Listed Buildings in Carshalton Central Ward

Your councillors are passionate about protecting and enhancing Carshalton’s heritage.

We are delighted that all the buildings referred to below have been included in the new Sutton Local Plan 2018.

Carshalton Village has been a conservation area since 1959, when we were part of Surrey County council. This designation was updated when the London Borough of Sutton came into being in 1965.

In the London Plan, the GLA expects boroughs to: “maintain and enhance the contribution of built heritage to London’s environmental quality, and its cultural identity and economy”. We are determined to do just that!

Carshalton Central ward has several Grade 2 nationally important buildings listed by Historic England:

  • All Saints Church (12th-19th century) by Carshalton Ponds, which has a Grade 2+ listing
  • Carshalton House (1691-1713), the chapel, gates, boundary walls, and the Hermitage or Grotto in its grounds (all St Philomena’s school)
  • Water pavilion (orangery) known as the Water Tower, in the grounds of Carshalton House, managed by the Friends of the Water Tower
  • Honeywood Museum, Honeywood Lodge, culvert and Gate House in Honeywood Walk
  • The Old Rectory (18th century) in Honeywood Walk
  • Leoni Bridge (18th century) over the River Wandle and Carshalton Ponds
  • The Water Wheel in the grounds of Grove Park
  • North Lodge, No 21 North Street – pre-18th century
  • The Greyhound public house in Pound Street, number 37 Pound Street, Ruskin Stone and cast iron pump in Pound Street
  • The Grotto in Carshalton Park
  • No 6 The Square, the early to mid -18th century Orangery, and the former Public Library now nursery in the Square.
  • A range of buildings in West Street, Carshalton including numbers 3, 7-11, 15, Nelson House, numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 10a and 12. Also numbers 20-24, 42, 70, 72-78, 80 (Rose Cottage).
  • West Street Lane no 25 (18th century weather boarded)
  • No 19 Park Hill, home of the writer Mark Rutherford (real name William Hale White), and numbers 25 and 27 Park Hill

There are also a range of other buildings which are Locally Listed as these are recognised as important by Sutton Council:

  • Grove House, The Nest and Stonecourt in Grove Park The Lodge, Festival Walk
  • Ansells Snuff Mill in Mill Lane, and Mill Lane School
  • Carshalton Railway Station
  • Wall at numbers 36a to 38 North Street
  • Numbers 30 to 42 Carshalton Park Rd
  • Numbers 16 to 22 and numbers 24 to 42 Park Hill
  • The former Carshalton War Memorial Hospital buildings Ruskin Road Methodist Church
  • The Sun Public House, North Street
  • 1 to 8b Westmead Corner
  • 185 Carshalton Rd – weather boarded cottage

All these buildings are important parts of Carshalton’s heritage and need to be protected.

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