Poets Estate – 10 Big Actions by the FOCUS Team

Some things we’ve done for you in the Poets’ Estate:-

1) Benhill Rec. We installed new play facilities, planted lavender beds and removed the old skateboard ramp.

2) Westmead Road/Carshalton Grove. We asked the Council to investigate and prevent future floods in this area.

3) Colston Avenue/Coleridge Avenue/Court Drive. We installed new yellow lines to reduce commuter parking.

4) Free Grit. We installed new grit bins in many locations in the Poets’ Estate/Westmead area of the Carshalton Central ward, including at the junction of Sutton Grove/Waterloo Road.

5) Street Trees. We have got planted 81 street trees in Carshalton Central ward many of them in the Poets’ Estate.

6) Mead Crescent. Road was resurfaced.

7) Shirley Avenue. Road and pavements were resurfaced.

8) Westmead Allotments. Better secure fencing installed.

9) Shorts Road/West Street Footpath. We asked the council to clear dog mess and asked police to monitor the area.

10) Wrythe Rec. We installed new play facilities in the rec. We asked that the railings are refurbished and work is underway.

And….We have also kept residents informed and supported residents in the various planning applications affecting our area. Examples are the Carshalton Athletic Football Club’s applications for 3G plastic surface for the football pitch and extended hours of lighting both of which were unanimously refused by Sutton Council’s planning / development control committee.

CAFC’s Floodlights and 3G Plastic Turf Planning Applications thrown out by Sutton Council

Sutton Council’s Development Control (or Planning) Committee unanimously threw out Carshalton Athletic Football Club’s two major planning applications last Wednesday (22nd January).

These applications were for (1) increased use of floodlights; (2) the replacement of the turf pitch with a 3G plastic pitch.

Local residents’ representatives and one of your councillors spoke against both of these planning applications at the meeting.

The reasons for refusal included serious concerns over the loss of amenity and damage to the area’s environment, with aCarshalton_Athleticdditional noise and nuisance caused by the floodlights and the anticipated significantly increased use of the ground, as well as a big impact on parking and traffic in local roads near the ground.

There were also considerable concerns expressed by those present about the possible impact of flooding on nearby residential properties, highlighted by the recent bout of very wet weather. We understand that the Football Club will be appealing against the Council’s decision. The appeal would go to the Planning Inspectorate based in Bristol, a Government agency.

We will be making our objections known to the planning inspector in due course. Unfortunately the planning inspector has the legal powers to overturn the Council’s decision.

MORE in a future posting and edition of FOCUS.

Highways Repairs: King’s Lane, Wrythe Lane, Milton Avenue, Rotherfield Road and elsewhere…

Jill, Alan and Hamish have been asking for potholes to be repaired in various parts of the Carshalton Central neighbourhood in quite a number of areas following the cold winter and cold spring with the frost often breaking up the road surfaces and sometimes pavement surfaces…

Locations include the section of Wrythe Lane near West Street, Carshalton, and Milton Avenue, Sutton.  There has been a recent outbreak of orange markings in roads and on pavements in our ward from the borders with Sutton Central ward down to West Street – indicating where potholes wait to be repaired. Repairs in the area in and around Rotherfield Road were undertaken on Friday 3rd May 2013, for instance.  Cllr. Jill Whitehead says: “We have also asked for the pot holes in King’s Lane between the two railway bridges to be dealt with”.

The Wrythe Recreation Ground

Following receipt of complaints from a local resident, Cllr. Jill Whitehead raised the issue of the lighting in Brookfield Avenue. Sutton Council installed new lighting in the road only two years ago as part of its rolling programme to replace the time-expired and worn out concrete columns in the Borough.  It has been confirmed that all the newish street lights are working as planned. There is a lighting column situated directly opposite the park gates to the Wrythe Recreation Ground at the junction with Wrythe Lane that provides adequate lighting to the park entrance. There isn’t any lighting within the park itself.

Wrythe Rec returns to former glory!

The former old public lavatories block and changing rooms at Wrythe Recreation Ground in Brookfield Avenue have now been demolished, following the decision at a recent Carshalton and Clockhouse Local Committee. The concrete plinths have now had soil laid over them and grass seed planted to return them to green land again. Local resident Cllr. Jill Whitehead says “The removal of the eyesore buildings should remove problems with grafitti and vandalism and will provide much needed extra green space in the park again.”

Wrythe Recreation Ground Pavilion & Lavatory Block

Pavilion/Lavatory Block in its Derelict State

The Council’s contractor has started work on the demolition of the long-abandoned Wrythe Recreation Ground toilets and pavilion, on Wrythe Lane earlier this week. This demolition is necessary owing to its long-term derelict state and the lack of funds ever being likely to be available to overhaul the building and restore it, and no realistic alternative use could be found despite many years of the Council trying to find a suitable use.  Residents may recall that in late 2007 planning approval was sought to use the building as an artist’s studio but despite approval being given, the artist’s studio scheme sadly never went ahead.

Jill, Alan and Hamish have had a complaint from some local residents  about the demolition of the toilets/pavilion at Wrythe Rec Ground on the grounds that they did not receive official house-to-house notification from the council that demolition work was going to be carried out, nor did they see any notices locally (e.g. on lamp-posts, notice boards) that this would be happening. We have therefore asked the council’s parks department whether or not we normally notify residents in this way, and if so how far away from the structures affected?  We are also concerned about what is likely to be left behind after the demolition and we have asked that rubble would be removed carefully and any dangerous areas made safe? We have asked if the area would be grassed over to maintain the integrity of the park. More in a future posting…