Councillors help with Sutton High Street Book Sale – next one on 16th November 2013 in Sutton High Street

Carshalton Central ward Cllrs. Alan Salter (pictured at our stall at the Environmental Fair in August) and Hamish Pollock gave up some of their Saturday time last weekend (19th October) to sell books. The sale was on behalf of fund raising efforts for the cost of the FOCUS newsletters at the regular stall in Sutton High Street, in a tented pitch almost outside Waterstones.  All three councillors including Jill Whitehead (also pictured) regularly give up their spare time to do this. We often meet many of the residents of Carshalton Central ward whilst selling!

Most of the good quality, clean paperback books on sale sell for 50p each – a real bargain!  Hardbacks on sale might be a bit more expensive depending on size and condition etc.  There’s a huge fiction section and lots of non-fiction subjects on offer. Jams, marmalades, CDs and DVDs are also inexpensively priced.

If you have any books or CDs or DVDs you want to get rid of please let us know and we will put you in touch with the organiser of the book stall.  The next date for the stall is Saturday 16th November 2013.  Be there if you like books etc…..!

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