Parking Strategy Update:

Where We Are Now

Jake, Jill and Chris have spent the past year talking to residents about the parking situation on their road. Late last year, proposals were put forward for roads in half of the ward, stretching from Sutton Grove and Kings Lane in the west, to Mill Lane in the east of the ward, and between Banstead Road in the south and Brookfield Avenue in the north. This was Stage 2 of the Parking Strategy, asking for feedback on proposals ahead of a formal consultation at Stage 3 on final recommendations.

For most roads in this phase of the Parking Strategy, there were no proposed changes- as residents were very clear that they have no major parking issues on their road. This was particularly the case in the Harrow Road/Oxford Road area. In this part of the ward, the only proposed change focused on extending yellow lines on Cambridge Road, near the junction with Carshalton Road to allow greater clearance for buses. Equally, for the areas around Brookfield Avenue, Milton Avenue and Kingsley Avenue no major changes were proposed, except for yellow lining of certain areas at the Milton Avenue/Brookfield Avenue junction to formalise rules that residents said were unofficially being followed. This was proposed here so that enforcement action can be taken in future if those unofficial rules are not followed.

For other parts of the ward, there were several different proposals being put forward to try to deal with issues that residents had raised. These were organised into several different coloured zones.

Green Zone- Paid CPZ.
Roads: Sutton Grove and Waterloo Road
Councillors Recommendation: To NOT go ahead
This proposal was for a full paid Controlled Parking Zone operating from 8am to 6:30pm. This means it would require paid permits for residents to be able to park here. Only residents living in the zone would be eligible for permits to park here.

Based on clear feedback from residents here, Jake, Jill and Chris have recommended to officers that this proposal NOT go forward to the Stage 3 consultation.

Blue Zone Free CPZ.
Roads: Ringstead Road, Carshalton Grove, Byron Avenue, Byron Avenue East, Byron Gardens, Cowper Avenue, Harold Road, Florian Avenue and Orchard Way

Councillors Recommendation: To NOT go ahead

This proposal was for a non-permit parking scheme involving marked bays and single yellow lines. The single yellow lines would have one hour of operation, outside which anyone could park on those lines. Permits would not be required to park in the marked bays at any time. Based on firm feedback from residents in this area, Jake, Jill and Chris have recommended to officers that this proposal NOT go forward to the Stage 3 consultation.

Yellow Zone Paid CPZ
Roads: Rossdale, Alma Road, Shorts Road, Colston Avenue, West Street, West Street Lane, North Street, Rochester Road, Mill Lane, Station Road, Palmerston Road, Gurney Road, Grove Mill Place and Papermill Close

Councillors Recommendation: Alter proposals from a CPZ to a PPA in the Mill Lane area up to West Street for Stage 3 and for the proposal to NOT go ahead on Colston Avenue, Rossdale, Alma Road and Shorts Road.

This proposal was for a full Controlled Parking Zone in the roads listed from 8am to 6:30pm. This means it would require paid permits for residents to be able to park here. Only residents living in the zone would be eligible for permits to park here.

The feedback to Jake, Jill and Chris showed support for this proposal was very mixed, with some roads clearly wanting it and others clearly not wanting it. It also contains roads where, upon reflection, a paid CPZ would not adequately deal with the parking issues presented. This is particularly true in Colston Avenue, Rossdale, Alma Road and Shorts Road. In this area, Jake, Jill and Chris have asked that the proposals be scaled back and changed. We have recommended that the scheme not go ahead on Colston Avenue, Rossdale, Alma Road and Shorts Road for that reason.

Jake, Jill and Chris have spent several months speaking to residents in the Mill Lane area where feedback has been very divided. We took concerns from those who were opposed to the proposal back to Council officers- who have suggested that instead of a Controlled Parking Zone, a Parking Permit Area go forward to Stage 3. This is very different to the CPZ proposal as it is much more time limited- focusing on a two hour period of operation and would not lead to yellow lines being placed in front of dropped kerbs, which was a major cause for concern on Mill Lane. Speaking to residents in the Mill Lane area, Jake, Jill and Chris have found substantial support for this compromise solution and will therefore be recommending it go forward to Stage 3. This new proposed Permit Parking Area would cover roads from West Street to Mill Lane, including the roads coming off of Mill Lane.

