West Street/Margaret’s Pool Garden off Pound Street

Chris, Jill and Hamish received the following message from the council recently about the overhanging branches by the pavement here following our request for some action to prune them back.

Hamish, Jill and Chris by the new Welcome to Carshalton sign in West Street

Hamish, Jill and Chris by the new Welcome to Carshalton sign in West Street

I can advise that the overhanging vegetation alongside West Street, which is within the grounds of Margaret’s Pool, is due to be cut back shortly by our grounds maintenance team. With regard to the trees overhanging the pavement and highway at the same location, our term tree contractors are due to be lifting the lower part of the canopies of the trees to clear the highway and the footway, this will allow better clearance for the general public use and vehicle traffic.  We hope to get this arranged within the next couple of weeks, subject to traffic management, which is currently being organised.  I have asked for both of these tasks to be carried out as a matter of urgency.

Welcome to Carshalton Sign

The Welcome to Carshalton sign was installed recently at the junction of West Street and Pound Street in the heart of Carshalton Village Conservation Area. This is a sign that was sponsored by the council’s Carshalton & Clockhouse local committee. Local committee chair, councillor Hamish Pollock says: “It is good that at long last like The Wrythe and Wallington Green, Carshalton has a “village sign”.”

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West Street Crossing Completed 11th January 2016

Jill, Hamish and Alan are pleased to report that Transport for London has completed the installation of the traffic lights-controlled pelican crossing in West Street, Carshalton, and that this is working well. 

The work is part of the Council’s long-term aims to improve road safety in Carshalton. The pelican upgrades the former zebra crossing (originally installed in the 1990s) near The Hope Pub/St Mary’s Infants School and is located near Carshalton Railway Station. The upgraded crossing offers a greater degree of safety for those wishing to cross at this point. The road surface has also been improved in the immediate vicinity of the crossing where rumble strips have been renewed to slow traffic down. This road is already in a 20mph zone, and recently flashing 20mph lights have also been used to help traffic to slow down.

The change to the completion date was due to the traffic installer being off sick a day and some other minor issues. The original pedestrian crossing in West Street was installed in 1994 after requests from the then ward councillors Roger Thistle and Hamish Pollock.


West Street Pedestrian Crossing Works Update

A letter is in about the delayed crossing works in West Street….

Dear Residents / Traders,

West Street Carshalton – New traffic signal controlled pedestrian crossing outside St. Mary’s Nursery and Infants School

I am writing to let you know about the highway works that will be taking place in West Street in the coming days to install the new pedestrian crossing outside the school. There will be works to disconnect and remove the existing zebra crossing on 16th and Thursday 17th December. It will be necessary to close West Street between the zebra crossing and at the junction with West Street Lane on Thursday 17th December between 9.30am and 2.30pm.

The closure is necessary to allow the contractor to lay the new textured / coloured surface at the crossing point and to replace the junction table at the junction with West Street Lane. The Contractor will try to keep access open to residents at all times.

Once the zebra crossing has been removed there will be a temporary push button traffic signal controlled pedestrian crossing in operation over the Christmas period.

On the 4th January 2016, the contractor will be back on site to install the new traffic signal controlled pedestrian crossing. This work may require the use of temporary traffic management but not a road closure. The new crossing will be completed and in operation by 8th January 2016.

I apologise in advance for any inconvenience this work may cause but I will be working with the contractor to undertake the work as quickly and safely as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Lynn Robinson, Highways and Transport Section

West Street Pedestrian Crossing Works Update

Jill, Alan and Hamish received this update recently…
Dear Councillor
Further to your enquiry regarding the Pelican crossing on West Street, Carshalton please see the officers response below in bold;
Sorry for the delay in replying.
Subject to confirmation the work will be completed during week beginning January 4th 2016. Unfortunately TfL were unable to connect the lights during the planned works in October. We understand that this will be at the start of school term and that the timing is not ideal, so we will have to ensure safe crossing facilities during the works. 
I hope that this answers your enquiry. 
If you have any further queries or concerns regarding this matter then please feel free to contact the officer in charge, Alan Eastwood on alan.eastwood@sutton.gov.uk.
Kind Regards
Traffic Postbook
Highways & Transport
Kingston & Sutton Shared Environment Service
London Borough of Sutton
24 Denmark Road | Carshalton | Surrey | SM5 2JG
Contact Centre Telephone: 020 8770 5000020 8770 5000 | Email: traffic.postbook@sutton.gov.uk

