Wentworth Hall, 80 Ruskin Road: Update


Wentworth Hall on 13th May 2012 showing excavations for unauthorised car parking to front of the building

Jill, Alan and Hamish have received this message regarding the situation at Wentworth Hall, 80 Ruskin Road (at the corner of Woodstock Road) from the council’s planning enforcement officers which we have been able to publish:-

Wentworth Hall under redevelopment a few weeks ago

Dear Councillor,

I am writing to provide you with an update on this current enforcement investigation. A revised planning application has been submitted under reference C2012/65722 with Fiona Lander as the case officer. It seeks consent for :

“Erection of new roof to front entrance incorporating dormer extensions to provide storage accommodation, re-positioning external staircase to provide access to first floor flat and removal of front landscape area to provide three car parking spaces.”

Noel, the enforcement case officer and I visited the site a few weeks ago and in addition to the alterations to the approved scheme contained in the above application eg re-positioned staircase, revised fenestration arrangements at rear etc. , we also noted a number changes to No.82 such as a new front parking area, new garden boundaries and shed storage all of which are likely to require further planning permission. We have passed this onto Mr Hussain who we are liaising with on this project and are waiting to hear whether he is to submit a further planning application to deal with these breaches.

Noel is back in the office next week and I’m sure will keep you further updated as matters progress.


Michael Lowe

Principal Planning Enforcement Officer, London Borough of Sutton, Environment and Leisure, 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 2JG; Tel: 0208 770 6242

Update: According to the Council’s planning notification we saw on a lamppost in Woodstock Road, local residents and other interested parties may wish to comment, object or indeed tell the council that they have no adverse comments on the application until Monday, 25th May 2012.

The Public Notice on a Lamppost in Woodstock Road


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