Proposals revealed to bring theatre complex back into use

Final decision to be announced In October

A longlist of five formal bids has been selected to bring the Charles Cryer Theatre complex in Carshalton back into use.

More than ten bids were submitted and the longlist is drawn from bidders who are offering to lease all the buildings on the site and meet Sutton Council’s rent expectations.

Bids will be assessed by council officers and a shortlist decided by the end of August based on the viability and sustainability of the proposals.

Feedback on the bids will also be given by representatives of Arts Network Sutton, an independent charity, as well as community representatives on the Carshalton and Clockhouse local committee. A stakeholder panel of citizens and young commissioners will also be asked to give feedback on the bids. They  will assess how closely the bids meet the brief to benefit the wider community and maintain a venue for cultural activity in the borough.

A recommendation will be made by officers to the council’s Strategy and Resources committee with a final decision to be announced on 29 October.

The longlisted bidders and details of their proposals, in alphabetical order, are as follows:

Caliburn Fitness and Strengthening
A start up company which is supported by a long-established company. Intending to use the premises as a Crossfit Gym, creche cafe that will health focused and accessible to non-members, physiotherapy clinic, exercise studio and social space to host workshops and seminars related to health, exercise and nutrition..

Carshalton Baptist Church
Christian organisation seeking to become a visible, accessible and supportive resource in the community. Intending to use the property for Church, community cafe, provision of training and development to residents and offer space for use by community groups, and as rehearsal and performance space for local theatre groups, artists and musicians. To also run activities and services extended to the community that includes, youth club, parents and toddlers, counselling and support groups for the elderly and for carers.

Cryer Arts Limited
A start up company formed for this bid by founders with experience of running successful leisure, construction and entertainment businesses. Intending to use the premises for mixed events including music, film, theatre, comedy, food and drink tasting and TED type talks with a new bar and eating space in the existing restaurant..

Nickel Support Community Interest Company
A partnership bid by three organisations – Nickel Support, Tom Franck Productions and Spilt Milk Kids Cafe. Intending to use the premises for theatre productions and workshops, annual arts festival, child-focused and multi sensory cafe and as a centre for developing enterprises managed and run by trainees with learning disabilities. Will also open a shop for selling upcycled furniture made by trainees and will deliver training and workshops from the premises.

Victory Bible Church International Limited
Christian organisation intending to use the property for Church, social and community activities including assisting those in hospitals, prison and the homeless by giving practical support. Intend to undertake diversity projects through activities including funfair, music concerts and sporting activities

Developing The Lodge at Carshalton Ponds

Last week, your Lib Dem councillors Jake, Jill and Chris paid a visit to The Lodge at Carshalton Ponds to see the work in progress by local charity Ecolocal to convert this historic building into an ecological and community resource. We were shown round by the site team and discussed with them the wide range of uses the community could potentially see come to fruition thanks to this exciting new development. We were very pleased with the attention to detail and respect for the history of the building being shown in the plans and the work being carried out. We are really looking forward to the completion of the building works later this year. The Lodge has the potential to enhance and draw attention to the importance of our local heritage buildings, and enhance Carshalton’s green credentials in ways that involve the community who live locally.

We were also excited by the ambition and passion of the team working on the site, who have a genuine passion for the preservation and promotion of Carshalton’s heritage and green spaces. The team have ambitious plans to bring the historic characters of the Lodge to life while making renewed use of the site for the benefit of the community. The Walled Garden project was particularly interesting and exciting to see – potentially representing a first for the area, the recreation of a Victorian Walled Garden – and is an important step forward in preserving the gardening and horticultural traditions that once were commonplace in Carshalton.

Ecolocal are already well known for their other Carshalton projects – such as the Environmental and Frost Fairs, and for their community gardening sessions at Westmead allotments – The Lodge promises even more!

We would like to thank the team for arranging the site visit, and are looking forward to seeing this very exciting community project take shape in the coming months!