West Street New Pelican Crossing Works Update

A message has been received from the council’s highways department today 19th August 2015 about delays to the new pelican crossing in West Street, Carshalton. For the previous posting of 29th July 2015 on this crossing, please click on: http://carshaltoncentral.mycouncillor.org.uk/2015/07/29/west-street-road-closure-from-monday-17th-august-2015-for-road-resurfacing-and-pedestrian-crossing-works/

Dear Councillors

Unfortunately the contractor (EM Highways) responsible for the works on West Street could not resource the works as programmed for the 24th August 2015, and therefore we had to reallocate it to RJ Dance. They will be able to commence the works on the 24th August, however the carriageway resurfacing part of the works, which was meant to be completed at the same period has been rescheduled to take place during the October half term. It was programmed for the 7th September but since the schools will be back by then it was rescheduled to the October half term.
I will keep updating you on any progress. 
kind regards

West Street – road closure from Monday, 17th August 2015 for road resurfacing and pedestrian crossing works

Alan, Hamish and Jill as your local councillors have received the following message today about the West Street – road closure from Monday, 17th August 2015 for road resurfacing and pedestrian crossing works. This will affect those residents living in West Street, the cottages in West Street Lane, Old Swan Yard, Sycamore Close, Colston Court and the surrounding area.
Dear Councillor,
In order to facilitate carriageway resurfacing and pedestrian traffic signal installation works in West Street, Carshalton the London Borough of Sutton intends to make a Temporary Traffic Management Order. You can view the Public Notice of Intent, plan and Draft Order by visiting our web site www.sutton.gov.uk/trafficpublicnotices, selecting “View our Temporary Traffic Orders and Notices” and then selecting  the reference T30092 West Street, Carshalton. 
Further information on the temporary restrictions which will come into operation on Monday 17 August 2015 and with the works expected to take 16 days to complete can be obtained from Martin French Network Manager on  (tel 020 8770 6426020 8770 6426.)

Denise Thompson, Senior Business Support Officer,Streetworks & Traffic Management

Environment, Housing and Regeneration Directorate. London Borough of Sutton

24 Denmark Road, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 2JG

TEL: + 44 (020-8770-6455020-8770-6455). denise.thompson@sutton.gov.uk

Carshalton & Clockhouse Committee Tuesday 16th June 2015 at Hillcrest Halls, Clockhouse

The meeting starts at 7.30pm Tuesday 16 June 2015

The venue is: Hillcrest Halls, 42 Fryston Avenue, Coulsdon CR5 2PT


Come and Discuss:

Pelican Crossing at West Street

Robins Way concerns

Dr Bike

Christmas lights

Area improvements

Neighbourhood Grants

Public question time

Other local issues

West Street, Carshalton – Zebra crossing to be upgraded to a pelican crossing

Earlier in the year local residents expressed concern to your Lib Dem councillors about the safety of the zebra crossing in West Street, by The Hope public house/St Mary’s Infants School. Despite West Street being a 20mph zone, motorists often ignore warnings to reduce speed and there was an accident here on 7th May.

We asked Transport for London (TFL), who are responsible for all traffic signals in the borough, if the Zebra crossing could be upgraded to a Pelican style signal controlled crossing to improve safety.

TFL has agreed to our request, and Sutton Council is carrying out a consultation of residents at all properties in the West Street area. Comments should be sent to traffic.postbook@sutton.gov.uk before 18th June 2015.


Carshalton High School for Girls: Sports Hall Building Plans Update

chsg-logo-printAlan, Jill and Hamish as the local councillors received a letter a few days ago from the headteacher of Carshalton High School for Girls which we have been allowed today (12th September) to publish:-

Dear Councillor

I am writing in response to the article relating to the proposed sports hall at Carshalton High School for Girls outlined in a recent edition of Focus.


The school has been bidding for funding to improve and upgrade the facilities at the school for many years. In comparison to all other secondary schools in the local area, the accommodation at Carshalton High School for Girls is inadequate with students not having equality of access to specialist facilities as their peers do in other schools. In April this year we heard that a bid we had submitted to the Education Funding Agency on the grounds of condition had been successful and we were granted £2.9million to replace our life-expired mobiles in a new building; which includes new dining facilities, replacing the 1940’s horsa – hut at the edge of the site adjoining houses in Colston Avenue and West Street.

