The Charles Cryer theatre update

Jake, Jill and Chris are delighted that Sutton Council is inviting offers for the Charles Cryer theatre.  Bid documents were sent on 6 April to the organisations that responded to the Council’s recent marketing.  The best deliverable offer is being sought, with preference being given to proposals with community and/or cultural benefits.   Bids must be in by 11 May.

Cllr Steve Penneck, lead Lib Dem councillor for libraries, arts and heritage said:  ‘I am delighted that after a sustained marketing campaign the Council is now seeking bids for the theatre.  We have always made it clear that, in the current climate of Conservative austerity, the Council cannot afford to subsidise the theatres.  I have continued to believe that the Borough needs a community arts hub, and we are committed to delivering this over the next four years.  I hope proposals will come forward which meet this aim, are financially viable and will provide the Cryer with a sustainable future.’

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