The Charles Cryer theatre update

Jake, Jill and Chris are delighted that Sutton Council is inviting offers for the Charles Cryer theatre.  Bid documents were sent on 6 April to the organisations that responded to the Council’s recent marketing.  The best deliverable offer is being sought, with preference being given to proposals with community and/or cultural benefits.   Bids must be in by 11 May.

Cllr Steve Penneck, lead Lib Dem councillor for libraries, arts and heritage said:  ‘I am delighted that after a sustained marketing campaign the Council is now seeking bids for the theatre.  We have always made it clear that, in the current climate of Conservative austerity, the Council cannot afford to subsidise the theatres.  I have continued to believe that the Borough needs a community arts hub, and we are committed to delivering this over the next four years.  I hope proposals will come forward which meet this aim, are financially viable and will provide the Cryer with a sustainable future.’

Update on the Carshalton Buildings

Jill, Chris, Hamish and Focus Editor Jake Short are pleased to provide the latest news and facts on the Carshalton buildings, situated in and around Carshalton High Street, Grove Park and Carshalton Ponds. There has been a lot of misinformation in circulation recently and we wanted to set the record straight. This area is part of the Carshalton Conservation Area and it has added protection in Sutton’s Local Plan, which has just been approved by the Government’s Planning Inspector. As such, any Planning Applications have to follow the requirements for Conservation Areas which ensure protection is given to local heritage.

You can also catch up with this on our website at where you can download copies of all our recent Focus newsletters, and see our other postings.

Charles Cryer Theatre:
We have been marketing the Charles Cryer and there has been a lot of interest for a variety of different uses. The restaurant area is now available which makes it more attractive. We will shortly be inviting bids and asking these to be returned by early May. We have agreed that the Council will not subsidise the Charles Cryer, but we would encourage any cultural or community use which is viable and sustainable into the future. We are determined to ensure that the Charles Cryer remains a vital part of the Carshalton scene.

The Lodge:
Contrary to information you may have read elsewhere, The Lodge has not been sold. It has been leased to local charity Ecolocal so that it can stay in the Community and be used by the community. After widescale consultation with local residents,  this was their preferred option. The present Conservative government approved the leasing of such buildings (known as Community Asset Transfer) so that community groups can take over heritage buildings at less than market value in order to keep them in the community. This solution has ensured the protection of this lovely 19th century building  for the future. Ecolocal has started work on conversion and improvements, and they are making The Lodge into an ecological centre of excellence which will be open to all for community and educational use in about a year’s time.

More information is available on Ecolocal’s website: and at

The Old Rectory:
Plans have been drawn up for the conversion of The Old Rectory to mixed commercial and residential use. When the building was leased to Sutton Living, the Council pledged to maintain its historic features for future generations to enjoy. Heritage England recently carried out a new inspection of the building. All the listed features will be preserved as key parts of the building when the conversion takes place.

Pinks Gym planning application:
Residents are keen to know what is happening with the old Pinks Gym site at 9-11a Carshalton High Street, since the last planning application in late 2017 was turned down by the Council. In December 2015, an earlier and smaller scale planning permission was granted for conversion of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors into flats, and permitted development was given (a government scheme where developers do not need to apply for planning permission) in January 2017 for a further two flats on the ground floor at the rear of the building (see application numbers C2015/72992 and C2016/76066). We are keeping a careful watch on the site to prevent any possible breach of planning approvals.

The Fox and Hounds Public House:
A local Carshalton employer has bought the Fox and Hounds Public House to be the headquarters of his thriving local business. He is currently in discussion with the council’s planners as any new development has to be in keeping with the Conservation Area and protect local heritage. We are awaiting a planning application for the site over the next few months.”

Exciting Progress with The Lodge

Ecolocal has just announced that building work on The Lodge project has now started.  Ecolocal, supported by the community in Carshalton*, is rightly pleased that they can now fulfill their aim of renovating The Lodge to create a thriving focal point for the local community.

Sutton Council agreed that Ecolocal should take over the lease of the Lodge in Carshalton (the former Social Services building by Carshalton Ponds) in order to keep it in the community. The Council accepted a rent at less than the market value in return for community services offered by Ecolocal.