At the same time, for the past 18 months, we have been working with the Education Department of the London Borough of Sutton, along with all other secondary schools in the borough, to discuss expansion of secondary schools to address the extremely serious pupil place planning issues that the borough faces. It was agreed by councillors that Carshalton High School for Girls should expand by one form of entry from September 2015. However, along with the other schools expanding, and the vast majority will be expanded by 2018, even with the investment from the EFA, we have a shortage of space to provide a full curriculum for our students, and one area in particular sports and changing facilities, is particularly poor; we currently are unable to provide a full PE curriculum.

The London Borough of Sutton has therefore agreed to fund a further £2.7million to the school, to enlarge the original footprint of the new building to replace the mobile accommodation, to re-model two current buildings that stand next to each other to provide more classroom space and to build a sports hall with changing rooms.

The Sports Hall

Originally to try to attract funding for the sports hall, the school had been looking to secure grants from sporting organisations including Sport England. In order to do so the plans drawn up needed to be in accordance with the Sport England ‘Aspire’ programme and therefore of a size and standard that would meet the necessary criteria including extensive community use for evenings, weekends and during school holidays.

With the local authority agreement to fund the sports hall the need to satisfy the criteria above is no longer a requirement. The size of the sports hall itself has therefore been reduced to a standard 4 court building with changing rooms. The facilities will be primarily for school use and whilst some lettings may take place it will be in line with the type of letting programme the school has undertaken for many years, which has benefited the local community without causing the type of concerns that the newsletter article outlines.

Specific Concerns Raised

Extra Usage: As outlined above the sports hall will be primarily for school use. The facilities included will limit how it can be used. It is not of the size and scope highlighted in the original plans. The school currently has lettings for sporting activities such as badminton, cheerleading and Zumba. It is envisaged that such activities will continue in the vein of the current provision.

Parking: All members of the community who use the facilities will be required to park in the school car park. Some parking spaces are being created close to the new building but will be accessed from the school site and simply replace others that are being lost elsewhere as the site is re-configured. For example, there are a number of spaces around the current dining room which will be lost when the area at the back of the site is turned back to grass.

Increased Congestion: As there will be limited use of the facilities it is not envisaged that this will create significant extra congestion. Cars will enter and exit the school through the gates on West Street as they currently do and will be parked in the main school car park at the front of the building. There will not be access from Colston Avenue.

Noise: On the previous plans there was significant configured outdoor space to accommodate community use. The new plans do not have such facilities. The new plans simply replace what currently exists in a like-for-like scenario e.g. two netball courts, long-jump pit and grassed area for pitches and athletics. These facilities will be sited on the areas released by the demolition of vacated buildings.

Lettings: In line with all other schools in the area, we seek to ensure that the school is a hub of the community, enabling local residents to access specialised facilities when the school is not used by students. However, the school has total control over the lettings and has for many years taken into account the balance of opening its doors to the community, being able to generate some additional income to plough back into the upkeep of the buildings and ensuring a very positive relationship is developed and maintained with the residents who live locally. The addition of the proposed new facilities will not change that policy or ethos.

Travel Plan:The school has had a travel plan in place for several years and we were delighted this year to receive the Silver Award. There is a commitment to encourage students to walk or cycle to school and we actively discourage parents from parking in such a way that causes issues for the local residents.

In conclusion, we hope this allays any fears that local residents may have and gives an accurate picture of the proposed plans. As a school we aim to do the very best for our students. We feel that the girls have been disadvantaged for many years in terms of accommodation in comparison to their counterparts in other schools, although this has not prevented the school from securing enormous improvements in recent years. We now have the opportunity to re-dress that balance and ensure our students are learning in an environment conducive to the 21st Century. The Focus newsletter sums this up so well with the heading ‘Stronger Economy Fairer Society’; we obviously have a shared vision for young people in this area.

We pride ourselves on having been a part of the local community for years and establishing and maintaining a very positive relationship with local residents. Our recent Golden Anniversary celebrations brought many members of the community through the gates and we want to ensure that positivity is maintained and have taken this into account when formatting the plans for the new building and the sports hall.

The Chair of Governors, the Architect team and I would all be very happy to meet with you to discuss these issues further. Please do not hesitate to contact the school to speak to me or e-mail me on vjones@suttonmail.org.

Yours sincerely

Vivien Jones