Leisure Centres… a good time to visit?

Councillor JilL Whitehead pictured in The Grove Park by the bridge to Westcroft Leisure Centre
Councillor Jill Whitehead pictured in The Grove Park by the bridge to Westcroft Leisure Centre

Details of leisure centres and sports facilities in Sutton.

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Oaks Sports Centre

The Oaks Sports Centre in the south of Carshalton has both indoor rock climbing and golf to enjoy.

Sutton Tennis Academy

Sutton Tennis Academy (STA) to the north of Sutton Town Centre is the country’s first and only indoor junior tennis centre.

Cheam Leisure Centre

Cheam Leisure Centre has provided a venue for local residents to enjoy a variety of leisure pursuits since 1938.

The Phoenix Centre

In Wallington , with a leisure centre, youth zone, library, cafe and a community hall all under one roof, the centre provides a unique blend of services that cannot be found anywhere else in the borough. The centre provides a safe, fun, family environment and offers courses and activities for all ages and interests.

David Weir Leisure Centre

This exciting facility provides excellent facilities for local residents, schools and community groups to participate in a wide range of sporting and recreational facilities.

Westcroft Leisure Centre

Westcroft Leisure Centre in Carshalton (entrance of Westcroft Road, off Carshalton High Street) recently heavily refurbished provides a venue for local residents to enjoy a variety of leisure pursuits to improve health, fitness and quality of life.

Library at Westcroft Centre

Westcroft Leisure Centre, Westcroft Road, Carshalton, SM5 2TG
Tel: 020 8647 1151

sutton_council_logoOpening Times:

Mon to Fri 7am – 9pm
Sat to Sun 8am – 7pm

(Monday – Friday: library will be in self service mode between 7:00 – 9:30 and 19:00 – 21:00, Saturday: 8:00 – 9:30 and 17:00 – 19:00, Sunday: 8:00 – 10:00 and 14:00 – 19:00)


Westcroft Leisure Centre, Westcroft Road, Carshalton, SM5 2TG
Telephone: 020 8647 1151

The Library @ The Westcroft Centre provides:

  • Self Service facilities
  • Public Internet Access
  • Free WiFi
  • Children’s story times with Surestart (Tuesdays from 10am)
  • Children’s story times with the library for 0-4 yrs (Wednesdays at 10:00-10:30 and 10:45-11:15)
  • Disabled access
  • Free membership to volunteer society ‘Friends of the Library in Carshalton’ (FROLIC). Members who volunteer skills, talents and time in order to raise funds for the library, and maintain the library grounds

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Parks Improvements

Our parks in Carshalton Central are benefitting from some improvements asked for by local residents.

The Grove Park in Carshalton Village has new route signs at three of its entrances so that visitors can find their way to Honeywood Museum, the Ecology Centre, Westcroft Leisure Centre and the New Library.

Cllr. Alan Salter says: “We are delighted that The Grove Park also has a brand new cycle path at the Westcroft end linking Carshalton to the Wandle Cycle Trail along the River Wandle in Merton and Wandsworth.”

The route will also be extended to Carshalton Park by widening the path from Ruskin Road to Woodstock Road. This path will be safe to use for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

Looking south towards Ruskin Road with the children's playground on the right

The new cycle path under construction in Carshalton Park a few weeks ago… Looking south towards Ruskin Road with the children’s playground on the right

Carshalton Village – Focus Team’s Actions

In recent years we have been fully involved amongst many other matters with the following activities:-

1) More School Places. We successfully worked with Carshalton All Saints C of E Primary School and with local residents to bring a new form of entry.

2) Preserving and Enhancing our Heritage. We designed and obtained funding for a new Carshalton Second World War Memorial to be completed this year. We are also deep cleaning all the borough’s war memorials.

3) Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour. We worked with local police to ensure that anti-social behaviour is minimised and Carshalton High Street and local parks kept safe.

4) Heritage Centre. We refurbished the Heritage Centre at Honeywood Walk, Carshalton with improved displays, using Lottery Funding.

5) Improved Leisure Facilities. We refurbished and modernised Westcroft Centre including a new Carshalton Library.

6) Invested in our High Street. We secured funding for new Carshalton village signs which will be installed soon, introduced the Carshalton Christmas lights and brought the new Frost Fair to help local businesses thrive.

7) Listening to You. Carshalton Council buildings including The Lodge and The Grove House: We consulted extensively with local residents and Friends Groups over re-use of the redundant council buildings whose future re-use is now assured.

8) Better Transport. We successfully campaigned with Tom Brake MP and other Lib Dem councillors to save the cross London Thameslink loopline trains service.

9) Safer Roads 1. We installed safer crossing facilities at the junction of Ruskin Road and Park Lane following the All Saints School expansion nearby. We got pavement bollards installed at the junction of Ruskin Road and Woodstock Road.

10) Safer Roads 2. We successfully campigned for TfL to install new railings around Carshalton Ponds.

11) Carshalton Park. We installed marker posts to protect the air raid shelter discovered in 2012 and various brick piers to the park railings rebuilt/repaired. We have got the “Ornamental Garden” between Talbot Road/The Square junction and Ruskin Road improved.

12) The Grove Park. We install a new waste bins and a new multi-gym at the award winning park.

The Grove Park – New Finger Post Signs now in…

The three Lib Dem councillors Jill, Alan and Hamish visited the Grove Park yesterday to inspect the new finger post sign and the start of the works to form the new cycle path that is planned to cross the park from Papermill Close to the High Street and to Westcroft Leisure Centre.