Ecolocal plan to create a community hall and kitchen, a straw bale classroom suite, workshop facilities in the old stables, and create an office and meeting centre to support community enterprises. Their Ecocentre aims are in line with Sutton Council’s One Planet Environmental Policy.

What Sutton Council has done in transferring The Lodge as an “Community Asset Transfer” is to use a common way of keeping valuable community assets in the community – which was approved by the present Conservative Government, and is adopted by many Councils, including Tory ones.

The Conservative Government brought in legislation to encourage councils to make buildings available to local community groups on favourable terms – as long as the community benefit is sufficient to offset the loss of income. This is the case with the Lodge. The Council will retain ownership of the Lodge, protecting the Lodge Lands from re-development.

The Conservatives on Sutton Council seem to think that the only value of anything is its monetary worth.  The value of The Lodge being managed by Ecolocal will be to give to residents of Carshalton a new focal point in their area, containing an Ecological Centre of excellence, which will draw people into Carshalton and help preserve our heritage.

You can find out more at

* Notes: 1) A special meeting of Carshalton Local Committee in 2011 attended by over 70 community representatives and residents voted for Ecolocal to take over The Lodge.

2)  Local consultation showed that 97% of the 699 residents who completed Ecolocal’s detailed questionnaire supported their proposals – and over 60 local groups said they would be interested in using the community facilities they intend to develop.

Listed Buildings in Carshalton Central Ward

Your councillors are passionate about protecting and enhancing Carshalton’s heritage.

We are delighted that all the buildings referred to below have been included in the new Sutton Local Plan 2018.

Carshalton Village has been a conservation area since 1959, when we were part of Surrey County council. This designation was updated when the London Borough of Sutton came into being in 1965.

In the London Plan, the GLA expects boroughs to: “maintain and enhance the contribution of built heritage to London’s environmental quality, and its cultural identity and economy”. We are determined to do just that!

Carshalton Central ward has several Grade 2 nationally important buildings listed by Historic England:

  • All Saints Church (12th-19th century) by Carshalton Ponds, which has a Grade 2+ listing
  • Carshalton House (1691-1713), the chapel, gates, boundary walls, and the Hermitage or Grotto in its grounds (all St Philomena’s school)
  • Water pavilion (orangery) known as the Water Tower, in the grounds of Carshalton House, managed by the Friends of the Water Tower
  • Honeywood Museum, Honeywood Lodge, culvert and Gate House in Honeywood Walk
  • The Old Rectory (18th century) in Honeywood Walk
  • Leoni Bridge (18th century) over the River Wandle and Carshalton Ponds
  • The Water Wheel in the grounds of Grove Park
  • North Lodge, No 21 North Street – pre-18th century
  • The Greyhound public house in Pound Street, number 37 Pound Street, Ruskin Stone and cast iron pump in Pound Street
  • The Grotto in Carshalton Park
  • No 6 The Square, the early to mid -18th century Orangery, and the former Public Library now nursery in the Square.
  • A range of buildings in West Street, Carshalton including numbers 3, 7-11, 15, Nelson House, numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 10a and 12. Also numbers 20-24, 42, 70, 72-78, 80 (Rose Cottage).
  • West Street Lane no 25 (18th century weather boarded)
  • No 19 Park Hill, home of the writer Mark Rutherford (real name William Hale White), and numbers 25 and 27 Park Hill

There are also a range of other buildings which are Locally Listed as these are recognised as important by Sutton Council:

  • Grove House, The Nest and Stonecourt in Grove Park The Lodge, Festival Walk
  • Ansells Snuff Mill in Mill Lane, and Mill Lane School
  • Carshalton Railway Station
  • Wall at numbers 36a to 38 North Street
  • Numbers 30 to 42 Carshalton Park Rd
  • Numbers 16 to 22 and numbers 24 to 42 Park Hill
  • The former Carshalton War Memorial Hospital buildings Ruskin Road Methodist Church
  • The Sun Public House, North Street
  • 1 to 8b Westmead Corner
  • 185 Carshalton Rd – weather boarded cottage

All these buildings are important parts of Carshalton’s heritage and need to be protected.