School Streets Consultation Launches

Consultation on Popular School Streets Schemes Begin Today

Councillors Jake, Jill and Chris are very pleased to see that Lib Dem-run Sutton Council is consulting on reintroducing the popular School Streets programmes at All Saints and St Mary’s-St Philomena’ Schools, with an upgraded enforcement system.

Consultation for the schemes on Rotherfield Road and Shorts Road/Alma Road respectively has been running from the 15th March to the 4th April 2021, asking residents for their views on reintroducing the two schemes that had proven popular when they were run as trials last year. These trials had to be withdrawn due to faulty guidance from the Labour Mayor of London and Conservative Central Government.

Map of the proposed All Saints Carshalton School Street on Rotherfield Road

Both these School Streets schemes have been largely successful, in reducing traffic and parking problems for residents arising from parental travel to school. Jake, Jill and Chris are pleased to report that feedback during the trial was positive and we are particularly grateful for the support shown by residents and parents for the schemes. We were particularly pleased to see volunteers help with the All Saints scheme be as successful as it was.

Map of the proposed St Philomena’s School Street on Shorts Road and Alma Road

We are also very pleased to see that Council officers have listened to resident feedback and included all of Shorts Road and Alma Road in the proposed school street there.

Your Lib Dem council is committed to implementing these schemes where they have been shown to be popular.

The consultation proposals this time around propose replacing these ‘manual’ schemes (which had required volunteers to operate) with automated camera schemes. This will eliminate the need for volunteers to step up to make these schemes successful. More information around implementation dates and consultation feedback will be available in due course.

You can respond to the individual consultations on the St Philomena’s Scheme or the All Saints Scheme here. You can also see the other School Street consultations here.

Parking Strategy Update

The final, legally-required consultation on a formal Traffic Management Order for new parking permit areas has now gone live.

Jake, Jill and Chris have been working hard with residents, businesses and council officers to try to find a solution to long-held problems around parking in Carshalton. This final consultation is the culmination of that work and they are extremely grateful for the input from residents and businesses throughout the process. The Lib Dem-run Council takes consultation extremely seriously, so has run a very long and detailed process with residents to make sure final proposals at this stage reflect their wishes while balancing the needs of local businesses. Below you can find out about specific permit areas being proposed in this consultation. Please note that this consultation will be running until 4th January 2021.
Three new permit areas are being proposed:

CA1- Covering Wallace Crescent, Wilmot Road and the northern part of Carshalton Park Road

This proposed zone would operate Monday-Friday, 8am-6:30pm. The council have made this decision to split the previously proposed large Talbot Road area zone into two separate permit areas, with varying times. Jake, Jill and Chris believe that this would be a preferred option rather than the previous larger zone, as it takes on board very strong resident feedback in the Wallace Crescent area. Responses and informal feedback in that area strongly preferred a larger window of operation for a permit area, while other roads within the previous proposal were much more mixed. They also believe that this will solve longstanding resident complaints about lack of parking capacity in the area, freeing up space for local residents.

Please note that residents of Rayner Close, while not formally in the zone- as the road in a Private Road- will be eligible for permits.

CA2- Covering Talbot Road, The Square, Carshalton Place, Brookside, Cator Road, and Seymour Road.

This proposed zone would operate Monday-Friday, 9am-11am and 4-6pm only. Following on from the previous decision to split the Talbot Road zone, this part of the previous zone has been proposed to have much narrower hours of operation. This was done due to the complex nature of parking issues in this area and in recognition of the needs of businesses on Carshalton High Street. As such, this proposal is a compromise based on feedback from residents and businesses. Jake, Jill and Chris are committed to helping our High Street and the traders on it and this proposal would allow them greater flexibility while still delivering on our commitment to residents to implement their feedback which requested a permit zone in this area.

CB- Covering the southern part of Carshalton Park Road

This proposed zone would operate Monday-Friday, 8:30am-6:00pm. This zone is focused on eliminating commuter parking around Carshalton Beeches station. This is consistent with the approach taken around other rail stations in the borough.

Jake, Jill and Chris are keen to hear your views. You can respond to the consultation and see more information here. The consultation will run until 4th January 2021.

Green Flag for Grove Park!

Cllrs Jake, Jill and Chris supporting our local green spaces alongside former MP Tom Brake

Jake, Jill and Chris are proud to announce that the Grove Park has recently won Green Flag status. Green Flag status is awarded to parks to recognise excellent maintenance, cleanliness and community use, and is a sign of national and international excellence.

The Grove joins several other Sutton parks in receiving this prestigious status, underlining Lib Dem-run Sutton Council’s strong record of strong maintenance of our green spaces. It also highlights a key pledge that Jake, Jill and Chris have made to protect and enhance our green spaces.

Now that the Grove has this world-leading status, the Council and it’s contractors will be working hard to ensure that the park maintains it going forward.

Charles Cryer reopens!

Councillors Jake, Jill and Chris were very pleased to attend a gala at the Charles Cryer Centre on Friday evening, signifying the formal reopening of the theatre in the heart of Carshalton.

The event featured many local artists including young musicians from Sutton Music Service, Kazoom, The Brook Choir and Wayne Woodward. It was an incredible evening showcasing local talent, in the borough’s newly opened cultural hub.

The Lib Dem Councillors for Carshalton Central are extremely proud that Carshalton is now the focalpoint for culture and the arts in Sutton borough.

They were delighted to see the theatre was full throughout the evening, with Councillors and other individuals from across the borough coming together to support the newly reopened theatre.

Now that the Cryer is official back up and running, it is incumbent on us all to support the new theatre by going to events and shows there!

Jake, Jill and Chris would like to extend their thanks to CryerArts for running such a marvellous evening. CryerArts have their full support and wish them the best of luck with the venture in the coming weeks, months and years.

Cllrs Jake Short, Jill Whitehead and Chris Williams outside the Cryer for the opening gala on Friday evening

Charles Cryer Update

Jake, Jill and Chris are very pleased to be able to announce that following productive discussions between the Council and CryerArts, the Charles Cryer Theatre aims to open in early November now that the lease has been agreed. 

CryerArts are a locally-based collective bringing different cultural activities together. Works can now visibly be seen to be taking place on the exterior of the building as CryerArts complete the necessary works to bring the building up to standard before opening in the next few weeks.

While the process may have taken longer than some had hoped, both the Council and CryerArts have been working tirelessly to provide a major cultural space in the heart of Carshalton. 

This ambition, which is now very nearly a reality, is also backed up by Sutton Council’s ambitious bid to be the London Borough of Culture for 2023. With the exciting news about the Charles Cryer, Jake, Jill and Chris hope that residents can show their support for the Council’s bid. More information can be found by going to

Dominos Licensing Application: Have Your Say

Recently, Dominos were allowed under the Conservative Government’s permitted development regulations to take on the former Siam Orchid site on Carshalton High Street.

Unfortunately, as this was a permitted development, Sutton Council had no input into the decision.

Now, the new Dominos have applied for a new premises license.

This new license would allow for the sale of Late Night Refreshment (hot food and drink) from 11pm to midnight Monday to Thursday and Sunday, with an additional hour until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays. The application also states they will not be serving alcohol.

The application can be viewed online here.

If you want to comment on the application, you can do so by filling in the form under the heading ‘Making a Representation’; by sending an email to or by post at:

Licensing Manager,
Regulatory Service-Licensing,
London Borough of Sutton,
24 Denmark Road,

The closing date for representations is 2nd September.

Please note that if no valid representations are received by then, the application is required by law to be automatically granted.