Alan and Hamish by The Ponds, Carshalton

Alan and Hamish by The Ponds, Carshalton

Jill and Alan by the New Finger Post sign

Jill and Alan by the New Finger Post sign


Jill and Hamish on the new cycle path in The Grove Park

Jill and Hamish on the new cycle path in The Grove Park leading towards Westcroft Leisure Centre

Council renews ‘One Planet Sutton’ pledge

tumblr_msb89w3y3d1rsswhpo1_500This week Sutton Council announced new targets for its ‘One Planet Sutton’ Plan which aims to give residents a better quality of life and boost the local economy while radically reducing the borough’s negative impact on the environment.

At a recent event, over 70 of the Council’s partners in the private, voluntary and public sectors (including police, health and housing) heard more about the One Planet Sutton vision and shared their ideas on how they will work with the Council to achieve it.

The new targets build on Sutton’s first sustainability plan, which was launched in 2009 when Sutton became the first One Planet borough. Working with local partners and community groups is a key part of One Planet Sutton. The plan was developed with international sustainability charity BioRegional which is based in the borough, and the targets have been agreed with local stakeholders following wide ranging consultation.

Since the One Planet Sutton plan was launched in the borough, Sutton has achieved the following:

Carbon emissions have been cut by 19%.

  • There has been a year on year reduction in waste produce per household.
  • 500,000 bulbs and 1,000 trees have been planted.
  • Westcroft Leisure Centre has been refurbished.
  • Over 800 start-up businesses have been attracted to the borough.

With the new targets, the Council will achieve the following:

  • Sutton’s emissions of climate-changing carbon dioxide are due to fall rapidly with an aspiration to be a zero carbon borough by 2025. Space for wildlife and for growing food within the borough will grow, and recycling will increase.
  • Unemployment will fall, particularly among younger people, and there will be more jobs in businesses which are part of the green economy.
  • Homes will use less energy and be better protected against flooding.
  • Sutton residents will make more use of environmentally friendly forms of transport such as walking, cycling, public transport and greener cars.
  • The Council will be more responsive to local people. Residents will be more confident that the Council is listening to their views and taking their concerns on board when making decisions.

As part of the Council’s pledge to keep stakeholders informed about the work it does to support people who live and work in Sutton, attendees at the One Planet Sutton event were also presented with the results of a recent borough wide resident survey. The results show that the vast majority of residents (91%) are satisfied with their local area, and nine in ten think that their local area is cohesive.

The Council will use the results to continue to improve services and meet the aims of One Planet Sutton.

Speaking at the event, Councillor Jill Whitehead, Chair of Sutton Council’s Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, said:

“Sutton became the first One Planet borough in 2009 and is one of only a few councils to achieve this status.

“I’m delighted to announce our new targets and we remain committed to working with all our partners to develop high-quality services for our residents and local businesses, whilst continuing to do all we can to tackle climate change and other environmental problems.

“By working together we will achieve our ambitious vision and make Sutton an even better place to live and work.”

BioRegional’s Chief Executive Sue Riddlestone said:

“I’m proud that we have worked with Sutton Council for 20 years. This new plan takes us up a level. It’s a bold plan that is easy, attractive and affordable for residents to live within their fair share of the earth’s capacity.

“That’s why we have endorsed this as a One Planet Plan. I congratulate Sutton Council for committing to this, and especially for sticking to its principles during this period of austerity.”

For more information about One Planet Sutton, to calculate your Ecological Footprint and to pledge, visit www.oneplanetsutton.org.

Success at Carshalton Library at the Westcroft Centre

Cllr. Jill Whitehead says:

“We are delighted to report that the new library at Westcroft has been a great success one year on from its move from the Square in Carshalton. An amazing 19,207 people visited the new library in October 2013 and it has been averaging between 18,000 and 19,000 visitors every month throughout the year to date. This is six times the number of people who visited the old library in Carshalton each month during its last year.

It is clear that the new library is attracting Westcroft leisure centre users of all ages, as well as residents who live in the general area of the new Westcroft Centre, which is just off Carshalton High Street at its’ eastern end.  

Not only are there more visitors, who come to take part in different activities (such as to use the library’s computers), but the number of issues of books has also gone up substantially. This October, 6,914 books were issued and the library has been averaging between 6,000 and 7,000 book issues every month throughout the year since opening. This is double the number when compared with the old library.

The Friends of Carshalton Library (FROLIC) celebrated this success last Saturday as well as enjoying mince pies, Xmas carols and bell ringing from the All Saints Church bell ringers.”

Sprucing up Carshalton

Local Parks: Sprucing Up Our Green Spaces. Carshalton Park and Grove Park by the Ponds are both benefiting from a programme of extensive bulb planting by the Lib Dem-run Council, to bring an extra splash of colour to Carshalton next spring. Plans also include the planting of some new trees in the parks and on the street verges and also a cleaning up of the WW1 War Memorial at Carshalton Ponds.

Cllr Hamish Pollock says:

“These improvements should make a real difference to the local area.  The council in partnership with Wandle Valley Regional Park Trust has also consulted on plans for the “Wandle Valley cycle trail” to pass through the eastern end of Grove Park and so link up the Westcroft Centre and the proposed cycle trail through Carshalton Park. This is very good news for those who prefer to cycle in safety off the local main roads”.

Westcroft Road – Smartened Up A Bit

Following our regular inspections of Westcroft Road part of which is in Carshalton Central ward – our patch – and part of which is in next-door Wallington North ward, we councillors have reported a number of things that needed attention and these have been since attended by council officers. These include the repainting of the 1990s built “heritage” lamp-post on the corner with the High Street which was painted on Wednesday morning (13th Nov.) and so were the bollards next to it! A few weeks ago the yellow lines running along Westcroft Road towards Scawen Close were renewed at our request as they had become very worn.  Please let us know if you think something needs repairing or repainting on the highways and byways of Carshalton Central.