improve safety.

TFL has agreed to our request, and Sutton Council is carrying out a consultation of residents at all properties in the West Street area. Comments should be sent to traffic.postbook@sutton.gov.uk before 18th June 2015.


Shorts Road-West Street Alleyway

Cllr. Jill Whitehead reported to council officers more issues with the autumn leaves, she said: “Could the leaves be swept/collected in St Philomena’s/St Mary’s School alleyway at the Shorts Road entrance please? I walked down this route this morning on my way to Carshalton Station and felt this end of the alleyway was rather dangerous with all the heavy rain and could lead to accidents. As so many young children walk this way to school, this is an added hazard.”

Olympic Torch procession and the “Swan” on Carshalton Ponds

Preparations are underway for the Olympic Torch passing through Carshalton Ponds on Monday 23rd July 2012 sometime after 2pm.

Cllr. Hamish Pollock had recently asked the council officers that various items of flotsam, debris and other litter, including a traffic cone and a supermarket trolley were fished out of the Carshalton Ponds and it seems from inspections that all these items have be removed in recent days! 

After all the works to replace the railings, it is good timing that so much of the railings and ponds areas are better-looking than they have been for many years!A traffic order has been put in place by Sutton Council in preparation for the activities on that day:

The principal objective of the Order is to prohibit / regulate traffic and pedestrians to enable the holding of the Olympic Torch Relay event which will be held on Monday 23rd July 2012.

  • Carshalton Park Road at its junction with Pound Street.
  • pedestrians will be prohibited from using the footway in Pound Street, Carshalton.
  • The Square at its junction with High Street, Carshalton.
  • between Wallace Crescent and West Street, outside St Philomena’s and St Mary’s Schools.
  • Vehicle access to properties adjacent to the prohibited lengths of road will be maintained at all times insofar as access is reasonably practicable without interference with the said event.
  • Adjacent to Honeywood Lodge up to the junction with West Street, opposite The Greyhound public house.

All classes of vehicles not directly engaged in the event will be prohibited from entering or exiting.

There will be an enormous artificial Swan on the Upper Pond facing the proceeding Torch as previously posted on this web site.  More in a future posting..!

Primary Schools Expansion: Sutton Council’s Consultation


Sutton Council is consulting local residents on plans to expand another five schools in time for a predicted surge in applications in September 2013. Sutton has one of the highest birth rates in London, and over the past four years has seen a dramatic increase in the number of families applying for primary school places in the borough.

Data from the Greater London Assembly suggests this trend is set to continue. In October 2011, 13,927 pupils attended Sutton’s Primary schools. By September 2014 this is predicted to rise to 15,906 and by September 2016 it is expected to reach 16,996. Figures from the Department for Education reveal an additional 100,000 places will be needed across London over the next three years.

Sutton Council anticipated this increase and has been expanding its primary schools for the past three years.

Planning ahead is crucial, so the council wants to know what people think about its most recent plans to make sure there are enough places for the start of the 2013 school year. The schools being considered for expansion are: Amy Johnson Primary School, Avenue Primary School, St Mary’s RC Infant and Junior School off West Street, Carshalton and Dorchester Primary School. Each school would provide one extra form of entry, meaning an extra class of 30 children would be able to start school in September 2013.

Extra places could also be provided at the former Stanley Park High School site, by opening an annexe to another school, possibly Bandon Hill Primary. Residents can have their say on the proposals through an online questionnaire and the expansions will be discussed at local area committee meetings throughout March and April.

Cllr. Kirsty Jerome, Executive Member for Education and Schools at Sutton Council, said: “It’s really important we plan ahead wherever possible, which is why we’re asking people for their thoughts well in advance of when we’re going to need these extra places. “We’ve worked with governors, teachers, parents and pupils to expand primary schools over the last few years and it’s been very successful. The schools tell us the extra children and facilities we’ve been able to provide have enhanced their school communities and they’ve been able to continue to achieve the excellent results which have put Sutton in the top four performing local authorities in the country. “As the number of children applying for school places in Sutton continues to increase we are continuing to lobby the Government for more funding so we can ensure every child has a place at a local school.”

Residents can have their say by filling in an online consultation. Paper copies will be sent to all schools. The closing date for responses is Monday 14th May.

Meetings at all the schools involved are planned:

  • Amy Johnson Primary School Tuesday 17 April 3.30pm
  • Avenue Primary School Wednesday 18 April 7pm
  • St Mary’s RC Infant and Junior School Thursday 19 April 7pm
  • Bandon Hill Primary School Tuesday 24 April 7pm
  • Dorchester Primary School Tuesday 1 May 7pm

Residents will also be able to find out more about the proposals at local area committee meetings:

  • Sutton (for St Mary’s RC Infant and Junior School) Thursday 29 March
  • Beddington and Wallington (for Amy Johnson Primary and Bandon Hill Primary) Tuesday 17 April
  • Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont (for Avenue Primary) Thursday 19 April
  • Cheam North and Worcester Park (for Dorchester Primary) Thursday 26 April
  • Carshalton and Clockhouse (for St Mary’s Infant and Junior) Tuesday 24 April.

Down in St. Phil’s Alley – Short’s Road to West Street

The Focus Team have reported the recent resumption of dog fouling situation in the alleyway between St Philomena’s School and St Mary’s Infants School that runs between Shorts Road and West Street, Carshalton. The problem has suddenly deteriorated in the last week or so, and appears to be caused by the same owner(s). The fouling is rather large in extent and seems to be caused by a large animal(s) during the night or early morning, and is therefore a nuisance to commuters and schoolchildren who walk down this path in the morning.

Jill says: “I noticed such fouling on my way to Carshalton Station on Wednesday scattered throughout the alleyway. In one case someone had put down a grass covering over an existing pile of dog dirt, yet the owner of this dog(s) had apparently last night or early this mourning allowed its dog to do another mess over the existing pile. The stop dog fouling notices seem to be deliberately flouted by this dog owner. We have asked the council whether action be taken to apprehend and prosecute this owner? This sort of thing is unacceptable near to schools.  Jill has also reported that there is a street light that is not working in the middle of the alleyway and that one of the dog dumps has been done under or close to this light and she has asked that this be attended to.

Update 3rd February: Jill reports that the Council has already put down new “scoop-a-poop” signs on the alley pathway to (hopefully) deter dog owners.